Taking A Break From Your Usually Scheduled Gaming

Whether you’re in the middle of your latest Baldur’s Gate 3 playthrough, or getting stuck into your next epic adventure, it’s not unusual for a touch of boredom to hit every now and then. However, you don’t have to succumb to it and lose your passion for gaming. Instead, it’s a great idea to switch things up and give yourself time to recharge with something entirely different for a while.

Taking A Break From Your Usually Scheduled Gaming

Talk about it

One mistake a lot of gamers make is that they enjoy their games in silence and in solitude. There’s a time for that, but when you’re feeling passionate about a game, one way to keep that passion burning bright is to talk to other fans about it. Finding the fandom on social media or in forums, or joining people playing the game on streaming sites like Twitch to hear their thoughts on it can make you feel like you’re part of a gaming community, rather than just someone who is playing the game on their own. It can be an invigorating and validating experience.

Switch to Casual

You might want to put down the game that you’re playing for now, but instead, pick up a game that you can quickly dive into for a session or two just to add a little variety to your gaming palette. Whether you pick up a beloved roguelike for a run or five, or you decide to spend a few hours with some online arcade games, or the classics like Minesweeper or Asteroids, variety certainly is the spice of life. If you feel like you’re playing the same thing all the time, it’s only natural that you might get bored of it, so spice it up.

Your passion for gaming doesn’t have to be relegated to video games alone. Of course, there is the ever-growing field of LitRPGs for you to get into, or you can look at tabletop roleplaying games for a more interactive experience involving other people, or even start looking at the possibility of getting into game dev to get on the other side of the creative process. Sometimes, you might have a passion for gaming so strong that you end up feeling like playing video games alone isn’t enough to sate it, so find what will.

Take a screen break

Sometimes, the issue may well be that you’re simply spending too much time in front of a screen, lately. If you feel like you’re starting to get penned in, then it might be time to head outside. Whether you make a night of gathering some friends around, or simply pick up walking new routes as a hobby, that time away from the screen can work wonders and you might find yourself craving your old habits before too long.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so taking the time to do something other than playing your usual game can be a great way to clear the cobwebs and come back to it later with renewed enthusiasm. 

Kathy Stone

LitRPG Author Kathy Stone

Kathy Stone has been in love with words (and games) since she was a child. Kathy’s favorite books growing up were from the Sweet Valley High series, Nancy Drew, and the Goosebumps series. She loved playing the Nintendo and later the Super Nintendo. She is a mother of one and is living in Indianapolis, IN. Kathy loves a good book, a good laugh, and has been occasionally known to partake in a D&D session or three.

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