The Best Feats to Dominate in Baldur’s Gate 3

In the mesmerizing world of Baldur’s Gate 3, your gaming experience can be dramatically enhanced with the right feats. These special abilities, known as feats, allow players to fine-tune their characters by providing boosts to certain capabilities, underlining their strengths, or diversifying their skill set. This article is a guide to navigating the extensive array of over 40 feats in the game. The details on how to unlock them and their advantages will empower you in your quest to dominate the game.

The magic of feats lies in their ability to confer unique advantages to your character. They each have inherent attributes that can profoundly impact how your character performs in the game, whether that’s in terms of combat prowess, negotiation skills, or survival tactics. Within the gameplay strategy, these feats can make the difference between success and failure in your quests. They significantly contribute to the extensive customization possibilities in Baldur’s Gate 3, enriching the overall gaming experience.

Choosing the right feats, however, can be a challenge. This guide identifies the three top feats in Baldur’s Gate 3 that you can potentially unlock— Ability Improvement, Great Weapon Master, and Magic Initiate: Warlock. The unique blend of bonuses and abilities these feats provide can significantly augment your character’s capacities. Every strategic decision you make on which feats to unlock consequently has a bearing on your gameplay.

Unlocking the magic of each feat, however, requires understanding its inherent advantages. The guide, therefore, provides an in-depth analysis of how these top three feats can be leveraged to perfection. Whether you’re marching into battle as a melee champion, casting potent spells, or creating a well-rounded adventurer, these insights will equip you to make strategic choices about which feats to pursue and how to employ them for your success.

Remember that Baldur’s Gate 3 is a complex, unique realm with fascinating strategic choices at every turn. Choosing feats is but one aspect of the dense array of choices presented to you, but it can make a significant impact on your gameplay experience. Utilize these insights today, and watch how your strategic choices in choosing the right feats result in unmatched victories, unforgettable adventures, and an enthralling gameplay experience. Stay tuned to our blog for more insights, tips, and strategies for Baldur’s Gate 3.

The Enchantment Of Feats in Baldur’s Gate 3

In the immersive universe of Baldur’s Gate 3, an integral part of your character’s progression rests on feats. For the unacquainted, feats are special attributes your character acquires as they level up, providing them with unique abilities and bonuses that can significantly enhance their gameplay. These perks can vary from combat abilities, such as delivering more effective blows or casting powerful spells, to non-combat enhancements like heightened perception or charisma.

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Feats are more than just an add-on to your character; they offer a level of customization that can guide your character’s development and influence your combat strategy and engagement with the game’s world. Each feat unlocks a new potential in your character, thus expanding your possibilities in the game. Whether it’s the capacity to land devastating blows in battles or an increased aptitude for persuading your way through dialogues, the feats you select for your characters mold them and, by extension, your gameplay experience. They are essentially the building blocks in creating and playing a character that truly resonates with you.

Every feat in Baldur’s Gate 3 has a precise function and confers unique benefits, be it in exploration, combat, or interaction with the game’s world. For instance, feats like Actor can enhance your charisma and performance attributes while feats like Alert improve your initiative and prevent you from easily getting surprised by enemies. In essence, each feat offers a new layer of strategic depth and personalization to your characters, making each playthrough a unique experience.

Thus, feats are not just mere add-ons, they are powerful tools for personalizing and enhancing your characters. With correct selections, feats can enable you to tailor characters that fit seamlessly into your playstyle and strategy. Remember: it is not just about unlocking feats, but about understanding their effects, and using them at the opportune moment in your journey through the riveting world of Baldur’s Gate 3.

To that end, this here BG3 guide aims to not only help you understand what each feat does but also identify the optimal feats that align with your gameplay style and strategy. With the right knowledge and strategy, you will be better equipped to truly unlock the power of feats and dominate the game of Baldur’s Gate 3.

The Best Feats in Baldur’s Gate

While each feat in Baldur’s Gate 3 has unique transformative power, some feats stand tall among the rest. After considering the game’s mechanics, player strategies, and overall utility, three feats emerge atop the hierarchy: Ability Improvement, Great Weapon Master, and Magic Initiate: Warlock.

The Ability Improvement feat is the cornerstone of character customization. It provides two additional points to any of your abilities, allowing you to specifically enhance your character’s strengths or to balance out their weaker areas, making it one of the most flexible and user-friendly feats in the game. This feat is pivotal in improving a character’s new abilities, improving damage, increasing successful rolls, and enhancing bonuses for skill checks.

The Great Weapon Master feat is a game-changer for characters with melee proficiencies. Providing a potent +10 bonus to damage at the cost of a -5 deduction in attack roll, the Great Weapon Master feat transforms your character into a formidable force on the battlefield. With a well-placed critical hit or lethal blow, this feat also can grant another attack as a bonus action, potentially altering the tide of battle in your favor.

The Magic Initiate: Warlock feat is a treasure trove for spellcasting characters, particularly for characters with high charisma. Notably, it unlocks two powerful spells: the Eldritch Blast cantrip and the Hex spell. The Eldritch Blast cantrip, a consistent source of force damage, can be particularly devastating as few enemies harbor resistance to it. The Hex spell not only provides additional necrotic damage but also has the ability to confer disadvantage on chosen abilities of your enemies, providing significant tactical advantage.

In essence, each of these three feats – Ability Improvement, Great Weapon Master, and Magic Initiate: Warlock, are prized for their extensive benefits and contribution to various gameplay styles. Unlocking and utilizing these feats strategically can make a tremendous difference in your path through the world of Baldur’s Gate 3. Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned gamer, integrating these feats into your strategy will empower your character and elevate your gaming experience.

The Great Feat Rundown in BG3

Unleash the gaming beast with our exhaustive run down of all possible feats in Baldur’s Gate 3. Ogle at their attributes, tingle at how they’re unlocked, and get just a little too excited about their outsize impact on your playing style.

Ability Improvement

Crank up your characters with Ability Improvement. It scores you an extra two points to distribute among your abilities. Sneak it into your arsenal and watch your adversaries reel in shock as you hit them with boosted stats.


This feat isn’t for the meek wallflower. The Actor feat not only buffs up your Charisma by one, but it enables you to double the proficiency bonus for Deception and Performance. If you’ve got a flair for the dramatic, this one’s your calling card, my friend.


Stay forever vigilant with the Alert feat. With a +5 bonus to Initiative and immunity to enemy surprises, it’s the perfect enabler for those who prefer to strike first and ask questions later.


Who says nerds can’t be jocks? The Athlete feat lets you add +1 to Strength or Dexterity and gives you an athletic edge with +50% jump distance and faster standing from prone position. Game on!


Meet the Charger, your secret weapon for battering through enemy lines – literally. With Charger: Weapon Attack and Charger: Shove, it outlines a clear path towards your goals through your opponents.…

Crossbow Expert

No more quaking at the sight of melee crossbow foes! With the Crossbow Expert, shake off that disadvantage and leave your enemies gaping in awe and, well, wounds.

Defensive Duelist

Transform into an untouchable wisp on the battlefield. Wield a Finesse Weapon and let the Defensive Duelist feat add a proficiency bonus to your armor class. Enemies unintentionally playing whack-a-mole will surely rage-quit!

Dual Wielder

Why bring one weapon to a fight when you can wield two? With Dual Wielder, embrace the double-edged action and even snag that +1 armor class while you’re at it.

Dungeon Delver

Does your idea of ‘fun’ echo that of an archaeologist’s? Then, step right up, Dungeon Delver! Sniff out hidden objects, deftly avoid traps, and demonstrate your daredevilry even in trap-infested death pits.


Embrace a roach’s spirit – tough, resilient, virtually impossible to squash. The Durable feat grants +1 Constitution and lets you reclaim all your HP after a short rest. Now, you’re not just surviving; you’re thriving!

Elemental Adept

Ever wished to spice your attack magic with extra hot sauce? Elemental Adept lets you plow through enemy elemental resistance and guarantees minimum damage that can’t roll a 1. Scorch them good!

Great Weapon Master

For those who don’t like to play around in battle, meet the Great Weapon Master. Despite the risk of a -5 penalty to attack rolls, a +10 bonus to your damage is hard to ignore. Eliminate enemies like they’re standing still!

Heavily Armored

Wander the battleground as if you’re wearing an invisibility cloak while sporting heavy, shiny armor. This Heavily Armored feat gives you that +1 Strength, heavy armor proficiency, and the knowledge that shocks your enemy with: You. Can’t. Touch. This.

Heavy Armor Master

How about flaunting that heavy armor and looking fabulous while doing it? The Heavy Armor Master decreases incoming damage by 3 and adds +1 to your Strength. Don’t let the weight bring you down, let it bring them down!

Lightly Armored

If you prefer to perform graceful ballet over a battleground, the Lightly Armored feat is your ticket to the show. Slap on some light armor, round off with a +1 Strength or Dexterity, and waltz through your enemies’ defense like they’re training dummies!


No need to hunt down four-leaf clovers or carry a rabbit’s foot. Snag the Lucky feat for three Luck Points. Use these to gain an advantage on attack rolls, turn the tables on ability checks, influence saving throws, and even make enemies rewrite their attack rolls. It’s your lucky day!

Mage Slayer

It’s the medieval equivalent of a cybersecurity system: the Mage Slayer. This feat allows you an advantage on saving throws, an instant reaction attack on spell casters, and the sweet, sweet satisfaction of watching enemies struggle with concentration saving throws. Who’s the boss now?

Magic Initiate: Bard

Sing your way to victory with the Magic Initiate: Bard feat. Learn two cantrips and a level 1 spell from the Bard’s spell list. A perfect choice for those who like a bit of magic and melody while slaughtering foes.

Magic Initiate: Cleric

Are you a holy heart with a wicked battle strategy? Then make Magic Initiate: Cleric your game’s creed. Learn two cantrips and a level 1 spell from the Cleric’s spell list to bring divine fury upon the unworthy.

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Magic Initiate: Druid

If your soul feels a kinship with nature and you, too, want to summon that exceptional mind-boggling weather on your enemies, choose Magic Initiate: Druid. Dabble in two cantrips and a spell from the Druid’s spell list, and let your opponents feel nature’s wrath.

Magic Initiate: Sorcerer

Unleash your inner Sorcerer with the Magic Initiate: Sorcerer feat, even if you’re not one! Learn two cantrips and a spell from the Sorcerer’s spell list and keep casting till your foes give up or drop down!

Magic Initiate: Warlock

If sneaky tactics and formidable spells are more your style, the Magic Initiate: Warlock feat awaits. Weave a dark tapestry with the Warlock’s spell list, and watch as your enemies fall to their knees.

Magic Initiate: Wizard

For those who prefer the classic wizardry, the Magic Initiate: Wizard feat might be just the enchantment. Two cantrips and a level 1 spell from the magical universe of a Wizard are enough to create some serious spectacle!

Martial Adept

Ever dreamed of being a master of martial arts in a fantasy game? Now, you can! With the Martial Adept feat, learn two maneuvers from the Battle Master subclass and power up your battle strategy.

Medium Armor Master

Blend into the shadows devoid of the clanky sounds that give away armored warriors. The Medium Armor Master feat lets you sneak seamlessly while offering a sweet +3 bonus to AC instead of the usual +2. Master the art of stealth and surprise. Pounce on your victims when they least expect it!


The Mobile feat might as well be an energy drink for your character. With an increased movement speed, combat tactics get a whole lot more interesting. Evade opportunity attacks while leaving your enemies panting. (Not that you’ll stick around to see that.)

Moderately Armored

For those who like shielding up without weighing themselves down, equip the Moderately Armored feat. Great for flexible fighters who appreciate a moderate level of armor.


Put on your thespian gloves and take the stage with the Performer feat. With +1 Charisma and musical instruments proficiency, rest assured that you will steal the show.

Polearm Master

Fend off your enemies or whirl your weapon around like a pro. With Polearm Master, get an extra action to attack with the butt end of a glaive, halberd, quarterstaff, or spear, making every fight a dizzying dance.


Would you describe your gaming style as “like a cockroach in a nuclear holocaust”? Great! With the +1 ability boost and proficiency in its saving throws, the Resilient feat is for those who can’t help but cling to life in the face of adversity.

Ritual Caster

Unlock the magic of rituals with the Ritual Caster feat and get two Ritual Spells of your choosing. Conversing with the dead or making animal sounds, it’s you who decides your party trick!

Savage Attacker

For those who savour the sweet sensation of a successful attack, the Savage Attacker feat should be your go-to. Roll your damage dice twice and pick the higher value for a mildly terrifying attack.


Ensure that no enemy steps out of your watch with the Sentinel feat. Gain an advantage on opportunity attacks and keep your enemies stuck right where they are.


Master your shield and check your foes. With the Shieldmaster feat, get a +2 bonus to Dexterity saving throws and even use a reaction to nullify damage. Who’s the master now?


Grab the Skilled feat to hone your expertise further! Select three skills of your choosing and gain proficiency in them. Sharpen those edges and add versatility to your character.

Tavern Brawler

Brawl like you belong in every rowdy, seedy bar in the fantasy world. With the Tavern Brawler feat, your strength is your best friend when it comes to bare-knuckle pummels and seat-of-your-pants brawls.


Are you tough enough? The Tough feat adds a +2 max HP for every level you’ve gained. It gives you more bang for your hit points, boosting your resilience through every fight that comes your way.

War Caster

Adorn the War Caster feat and keep your spells flowing even amidst an onslaught. No need to worry about maintaining concentration on a spell while under attack. Just let them try and test your unbreakable focus.

Weapon Master

Master of weapons, master of the battleground. Choose any four weapons for proficiency, add a +1 to Strength or Dexterity, and the battlefield is your playground! A Weapon Master leaves enemies quaking in their boots.

Remember, folks, strategy isn’t just about charging ahead, it’s about choosing the right assets. So dig in, choose wisely, make your character invincible and conquer Baldur’s Gate 3!

Deep Diving into the Best Feats

To truly optimize your gameplay in Baldur’s Gate 3, it’s crucial to understand the ins and outs of the top feats: Ability Improvement, Great Weapon Master, and Magic Initiate: Warlock. These feats provide significant increments to your character’s capabilities and can transform your gameplay experience.

The Ability Improvement feat serves to enhance the inherent abilities of your character by granting two extra points that can be allotted to any ability. Tailoring these extra points to your character’s strengths or priority abilities can lead to a marked improvement in his/her overall effectiveness in the game. For example, boosting an already high strength could lead to more significant damage in battles.

Great Weapon Master is a titanic feat for melee-focused characters. The bonus of +10 to damage outweighs the -5 penalty to attack rolls, given the right supporting buffs and passives. Critical hits or killing blows receiving an additional attack further amplifies the sheer power of this feat.

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Finally, Magic Initiate: Warlock is a vital feat for charisma-focused characters or those dabbling in dark arts. This not only introduces the powerful Eldritch blast and Hex spells to your arsenal, increasing your offensive capacity, it also enables Charisma as your spellcasting ability.

Each of these feats, when fully unlocked and utilized, can be a game-changer, amplifying your character’s strength and transforming your gameplay in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Let’s look a little closer, shall we?

Ability Improvement

The ‘Ability Improvement’ feat is an impressive tool in the arsenal of feats in Baldur’s Gate 3. It gifts players two points which can be allocated to any class’s preferred DnD stat. This extra customization can quickly translate into improved damage, higher success rates for rolls, and increased bonuses for pertinent skill checks. Given that the character creation mode allows players to reach up to only 17 in a specific stat, this feat is vital to enhancing a character’s capabilities.

Ability Improvement shines particularly in scenarios where your character might be lacking or needs an extra boost in certain competencies. Maybe your Barbarian needs a bump in their Strength to increase their combat potential or perhaps your Sorcerer needs more Intelligence points for magic casting–whatever the situation, this feat lets players fine-tune their characters to handle challenges more proficiently.

In terms of specific character builds, Ability Improvement is a feat that everyone can benefit from, regardless of class. Characters with physical combat-based builds would likely want to put their extra two points into stats like Strength or Dexterity, while characters who rely more on magical abilities can buff their Intelligence or Wisdom. Ultimately, this feat’s flexibility makes it an essential choice for any character.

Great Weapon Master

The ‘Great Weapon Master’ feat is a gamechanger for melee classes, turning them into veritable juggernauts on the battlefield. It calls for strategy, as it queues a -5 penalty to attack rolls but provides a hefty +10 bonus to damage. Because of this, it’s not just about dealing large amounts of damage but also about managing the risk associated with the attack penalty.

This feat shines brightly in scenarios where players want to rapidly dispatch weaker enemies or deliver a hefty blow to bosses. The feat’s bonus action attack on critical hits or successful kills can ensure a chain of powerful attacks that will decimate your foes. However, it is most effective when combined with buffs from friendly party members or passive skills that can offset the attack penalty, maximizing its benefits.

As would be suggested by its name, the Great Weapon Master is best suited for character builds centered around using large, heavy weaponry locally known as two-handers. These characters, including Barbarians, Fighters, and Paladins, can fully utilize the benefits of this potent feat to deal devastating blows to their foes.

Magic Initiate: Warlock

For Charisma-based casters, the ‘Magic Initiate: Warlock’ feat is a divine bounty. It confers two Warlock spells – the ‘Eldritch Blast’ cantrip and the ‘Hex’ spell. Both these spell choices can alter the dynamics of how you approach a combat scenario. Eldritch Blast permits repeated uses without expending a spell slot, while Hex lets players debuff their foes, adding a layer of strategy to battles.

This feat particularly shows its prowess in battles against enemies that require not just brute force, but a tactical approach. By giving foes a disadvantage, the Hex spell allows for a mix of defense and offense that can be crucial in more complicated battles. Since you can transfer the Hex hex after killing a hexed target, you can maintain this edge through the entirety of an encounter.

While any class can take advantage of the Warlock’s spells, this feat fits most smoothly with Charisma-based caster builds. These characters inherently use Charisma as their spellcasting ability, so characters like Bards or Sorcerers will get the most mileage out the spells given by this feat. Owing to the force-type nature of Eldritch Blast, this feat has a near-universal application, making it a standout choice for any group.

Feats for Conquering Baldur’s Gate 3

To wrap up, the diverse and dynamic feats in Baldur’s Gate 3 are anything but peripheral. On the contrary, they form a fundamental foundation for your character’s growth, their combat proficiency, and lastly, the overall trajectory of your quest. Selecting feats thoughtfully, making the most of the bonuses they provide, and aligning them with your character’s underlying strengths can provide a palpable edge in your gameplay.

Your character’s journey through the multifaceted fantasy world of Baldur’s Gate 3 can be incredibly enriching. The feats become the fine thread that stitches the entire journey together, letting you pull off awe-inspiring combat moves, bypass challenging hurdles, and often, prove instrumental in turning the tides in your favor. Remember, every feat you unlock is a new tool in your arsenal, and used wisely, it can significantly increase your odds of victory.

Unlocking a new feat isn’t just about levelling up—it’s about gradually cultivating a character that reflects your vision and gaming style. It’s an exciting process of discovering new layers of your characters’ capabilities, honing them, and eventually mastering the game. The nuances of each feat and the strategic considerations around their deployment make them a remarkable feature of Baldur’s Gate 3—a testament to the game’s intricate mechanics and deep, enriching customization options.

So, the next time you find yourself at the level-up screen, faced with the choice of unlocking a feat, think back to this guide. Ask yourself, which feat will best serve your current playthrough? How does it tie into your character’s strengths, playstyle, and the challenges up ahead? Your answers might just lead to an even greater, nuanced experience of the BG3 journey that lies before you.

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To all Baldur’s Gate 3 gamers reading this: the next level of your adventure awaits! Dive back in, unlock those feats, master their intricacies and let them guide your path towards unrivalled adventure and astounding victories. Happy gaming!

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