7 Certified Ways of Becoming a Better Gamer

You may want to become a better gamer for various reasons. Perhaps it’s just to show off among your peers, or you desire a better solo gaming experience. Whatever the case, you’re fairer off using proven strategies that help you get better at gaming. Whether you’re a desktop or console gamer, inculcate these tips to become a master of your craft.

Have the Appropriate Gear

Regardless of what your gaming intentions are, you require suitable gadgets to help you get better. If your purpose is pure gaming, then a suitable controller will be the first thing you need.

Wireless consoles are the best for playing games that require sensory motion. Always check a controller’s latency before purchasing to avoid delays and hanging while playing. With wired controls, however, the experience is smoother.

Although they’re old school, wired controllers offer better stability and require less PC and Xbox gamer movements. Use one controller for both sets by plugging and unplugging when necessary.

Remember to include reliable headsets during multiplayer sessions for easier communication and a working mouse and keyboard to better your PC gaming experience.

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Regular Practice

While you can’t always be perfect at playing video games, you become more adept through constant practice. Sharpen your game skills by opting for competitive modes that force you to adapt to different situations and are easier to track progress.

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Avoid smurfing at all costs as it often makes you a poor gamer.

Improve your coordination skills by playing games such as counter-strike and call of duty which require intense eye-to-hand movement. Boost your problem-solving abilities through games with different obstacle levels, and enhance your memory retention through games like Data 2 that contain numerous characters.

Other associative benefits of regular practice include:

  • Heightened creativity
  • Better multitasking capabilities
  • Improved social and networking skills

Schedule Breaks

Although the goal is to get better through frequent practice, breaks are essential for your success. 

Giving your wrists, body, and even neck time to reset will help you avoid burnout and get ready for another session. 

Include short breaks of 10-15 minutes after an intense two-hour gaming session before proceeding with the next. 

Use this time to perform urgent matters like replying to calls and messages, checking for social media and email notifications, or getting refreshments.

Once this period is over, steer clear of any of the activities above as they serve only as distractions.

Challenge the Pros

Playing alone will, most times, mislead you of your expertise. Instead, test your gaming skills by requesting a more experienced player for a round or two. During this time, take note of tricks they incorporate into their game, ask relevant gaming questions, and form a bond for future lessons, if at all possible.

You only become the best by learning from those better than you. Never be afraid to reach out and in the event you are, use these tips to build a rapport:

  • Start by complimenting/praising their game
  • Establish common ground by talking video games
  • Request for a game
  • Ask for a few pointers to improve


While gaming is more of a take it and do it, rather than watch and learn sports, reading well-orchestrated material and watching prevalent videos on the same online will give you much-needed insight.

By engaging other gamers in popular online gaming communities and active forums, you can access valuable resources and receive insider tips on becoming a better gamer. Get in the habit of recording your games, especially sections giving you the most trouble to make googling solutions easier.

Obtain a Competitive Edge

Incorporate personal tips and tricks during your gaming sessions to have an advantage over your competitors. If you use a PC for gaming, for example, moving your primary playing keys closer to the mouse will boost your reflexive action.

Performing subtle tasks like tuning down the graphics also help boost your overall performance and thus become better poised to win.

Take Care of Yourself

Part of becoming a better gamer involves taking care of the most valuable asset that is your body. To ensure you’re ready to meet the daily gaming demands, you must eat and rest well.

Avoid surviving on snacks alone during your gaming hours and schedule time for balanced meals. Good food improves your concentration capacity and body reflex as well.

Final Thoughts

Although the journey to becoming a great gamer is a never-ending one, you can quicken the process by investing in the appropriate gear, practice often, scheduling breaks, researching, and obtaining a competitive edge.

Always remember to take good care of your body because aside from the gaming equipment it is primary to your cause as well.

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