Why Are Supplements So Involved With Gaming These Days?

These days, it’s hard to watch a video game stream or watch YouTube gaming videos without hearing about some kind of supplement or “gamer fuel” product. Even if you’re just looking at videos on how to create the best gaming setups, you’re probably going to end up watching a sponsored segment about how a certain supplement or meal replacement product can help you as a gamer.

But what brought about this sudden merger between gaming and supplements? How come there are just so many people being sponsored by supplements and why is there branding all over events and other gaming-related media?

Gamers are seen as an unhealthy group of people, but that could be changing soon

People that sit at home and play video games are seen as an unhealthy group of people. There’s a stereotype that gamers like to sit at home, play games, and order takeout food to sustain themselves. This image is somewhat old now and dying out thanks to the rise of electronic sports which has shown the public that some of the world’s best gamers are also much healthier than the general public.

A recent study showed that eSports video gamers are healthier and more fit than most people. It shattered the stereotypical image of an out-of-shape gamer and there are actually plenty of good reasons why gamers need to be in good shape to play competitively.

Gaming is surprisingly intensive when it comes to reflexes and mental stimulation. There are a lot of decisions to make in various games and you need to be able to think quickly and react under pressure. While physical strength and ability might not seem like a factor in gaming success, it actually leads to an overall healthier body which also keeps the mind clear. This added clarity makes it easy for gamers to focus on their play.

Gamers are also a very self-aware group. They know that sitting down in a chair for long periods of time isn’t going to help them stay fit. This is why many gamers have started to go to the gym, or at the very least get some exercise in and change the way they play at home so that they’re less likely to face long-term health effects. For instance, many gamers now use standing desks so they can move around a little while playing before lowering their desk height and sitting down again. They also make sure to hydrate themselves while gaming and will constantly remind themselves to check their posture. No more slouching gamers sitting on a sofa or only drinking soda while they play.

So in short, gamers aren’t as unhealthy as stereotypes would make them out to be. Sure, there may have been many unhealthy gamers in the past that did nothing but sit at home and play while they ordered takeout food. But now that the gaming demographic has expanded to more audiences, it’s not the norm anymore. Most gamers are fully aware of their health situation and will make up for it by exercising, eating healthy meals, and of course, taking supplements to help improve their health.

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Healthy Gaming Supplements

So how do supplements play into this change in demographic?

You may have noticed that while gamers are certainly more healthy these days, it doesn’t really answer the question of why these supplement brands are so integrated into the gaming world now. To answer this, we need to take a look at the kinds of supplements that are being offered.

One of the most common supplements that sponsor video games today would be energy drink powders. These are formulated as healthier alternatives to energy drinks that are traditionally loaded with caffeine and sugar. These are said to improve focus and performance while also staying within the limits of a strict healthy diet. These powders can sometimes be fortified with additional nutrients to help boost performance and health.

In addition to these supplements, some meal replacement brands are also starting to get involved in gaming. The idea here is that gamers want to focus on playing so they’re more likely to eat fast food and order takeouts. Instead of eating unhealthy meals like this, they can substitute it with a meal replacement drink or powder and continue gaming while getting all of the nutrients they need to stay healthy and fit. This lowers calorie consumption, improves nutritional balance, and makes perfect sense when paired with gaming media.

Overall, supplement brands are doing a good job at integrating with gaming media. While the move may seem strange to people at first, it’s worth remembering that the stereotypical image of a gamer is slowly fading away thanks to the diverse group of people that play video games. No matter who you are, nutrition and health are important factors that we should strive to improve and gamers are no different.

If you’re worried that the sudden influx of supplement brands in the gaming world is a bad sign, don’t fret! There’s really nothing wrong with encouraging gamers to be more fit and active, and if supplements are a good way to raise awareness about health (especially if they’re backed by gaming influencers) then it’s a positive thing that we should be supporting. The next time you see a supplement sponsoring a video game event or content creator, why not take a look into it to see what it’s all about?

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