Enjoy Your Gaming Experience, But Don’t Let It Take Over Your Life

Enjoying gaming is great, as long as you are not allowing it to completely take over your life. It’s easy to sit there and say that this would never happen to you, but you don’t really know what can happen until you are knee deep in the middle of the experience. You should not let gaming take over your life, because if it does it can be super difficult to claw it back, in the same way that other addictions are difficult to break. 

If you’re curious about how you can continue to enjoy your gaming experience, but avoid letting it completely take over your life, then you’re in the right place. We’ve got some advice for you that should keep you on the fun side of gaming, and keep you away from the dark side. Are you interested? Let’s get started.

Make It A Social Experience

Gaming can be a social experience if you allow it to be. Of course, it depends on the type of games that you are playing because card games like solitaire have no room for other people. But, online video games are a great example of how you can make a fantastic social experience out of your gaming hobby. You can play with people from all over the world, playing with them or against them depending on the game that you are playing. Some people have met some of their best friends through gaming channels, so you never know what you are going to find.

Having said that, you also need to ensure that you are staying safe if you are going to be playing with strangers. You should avoid giving out your personal information as much as possible as there is no way of guaranteeing who is on the other end of the screen. Not everyone is going to heed this advice though, so just make sure that you’re being careful.

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Keep Yourself In Control

When gaming, you need to ensure that you are in control of what you are doing. You need to make sure that you are not blowing off plans to play your games, that you are not losing sleep to play your games, and that you are not putting yourself into debt to play your games. No matter how much fun they are, they are not worth ruining your life over. You can set yourself a budget and a time limit to keep yourself in control of your gaming hobby as this will help you keep track of what you are doing.

Play A Wide Variety Of Games

When it comes to gaming, the world really is your oyster. If you are tired of playing the same games over and over then it may be time to find something new and exciting. If you enjoy card games and are used to the likes of solitaire or uno then how about you try something slightly different. Poker is a great game to play, you can play online or join a casino if you are feeling particularly bold. Just be aware of how much you are spending if you do decide to take up poker. 

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If You’re Not Enjoying It, Stop

There is a saying you might have heard of when it comes to gaming or gambling. When the fun stops, you stop. This is so very true for many gaming experiences, if you no longer enjoy it then it might be time to give up for a while. You don’t have to stop doing it forever, just ask yourself if it gives you the same pleasure it used to. The danger comes when you are spending money, this can lead to financial and mental health problems. Remember, your hobby may include winning and losing. If this is all part and parcel of what you enjoy doing then you can’t let it get to you if you head into a losing streak.

If you are no longer enjoying your hobby then don’t be afraid to look for something new to do. There is no harm in finding a new hobby after you feel you have exhausted your existing one. Check out online forums or community notice boards to find something else to do. If you enjoy building stuff then there may even be a local Lego club for you to join. 

Enjoy Your Gaming Experience

Don’t forget, it is totally possible to enjoy your gaming experience without it ruining your life. You just have to know what your limitations are both physically and financially. There may be times when you just don’t feel like going out, this is perfectly okay. Take a week or two off when you feel times are hard then get back to it. 

Kathy Stone

LitRPG Author Kathy Stone

Kathy Stone has been in love with words (and games) since she was a child. Kathy’s favorite books growing up were from the Sweet Valley High series, Nancy Drew, and the Goosebumps series. She loved playing the Nintendo and later the Super Nintendo. She is a mother of one and is living in Indianapolis, IN. Kathy loves a good book, a good laugh, and has been occasionally known to partake in a D&D session or three.

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