Candid Advice For Gaming Streamers Who Are Stuck On Zero Viewers

If you’re new to video game streaming, it can be a steep learning curve. There’s so much that you need to do to generate a great experience for your audience. 

In this post, we run through some candid advice for streamers and how you can make your feeds better. 

Don’t Try To Be Somebody Else

You might feel like you need to be just like the top streamers: look like them, act like them and play like them. But that’s not true. What audiences want are people offering original content, not just cookie-cutter versions of content that’s already out there. 

Don’t try to be somebody else. Instead, just trust that your personality will win the day. If you’re offering something slightly different, it almost certainly will according to There will be an audience out there that enjoys your unique approach. 

Set Up A Fan Mail Address

Don’t give out your personal address. Instead, set up a separate one where people can send mail. Then get the virtual address to forward mail to you. You can read more about how it works online. This allows you to protect your privacy while giving fans other options – besides messages – to contact you . 

Stick To Your Schedule

Livestreamers stick to their schedules. No matter what happens, they’re ready and available when they say they will be. They never miss a stream, no matter how sick they feel. 

If you miss live streams, you’ll start losing your audience. People won’t trust you to show up on time, so they won’t log into your channel. They may not even watch your streams on catch-up afterwards if they aren’t live. 

Keep Playing Even If Nobody Is Watching

Just because nobody is watching your first livestream, keep playing. Everyone has had a “no viewers” experience at some point in their live streaming careers. It’s just one of those things that happens. But even if nobody is around, it’s a chance for you to practice your streaming skills. You can get to grips with playing and then talking entertainingly at the same time. Trust that your approach will work. Remember all the great streamers started with nobody watching and grew their live audiences to 50,000. 

Look Like You’re A Gamer

Audiences come to your channel with certain expectations. They actually want you to look like a gamer. For many, part of the fun is just observing your setup. 

If you can, make a good first impression. Nail your setup. Also improve things like your screen switching transitions and add personalized images and overlays if you can. 

Taking things seriously is actually great branding for your channel. Most people who watch video game livestreams are hardcore gamers who want to find out how to improve their own match performances. 

Use YouTube as well as Twitch

Despite its success, Twitch is still a niche platform. YouTube is the best place to pick up a large audience. Upload all your live content onto YouTube and then use the video sharing site as an advertising platform for your Twitch channels. Remind your audience about the games you stream and what time they should log on to see you play.

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