Why Gaming Can Be Beneficial to your Health

Gaming has a bad reputation, and by extension, so do gamers. However, gaming can have many health benefits and be beneficial to your lifestyle. Gamers of any age can find solace in the gaming world. Be it via online gaming or mobile gaming, sites such as PlayPhone reviews allow you to see what game is getting the best feedback from players on mobile devices. Keep reading for more helpful info on why gaming can be healthy.

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Brain Training

For one thing, gaming has long been proven beneficial to brain health and can help people retain sharper skills and keep their brains healthy longer. Critical thinking and problem-solving are skills we all need in life, and many games provide players with the opportunity to develop these skills as they play.

With a wide variety of games available to play, many require fast responses that are hugely beneficial to the older generation. In children, gameplay can help them learn in a more relaxed environment and support learning they are already doing. For example, learning to read, color association or identifying shapes for younger children to supporting older children as they learn by giving the more creative ways to gain new knowledge.

Getting your brain fired up and into first gear is easy when you have regular access to games that can help to sharpen your mind. It doesn’t have to be a long and laborious game in order to make a big difference to your long-term brain cells. Doing a simple online crossword each day is a great example of how games can be a brilliant form of brain training. Your health is one of the most valuable commodities you will ever possess, so it’s important not to take it for granted. Actively playing games during your daily routine will create so many advantages for your brain both now and in the future.


Many games these days are designed to keep the user active. Pokemon Go was a huge success when it was first released, and initially, millions of people worldwide took part in hunting for pokemon on the app. Other games, including fitness games and games where you need to move to score points such as Just Dance, help players get in exercise while still having fun and beneficial to their health.


Many online gaming worlds have communities built around them, and live streamers on platforms such as Twitch allow people to connect in real-time and be a part of the community when they may feel excluded. While this isn’t the same as building relationships face-to-face, online friendships can be a huge comfort source for players who may not have that type of support in real life. And in some instances, online friendships successfully cross over into real-life friendships too.

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Gaming can offer layers the change to experience challenges they may not otherwise in day to day life. Working on their critical thinking and responses to different situations can help them build skills essential for many job roles later in life. This is on top of the chance to learn how to code and build games themselves or develop skills in other areas such as graphic design, animation, app-building or building computer systems or gaming devices and much more thanks to their passion discovered via gaming.

Much like with anything in life, there are always advantages and disadvantages to anything; gaming is no different. However, gaming has many benefits to your body, mind, and communication skills that can serve you well in the future and even open opportunities career-wise you may not have discovered had you not started gaming.

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