100 Items Found in a Goblin’s Sack: DnD Random Tables

Riddled with mischief and chaotic antics, Goblins are the delightfully thieving bane of many a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. These small, green-skinned tricksters are as unpredictable in battle as they are in their hoarding habits, making a thorough search of a goblin’s possessions a must for any curious adventurer. Tucked within the grimy folds of a goblin’s sack, one may find anything from shiny odds and ends to puzzling trinkets, each with its own story to tell.

The joy of delving into a Goblin’s personal trove cannot be overstated, and herein lies the magic of random tables—a DM’s best friend for injecting a healthy dose of surprise into their game. Such tables ensure that no two encounters with these kleptomaniac creatures will ever be the same, granting players the thrill of discovery and perhaps a good laugh at the absurdity of their loots.

Let’s unfurl the drawstring of imagination and delve into the contents of such a bag. Will it hold a mouldy piece of cheese, a shiny bauble, or perhaps a map to untold treasures? With a roll of the dice, prepare to embark on a whimsical scavenger hunt through the 100 peculiar and perplexing items one might just find in a Goblin’s sack.

100 Items Found in a Goblin’s Sack: DnD Random Tables

100 Items Found in a Goblin’s Sack

Here it is, the moment you’ve lusted for—a list full of oddities, wonders, and the barely explainable. What misadventures have led our goblin friends to acquire such a collection? Only the dice can reveal as we roll to see which treasure will come to light from the depths of the sack. Without further ado, here are some of the items that might tumble out:

1) A broken wooden spoon, charred at the tip, possibly used to stir a disastrous goblin stew.
2) A rusted lock with no key to be found.
3) A singular, well-polished boot, far too large for the goblin who owned it.
4) A doll’s head which seems to follow you with its eyes.
5) A fragment of a map with the words “Hurr & Durr” scribbled in the corner.
6) An oddly shaped rock that looks like a potato.
7) A shiny collection of copper coins—all from various unknown realms.
8) A handful of marbles, including one that glows faintly in the dark.
9) A lock of hair tied with a piece of string, origin unknown.
10) An assortment of buttons made from various materials, ranging from wood to precious gemstones.
11) A diary written in goblin language, filled with crude drawings and barely legible script.
12) A piece of chalk, half-used.
13) A single feather from a bird you can’t seem to identify.
14) A small vial of a shimmering liquid labeled “Goober Juice.”
15) A tin whistle, dented and slightly off-key.
16) A greasy deck of playing cards with several cards suspiciously sticky.
17) A poorly whittled figurine that vaguely resembles a rat… or maybe a dog.
18) A tiny pouch filled with assorted teeth – some decidedly non-human.
19) Slightly damp, crumpled sheet of parchment declaring the goblin “King of the World!”
20) Half of a broken compass that always points south… ish.
21) A cracked monocle that seems to blur vision rather than enhance it.
22) A set of three jacks and a super bouncy rubber ball.
23) A bent fork with two prongs missing.
24) A blob of wax with a fingerprint embedded in it.
25) A hand mirror with the reflective surface mostly scratched away.
26) A snuff box filled with crushed leaves that smell suspiciously of skunk.
27) A fist-sized rock that’s been painted gold.
28) A small, tattered flag from a country or tribe that nobody has heard of.
29) Two mismatched socks filled with sand.
30) A palm-sized, wind-up toy knight that shuffles forward clumsily when wound.
31) A rabbit’s foot – a traditional sign of luck, dubious in origin.
32) A whistle made from a bird bone that emits no sound.
33) A scrap of cloth embroidered with the initials “M.T.”
34) A glass eye that is unsettlingly lifelike.
35) A tin soldier missing its head.
36) A harmonica that wheezes on every note.
37) Half of a treasure map, with the words “X marks the spot… or does it?”
38) A signet ring with a broken seal.
39) A love letter written in beautiful script to a ‘Darling Smurg.’

40) A pouch filled with strange, blue powder.
41) An oddly warm egg of unidentified origin.
42) A rope belt with a buckle made from a shiny beetle’s carapace.
43) A spool of thread that changes color in the moonlight.
44) A small bottle labeled “Invisible Ink” (it’s just water).
45) An expired invitation to a hobgoblin’s ball.
46) A collection of colorful pebbles arranged by size.
47) A spoon that always tastes faintly of soup, no matter how thoroughly it’s cleaned.
48) A badly forged document entitling the bearer to “All the gold in the land.”
49) Three acorns tied together with a red ribbon.
50) A torn page from a cookbook detailing “101 Ways to Cook a Rat.”
51) A tin badge that reads “Official Goblin Inspector.”
52) A miniature portrait of a goblin in regal attire, complete with a frame.
53) A quill pen with a feather so large, it’s impractical to write with.
54) A cracked hourglass, which seems to make time either too slow or too fast.
55) A fake mustache still sticky with remnants of the last attempt at adhesive.
56) A hollow reed with mysterious carvings etched around its exterior.
57) A “magic” stone that’s just a rock with a drawn-on lightning bolt.
58) A baby shoe, never worn, but well-chewed.
59) A leather wrist cuff studded with fake gemstones.
60) A gnome-sized battle helmet, preferably dented.
61) A piece of juicy, dried fruit that’s aged surprisingly well.
62) A scroll detailing a nonsensical plan to steal the moon.
63) A bear claw necklace on a string, only it’s just a wooden carving.
64) A hand-painted image of a goblin sitting atop a majestic snail.
65) A wooden icon of a deity, perhaps goblinoid, with two heads and four arms.
66) A clay flask sealed with wax, contents unknown.
67) A book of extremely bad goblin poetry.
68) Dice carved from knucklebones, slightly weighted for cheating.
69) A brass bell that has a soft, melodious ring.
70) A tiny, lovingly folded paper crane.
71) A small stack of love poems, all dedicated to a mysterious entity named “Gloob.”
72) A broken arrow with a heart-shaped head.
73) A bundle of fragrant herbs bundled together with a pink ribbon.
74) A wax-sealed jar, inside which is a perfectly preserved eyeball.
75) A length of silk that changes color in the sunlight.
76) A puzzle box with no apparent way to open it.
77) A maze drawn on a leaf, with no entrance or exit.
78) A set of keys on a ring, none of which fit any known lock.
79) An unlabeled potion that smells like a combination of roses and rotten eggs.
80) Origami figures, each depicting different monstrous creatures.
81) A limerick about a werewolf scrawled on a napkin.
82) A locket holding a painting of a beautiful goblin princess.
83) Cymbals so tiny they can only be played by very small or dexterous hands.
84) A whistle that, when blown, sounds like a distant thunderclap.
85) A carved bone amulet representing a goblin god of mischief.
86) A single gauntlet, inscribed with an elegant “G.”
87) A tiny jar of pickled beetles, a goblin delicacy.
88) A makeshift deck of tarot cards with interpretations scrawled on the backs.
89) A vampire’s fang – at least, that’s what the goblin claimed.
90) A message in a bottle, which just contains a drawing of a goblin’s backside.
91) A petrified mushroom that glows faintly when spoken to.
92) A music box that plays a surprisingly lovely goblin lullaby.
93) A shock of brightly colored hair, perhaps from a unicorn’s mane.
94) A collection of small bones arranged to spell out the goblin’s name.
95) A weathered pirate’s hook, wrapped in a red bandanna.
96) A small, mechanical contraption that buzzes and clicks intermittently.
97) A set of nesting dolls, each one uglier than the last.
98) A “magic portal” rock – when you look through the hole, it changes nothing.
99) A wax tablet with goblinish glyphs that have been mostly smudged away.
100) A gremlin’s tooth – known for its luck… or is it its curse?

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More Items Found in Places?

If these curios from a goblin’s sack have tickled your fancy and you find yourself pondering, what other troves might be rife for discovery, fear not! There are endless places in the Dungeons and Dragons universe ripe with such exciting finds. From the depths of a dragon’s hoard to the pockets of a rogue, random loot tables can be tailor-made for nearly any scenario. Incorporating these can add an extra layer of fun and unpredictability to your game, making every nook and cranny worth exploring for the treasures they might hide. Keep those dice rolling, and may your loot tables always be full of delightful surprises!

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