Solving Murder Mystery Board Games: Top Picks for 2023

Step into a world where every puzzle is a labyrinth of deceit, and each clue a portal into the most enigmatic of crimes. Murder mystery board games have long captivated the minds of those with a flair for the dramatic, a knack for deduction, and a hunger for narrative depths unfathomed. In these games, players don cloaks of detectives, villains, and sometimes innocent bystanders caught in a web of lies and secrets. The allure of solving a complex murder mystery has perennially charmed the curious and the strategic thinkers alike, positioning these games as an iconic piece of the board gaming renaissance.

As we shift into the year 2023, narrative-driven board games continue to surge in popularity, ensnaring a vast audience with their engaging plots and mind-bending puzzles. Embracing both the cerebral and the ceremoniously convivial, they unfold as splendid pastimes—equally lauded for their entertainment value as for their invigorating mental workouts. Each session becomes a stage where the most brilliant of minds can shine and the craftiest of deceits can be enacted. These games, rich with psychological twists and turns, promise not only a battle of wits but an enthralling journey through stories worth telling and retelling.

So prepare your notepads and sharpen your perception, for we are about to unveil the best murder mystery board games of 2023. These selections are the crème de la crème, seamlessly meshing engrossing gameplay with fulsome narratives, the top picks guaranteed to entertain and challenge. Whether planning an elaborate party or settling in for an intimate night with close comrades, there’s a perfect whodunnit among these treasures waiting to transform your evening into an extraordinary investigation.

Best Murder Mystery Board Games for 2023

What better way to spend an evening than ensconced in a thrilling tale of mystery and murder? The games we’ve assembled for you this year go beyond mere chance and token movement—they’re immersive experiences that will challenge your detective skills, all while captivating your imagination. With interactive dynamics and complex, layered storylines, these games stand as towering testaments to the power of cooperative storytelling and strategic thought. So, without further ado, let’s peel back the curtain on this curated selection, brimming with deception, suspense, and of course, murder most foul.

Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion

Gloomhaven is a behemoth in the world of tabletop gaming—a sprawling, dark fantasy epic that offers more than just dungeon crawling and monster slaying. While not your typical parlor murder mystery, Gloomhaven weaves elements of mysterious deaths and gloomy conspiracies into its deep narrative fold. As players venture through menacing terrains and sorrow-ridden cities, they encounter scenarios ripe with enigma, where each choice might unravel a piece of a larger, darker puzzle.

With every session, you and your fellow players will explore ancient ruins, battle nefarious creatures, and make pivotal decisions that impact your journey around the board. The game’s delightfully intricate mechanics demand strategic thinking, careful planning, and shrewd investigation of clues. Every scenario is a thread in the vast tapestry of this fantasy world; every scenario faces you with quandaries whose solutions are as rewarding as they are elusive.

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The persistent world of Gloomhaven is known for its ongoing campaign style, offering a continuity that commands a commitment from players eager to see their characters grow and evolve. This is where the game’s true mystery element shines—navigating an expansive storyline overflowing with potential leads, hidden motives, and political undercurrents. No session is the same, and the feeling of slowly piecing together the narrative jigsaw is an intrinsic part of Gloomhaven’s appeal – even moreso in Jaws of the Lion.

Perfect for those who love a heavier, long-form gaming session, Gloomhaven will test your problem-solving skills under the cloak of an adventurer. Each moment is an opportunity to delve deeper into this rich, dark world, where the line between hero and villain can be as uncertain as the flip of a dice.


Enter the spectral world of Mysterium, a game that masterfully blends psychic deduction with cooperative play, set against a backdrop of haunting visuals and chilling narrative. In this ethereal board game, one player takes on the mantle of a restless ghost, unable to find peace until the mystery of their untimely demise is unraveled by a group of gifted psychics. Through silent communication, the ghost guides these investigators, imparting visions through beautifully illustrated cards that point to both killer and circumstances of the ghostly bound.

It is a game of interpretation, of piecing together cryptic signals and hidden meanings. The ghost delivers their messages through a series of images—ambiguous and open to interpretation—leaving the psychics to deduce the whos, the whats, and the wheres of the crime. Unlike many murder mystery games prioritizing cutthroat competition, Mysterium emphasizes a harmonious pursuit of truth, fostering a spirit of communion and cooperation.

What makes Mysterium perfect for sociable gatherings is the very essence of joining hands (metaphorically, since our ghostly friend can’t quite manage the physical act) to solve the riddle at the heart of the game. Mastering Mysterium involves honing your collective intuitive skills and learning to think abstractly as you seek connections between the spectral images and the grim materials of the crime.

As you gather around the table, be prepared to dive into a pool of ambiguity where your deduction prowess will be tested as much by the esoteric clues as by your ability to collaborate. Mysterium is less a game of competition and more one of collective storytelling—a shared journey into the unknown where your combined perceptions weave the path to unveiling the truth.

Mansions of Madness

Feel the creeping dread and the pulse-quickening fear with Mansions of Madness, a game that places players at the intersection of murder mystery and otherworldly horror. Inspired by the eldritch tales of H.P. Lovecraft, this spine-tingling adventure melds classic detective work with elements of supernatural intrigue. The game’s app-driven core leads players through a labyrinth of old estates, dark alleyways, and arcane rituals, adding a modern twist to the murder mystery genre.

From the moment you cross the threshold of one of these malevolent mansions, you’re plunged into a narrative brimming with perplexities and perils. The app breathes life into each scenario, altering pathways, dictating encounters, and unveiling secrets that can alter the course of your investigation. As you and your fellow investigators pool your resources and courage, you’ll not only be sleuthing for hidden motives but also striving to maintain your sanity against the dark forces at play.

A fascinating aspect of Mansions of Madness is how it seamlessly weaves together its storytelling with an ever-present sense of desperation and looming madness. It’s a race against time and unseen foes as players scramble to gather clues and fend off threats from this world—and beyond. Each scenario offers a new storyline filled with deceitful characters, unexplained deaths, and dreadful entities, delivering unparalleled immersion into the hair-raising pursuit of truth.

Devotees of H.P. Lovecraft’s mythos will find familiar delight in the foreboding atmospheres, but all players can appreciate the game’s dedication to crafting a truly chilling murder mystery experience. Mansions of Madness beckons those willing to brave the shadows and grapple with the unfamiliar, providing an experience rich with chilling nuance and unforgettable frights.


Returning to the essence of murder mystery board games, Clue remains the definitive sleuthing experience—a venerable intrigue wrapped in a veneer of simplicity. Within the venerable halls of the classic game’s board, players don the roles of colorful characters, each a potential suspect in a game of deduction and secretive maneuvering. The timeless question at the heart of Clue—Who killed Mr. Boddy, in what room, and with what weapon?—continues to fascinate players, whether they’re newcomers or seasoned detectives revisiting the scene of the crime.

Clue’s genius lies in its evergreen formula: A mansion map, a colorful cast, a handful of weapons, and a series of rooms where the murder could have taken place. Through calculated questions and clever elimination, players vie to deduce the solution before their opponents. Its accessible mechanics have secured Clue’s place as a household fixture, while myriad editions and themes keep it fresh and engaging across generations.

Analyzing the game’s sustained appeal, one finds a special charm in the weaving of deductive reasoning with a narrative that’s as open-ended as the imagination of its participants. It encourages players to craft their own stories around the suspects, to become part of the iconography that turns a simple guessing game into an enduring tale of mystery and intrigue.

For the murder mystery neophyte, Clue serves as a gentle foray into the genre, yet its strategic depths offer lasting enjoyment. It’s a testament to the capacity of a well-crafted game to stand the test of time, remaining a touchstone for those who revel in unraveling mysteries. Nostalgia may draw you back, but the thrill of the chase will keep you on the edge of your seat, round after captivating round.

More Murder Mystery Board Games in 2024?

The murder mystery board games of 2023 span a bewitching spectrum, from the sinister turnings of Gloomhaven’s dungeons to the whispered echoes of Mysterium’s restless spirits, the eldritch enigmas of Mansions of Madness, and the classic confrontations within the manor of Clue. Each game stands as a monolith of mystery, imbued with the power to transmute an ordinary evening into a playground of deduction and discovery. With intricate plots and tantalizing twists, these wonders of whodunnit cultivate camaraderie, stoke the coals of competition, and sharpen the mind’s edge.

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It’s time to call upon your inner detective, gather your partnership of puzzle-solvers, and wrap yourself in the cloak of the master sleuth. Whether it is leading your party through shadowed fantasy realms, interpreting ghostly visions, braving the brink of madness, or traversing the mansion on a mission of classic deduction, these games offer worlds waiting to be unwrapped, secrets ripe for unveiling. Each is a door to an experience richly crafted, a narrative you and your companions will unspool together, one thrilling revelation at a time.

So brace for intrigue, arm yourself against deception, and let the excitement arrest your senses. Amidst the laughter and the head-scratching, the bluffs and the revelations, the stories that emerge from these murder mystery board games are not merely played out; they are lived. Embrace the adventure, invite the challenge and let the immortal words “Let’s solve a mystery” be your exhortation to unabashed fun and enthralling evenings of gaming bliss. The game is afoot, and the only question that remains, player, is: Are you ready to crack the case? And what lies beyond … in 2024?

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