Tips For Becoming More Comfortable With Role Playing Games

If you’re a fan of role playing games, but have never quite crossed the threshold into playing them, it’s probably because you’re a little uncomfortable over inhabiting a character. There you are with your gaming group getting stuck in, but suddenly the spotlight is on you and you’ve got to come up with something to say. That can be scary for many people! 

And while playing games like DnD is great for improving your confidence in general, getting comfortable with the role playing format can take quite a bit of time. Which is what we’re here to help with; becoming comfortable and having more fun with a role playing game doesn’t have to be tricky! Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Ask Some Handy Questions About Your Character

If you want to create a character that feels like one you can role play (and not think too hard about!), ask yourself some interesting, deep questions beforehand. Think of those personality tests you’d do online, and run your character through a similar survey. 

Where did they come from? What would they do in a hard situation? How do they make decisions in day to day life? How would they react to seeing something horrible in front of them, or if someone asked them on a date? A few ‘armor-piercing’ questions go a very long way. 

Experiment with Different Decks

One reason you could be finding role playing difficult is because you’ve chosen the wrong gamer setup, load out, or you’re not comfortable with the character you’ve picked. So get experimenting! 

For example, you could download some MTG Proxy cards to see what kind of deck would work best for you before you head out and actually buy the cards you’re interested in. Or if you’re going in for a DnD session, think about the alignment table and how the character archetypes feel to you.

Talk to Your GM

If you’re really anxious about the best way to role play, talk to your game master and let them know. Ask for some advice, or get them to weigh on the kind of character or deck you’re building. A bit of experienced know-how goes a long way, and when the GM is on your side (so to speak), you’ll feel much more comfortable playing in that group. 

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Remember, Everyone Has Their Own Style

Finally, it’s fine to make some mistakes along the way! What you feel might be an embarrassing thing to say or decision to make will not seem that way to anyone else – it’s just the way you play the game. 

You’re not here to win, as it were – you’re here to be the person you’ve created and think how they would think. So if you feel your inexperience is going to get in the way, practice a little at home, and then go out and see just how different everyone’s playing style can be. 

If you want to role play, you’ve got to get comfortable! 

Kenny Kings

LitRPG Author Kenny Kings

Kenny Kings first met Paul Bellow during a long-running Dungeons & Dragons campaign. They've been friends since then. Kenny hopes to use his gamer knowledge to entice “reluctant readers” who might prefer video games or movies over reading. By using books about being trapped in video games, Mr. Kings thinks he’ll be able to reach these reluctant readers. He's helping out with LitRPG Reads because of his journalism experience and love of gaming, especially Dungeons & Dragons.

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