Five Great FPS Games For Call of Duty Fans to Enjoy

Not many video game franchises are as enduring as good old Call of Duty (CoD). Almost every year since the franchise’s birth in 2003, fans have enjoyed CoD multiplayer lobbies and immersive solo FPS campaigns across different CoD titles, regardless of feedback from critics. Aside from a dedicated fanbase, Call of Duty has become an enjoyable esports experience for many. 

According to data from Esports Charts, the recently concluded Call of Duty League 2024 Stage 1 Major broke viewership records, including the most-watched Stage 1 Major tournament to date. Call of Duty’s rise in esports activities means huge prize money for teams like FaZe — the most-watched team with 1.3 million total hours watched — but also for viewers who like to wager on their favorite teams.

Still, whether you’re a fan of the franchise waiting for the next CoD title or an avid bettor in the scene, it can help to expand your horizons by exploring other FPS games that capture the fun and sense of community that CoD has. While there are countless FPS games on the market today, we’ll be sharing five great titles CoD fans might enjoy!

Five Great FPS Games For Call of Duty Fans to Enjoy

The Finals

Relatively new in the FPS scene, The Finals quickly gained hype and praise for its innovations in the genre. Made by former Battlefield developers, the game’s run-and-gun experience may feel familiar to CoD fans — albeit with a twist. The Finals is an FPS title where everything within the game’s environment is destructible, resulting in some never-before-seen chaotic gameplay.

If the ranked tournaments in The Finals are any indication, the title seems well-prepared for a devoted fanbase and, eventually, an esports community. Unlike most other ranked systems, The Finals uses a tournament structure, splitting the lobby into 16 teams to compete over four rounds until the final two teams remain and compete for victory. This can translate into a competitive pro setting, and it’s interesting to see how the esports scene for this game plays out.


A tactical FPS may be up your alley if you want a break from fast-paced CoD lobbies. Valorant is different due to specific gun spray patterns and various character abilities that can make or break each round. However, like CoD, the game has quickly built a passionate esports community and player base, with international major and championship stages organized globally and annually since its release in 2020. 

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Due to its many game-changing elements, Valorant may be confusing for newcomers to watch and bet on. However, once you know the prominent teams in the esports scene and how the game works, you may find it similar to other FPS betting scenes. A Valorant betting guide highlights several betting lines you can choose from, including the straightforward match-winner bet and over/under and handicap systems. If you’re wondering what Evil Geniuses — winners of the Call of Duty World League Championship 2018 — have been up to since the team’s disbandment, the org’s Valorant division recently won the 2023 Valorant Champions.

Doom (2016)

Doom is known as the pioneer of first-person shooters. The game’s 2016 release was a long-awaited comeback and reboot since 2004’s Doom 3 and was fittingly well-received by critics and fans. The title also won Best Music/Sound Design and Best Action Game at The Game Awards 2016. While critics focused their praises on the game’s well-structured solo campaign, Doom (2016) also supports online multiplayer.

The game’s multiplayer mode didn’t receive the same praise as its campaign, but fans eventually warmed up to it. Nowadays, the game’s multiplayer lobbies are probably dominated by bots. However, with the option to set the bots on various difficulties, it’s still a fully functional — and highly entertaining — game mode that fans of the title’s gunplay and gore can enjoy in their downtime.

Borderlands 2

If there’s one thing the Borderlands franchise does well apart from other FPS titles, it’s how the games don’t look like any other games on the market. Boasting a unique art style, Borderlands 2 is familiar to many FPS lovers in its chaotic shoot-em-up system but is bold and unafraid in its humor.

Even Hollywood has shown interest and has recently tapped into the games’ niche and loving fanbase. A long-awaited Borderlands film is well on its way, starring A-listers like Cate Blanchett and Kevin Hart in an equally star-studded ensemble. If you were intrigued by the film’s trailer and want to catch up on the game’s lore, there’s no better time to pick up the game.


Finally — and a return to the tactical FPS genre — another title that continues to dominate the esports scene as much as CoD is Counter-Strike (CS). Like Valorant above, CS differs from CoD due to its more tactical and precise gunplay. Today, many of the highest-earning esports athletes are CS players.

Despite competing against newer FPS titles, Counter Strike’s betting scene has remained dominant over other major esports titles throughout 2023. The game has led the frontlines for betting trends in the esports scene. While fans are gradually saying their goodbyes to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), organizations are quickly gearing up to support its esports scene for the newly released Counter-Strike 2, which features enhanced graphics and features over its decade-old predecessor.

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