Can You Buy Your Favorite Video Game Car In Real Life?

If you love playing video games, you might have discovered the perfect car for you while holding a controller in your hand. Games are getting more realistic and with titles like Gran Turismo 7, it’s easy to fall in love with a car that you control on the screen. Particularly, when developers are taking the time to make sure that you feel every bump or jolt on the road. The question is could you buy a car after playing it in a game and is it worth it?

Do Your Research

Before you get any further with this thought process, you should always research the car that you have played with in Forza or GT because it’s possible that they aren’t quite as great as they seem. While these games are focused on providing you with the ultimate realistic driving experience, that doesn’t mean that you know everything about the car. One big factor to consider is fuel. It might drive like a dream but does it run one? It’s possible that the car you love has an absolutely atrocious MPG. If that’s the case, then you should think about avoiding it. The good news is that there are resources like Edmunds that will tell you everything you need to know about any car you’re thinking about purchasing. 

Is It An Old Or New Car?

There’s quite a few games out there that show off cars that are no longer being produced anymore. As such, they can be quite difficult to find on the market. Particularly, if they have been favored by collectors. This is another point that you should research. If it is an old car, then your best option is going to be searching platforms on the web for used car sellers. You might get lucky here. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll spot a car like this for sale in a garage, although we wouldn’t rule it out. 

How Much Is It?

Another point to consider is the cost of the vehicle. If it’s brand new, it might seem as though it’s totally out of your price range. But don’t be so sure. If you took a Range around the Nurburgring and fell in love, then this one is going to cost you. However, there are always ways to manage the cost like car finance. Spread the cost out and suddenly the dream doesn’t seem so far out of reach. 

Is It The Right Choice For You?

Video Game Car
Video Game Car

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