D&D Memes: Rogue Edition

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Truth be told, Gord the Rogue is likely one of our favorite rogues due to nostalgia, but D&D is full of all sorts of rogues. In the earliest D&D edition, thief reigned supreme. Elves were also a character class, so who knows. All that aside, we’re going to share some of our favorite D&D memes with rogues as the central focus. For those keeping track, we recently did the DnD Memes: Dungeon Master edition. Without any further ado or bluster, let’s get to the memes!

Rogues: If the dice don’t ruin your stealthy approach, the rest of your adventuring party most certainly will. This has happened in so many Dungeons & Dragons adventures, it’s become a meme of legendary quality!

Note: We didn’t make the meme with a misspelling of Rogue. Rouges are a new 5e sub-class maybe? Small smile. That said, without a rogue or three in your adventuring party, you better make sure your DM doesn’t like locks or traps – or hard to get items for that matter.
Yes, rogues in D&D can be badass too. The one pictured above? Here’s what he has to say. “I can count the number of people I’d call friend on one hand… but it’s my other hand you should be worried about!” So very like a rogue, eh? What’s your favorite kick-ass rogue in D&D books or adventures?
Size (or apparently species) doesn’t matter when it comes to rogues. Sometimes, being small can be to the rogue’s advantage. Mission Impossible moments in Dungeons & Dragons? Happens all the time, my friends!
When it comes to rogues in Dungeons and Dragons, it’s all about surprise and that first strike, especially if you can hit from behind. Just make sure that first blow counts because you’re not wearing enough armor to protect you from a ticked off spell caster.
Beware bandits and rogues! Acquiring new items can become quite addictive during D&D games, especially if you’re a true role-player. When it comes to rogues, most of them want to acquire as much as possible – even aprons!
Rogue, Rogue, Fight the Power! The image isn’t from D&D, but it gives you an idea of what it’s like to be a rogue springing into action unannounced. Then again, this poor chap will have to deal with all the others around. Maybe he made INT his dump stat?
Speaking of how to spell rogue correctly!
Rogue kittah!
That’s Master Burglar to you, sir!

That’s it for our rogue edition of D&D memes here at LitRPG Reads. Stay tuned for our next edition coming soon… unless someone steals it! Thanks for reading! Leave your comments below.

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