102 Amazing DND Bartender NPC Names

In need of bartender names for your D&D sessions? Look no further! Within this treasure trove, you’ll uncover a collection of 100 diverse and imaginative names tailored for the innkeepers and tavern masters in your fantasy tabletop RPG. But that’s not all – we’ve stirred in a dash of backstory for each character to infuse your world with a shot of realism.

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DND NPC Bartender Names and Ideas

Here’s my list of 102 amazing bartender names for your NPCs...

  1. Arwen – Female High Elf Barkeep (Lawful Good) – Arwen is a kind and gentle soul who has a heart for helping others. She is a great listener and gives good advice. She is also an excellent cook and makes the best pies in town. (Better High Elf Names?)
  2. Thorinton – Male Dwarf Barkeep (Neutral Good) – Thorinton has a long, brown beard that he is very proud of. He is a stout man with a hearty appetite and loves to drink and sing. He is also a talented blacksmith and often makes weapons and armor for the adventurers that come into his bar.
  3. Tarin – Male Human Barkeep (Chaotic Good) – Tarin is a tall, handsome man with a quick wit and a sharp tongue. He is always up for a good brawl and is never afraid to stand up for what he believes in. He is also a talented musician and often plays the lute in his bar.
  4. Garon – Male Halfling Barkeep (Lawful Neutral) – Garon is a small, but muscular halfling. He has blond hair and is often seen wearing a clean, white tank-top shirt. He is very honest and trustworthy and will do anything for his friends. He is also an excellent cook, but his specialties are the sandwiches he makes.
  5. Rafferty – Male Human Barkeep (Chaotic Neutral) – Rafferty never met a bottle of ale he didn’t like. He is gregarious and outgoing and loves to tell stories and possess a good sense of humor. He is often found at the center of whatever activity is going on at the bar.
  6. Copper – Female Elf Barkeep (Lawful Good) – Copper has long, brown hair and beautiful green eyes. She has pale skin and loves to wear very revealing clothing. She has a good heart and is always willing to help the less fortunate.
  7. Yarn – Female Human Bard (Chaotic Good) – Yarn loves to go off on adventures and is always on the lookout for a good fight. She works at the local tavern as a barmaid and is always looking for trouble with her magic lute. She has long, brown hair and constantly wears a grin.
  8. Tristan – Male Dwarf Barkeep(Lawful Good) – Tristan is a muscular dwarf with long, red hair and a magnificent beard. He has a habit of brawling at the bar and is always looking for a good fight. He is also quite charming with the ladies and often charms his way into their hearts.
  9. Gritta – Female Halfling Barkeep(Chaotic Neutral) – Gritta loves to wear bright, bohemian clothing and often wears a feather in her hair. She spends most of her time wandering around the woods and singing to the trees and animals. She is a talented musician and plays the flute.
  10. Lieselotte – Female Human Barkeep (Chaotic Neutral) – Lieselotte is a young, innocent-looking girl with long, brown hair. She has soft, brown eyes and a very peaceful look on her face. She is always willing to lend a hand to those in need and is often seen carrying large sacks of food to those who are starving.
  11. Brogan – Male Dwarf Barkeep(Lawful Evil) – Brogan has short, black hair and is covered in tattoos. He has a silver earring in his left ear and likes to wear heavy, leather armor. He enjoys drinking, by himself, in the corner of his local tavern every night. He keeps to himself, but is always happy to share his stories with any adventurers that are brave enough to sit next to him for more than 5 minutes.
  12. Mirell – Female Half-Elf Barkeep(Lawful Good) – Mirell enjoys helping the less fortunate with her kind nature and beautiful singing voice. She carries nothing but her lute and often tells stories of her childhood growing up in the woods with her parents (both elves).
  13. Gnash – Male Gnome Barkeep (Chaotic Neutral) – Gnash has piercing red eyes and long, purple hair that he slicks back. He wears thick glasses and has a very large nose and ears. He spends most of his time playing his lute at the town taverns, but also sells magical trinkets on the side to make some extra gold pieces.
  14. Cairn – Male Dwarf Barkeep(Neutral Evil) – Cairn has long, brown hair and a large, red beard. He enjoys drinking heavily during the day and at night sings about the terrible things he has done. He is often seen wearing a feather hat and large yellow robes.
  15. Lareph – Female Elf Barkeep(Neutral Good) – Lareph is a gentle, beautiful elven girl with long, black hair. She loves to play her flute and often spends days on end wandering in the woods playing for the animals. She also has a great sense of humor and is always telling jokes and laughing.
  16. Tam – Male Human Barkeep(Chaotic Evil) – Tam is a tall, well-built human with long, blond hair and a brown beard. His appetite for destruction is rivaled by few, but his love for ale is equaled by few. He loves to sing about his exploits in battle during his off time from the bar he works at.
  17. Zalon – Male Half-Orc Barkeep(Chaotic Neutral) – Zalon rules over his tavern with a cruel, iron fist, however those who seek to cause problems soon learn suicide is the only way out. Those who do surrender to his authority are welcomed and often their lives are spared. He loves to sing about the glory of battle and often sings sea shanties to pass the time while he’s on the road.
  18. Regeant – Female Gnome Barkeep(Lawful Evil) – Regent is a very rich thief who spends most of her days plotting against others. She has a halfling servant named Rognar who does all of her dirty work for her. Once she finds her victim she often poisons them or makes some honey laced with herbs. She also sells very powerful poison from her bar as a side business.
  19. Hinsdale – Male Human Barkeep(Lawful Evil) – Hinsdale is a tall, well-built human with long, blond hair and a brown beard. He loves to sing about his conquests over his rivals in battle, but on the side he often sells extra security for taverns and villages for extra money. He loves to dress in expensive clothes and wears long, white robe.
  20. Iros – Male Human Barkeep (Lawful Good) – Iros is a young man with long, black hair and a trimmed beard and mustache. He loves to spend his free time helping others and giving to charity. However he can be quick to anger when he suspects others of stealing and can often be seen chasing down potential thieves only to bring them back forcefully. He often wears simple robes and sandals when working at his bar.
  21. Glamis – Male Halfling Barkeep (Neutral Good) – Glamis is a short halfling who has long, dark hair and a dark brown beard and mustache. He’s always willing to help those in need and listens intently to what other people have to say about their troubles . He loves to laugh at a good joke and loves to share his stories about his adventures as a child growing up in the small town he now lives in.
  22. Salazar – Male Drow Barkeep(Lawful Neutral)- Salazar has long, black hair that he keeps firmly tied behind his head with a leather strip. He has long, thin ears with thick, black glasses covering his eyes. He wears very elegant red robes with gold trimming that he wears whenever he wants to look particularly good.
  23. Viltan – Female Dwarf Barkeep (Lawful Evil) – Viltan is a dwarf woman who has dark brown hair that she keeps braided into dreadlocks behind her head. She wears large anvil shaped rings on each finger and has very large shoulders with well sculpted arms. She’s very well known for being excellent at repairing metal instruments but she also does metalwork for other crafts such as; helmets, armor, etc…
  24. Temmera – Female Human Barkeep (Lawful Evil)- Temmera is a tall, beautiful woman with flowing blonde hair that she keeps in a ponytail while she works. She usually wears very elegant looking silk dresses while working as she looks out at her patrons as they drink their ale on the weekends. Her husband runs an armory behind the bar where he makes weapons and sells them occasionally to pay the bills but otherwise spends his days making more weapons for potential buyers.

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  1. Zolend – Male Half-Elf Barkeep (Self-Centered, Chaotic Good) – Zolend is a tall and thin half-elven man who loves to drink beer and tell stories about his past adventures. He often is seen wearing sleeveless red leather armor with an elven leaf emblem on the top of his chest. His bar is connected directly to the local tavern and he is often seen working the bar whenever one of the other bartenders can’t be found around the taverns.
  2. Skatter – Female Halfling Barkeep (Neutral Evil) – Skatter is a small, yet dangerous looking halfling who loves to sing about the evils of others and drink heavily doing so. She has long, brown hair with a badger’s tail dyed black and a small, brown beard. She is often seen wearing studded leather armor and a red cloak off her shoulders.
  3. Grath – Male Human Barkeep (Neutral Evil) – Grath is a tall, well-built man with long, blond hair and a trimmed brown beard and mustache. He is always seen wearing long, grey robes and a golden dragon amulet around his neck. He often sells magical trinkets from his bar and is always willing to help those in need for the right price.
  4. Mandel – Male Gnome Barkeep (Lawful Good) – Mandel is a small, yet extremely powerful-looking gnome who keeps his long, white hair tied back in dreadlocks. He has a very large nose and ears that are often covered with his long, white hair. He wears heavy armor and wields a powerful warhammer that he uses to keep the peace in his bar. He likes to spend his free time helping others and looking after his adopted son.
  5. Caila – Female Half-Elf Barkeep (Neutral Good)- Caila is a tall, beautiful half-elf woman who wears her long, black hair in a ponytail at all times. She always dresses in the finest clothes and has been known to flirt with male patrons at the bar she works at. She always carries with her a dagger that she uses as a last resort in case anyone tries to attack her.
  6. Samer – Male Gnome Barkeep (Chaotic Good) – Samer is a short gnome who has long, dark hair that he keeps tied in dreadlocks. He wears thick glasses and has an unusually large nose. He’s addicted to making mechanical toys and often spends his time making many different kinds of miniature clockworks. He often tinkers with his clockworks and makes them much better than anything he can buy from the market.
  7. Bloem – Female Half-Elf Barkeep (Neutral Evil) – Bloem is a tall and beautiful half-elf woman who loves to play her flute and sing while she works at her bar. She has long, flowing white hair that she keeps in dreadlocks behind her head. She wears simple robes while working and often wears flowing gowns while playing at night in town. She loves to sing about love and romance.
  8. Grav – Male Half-Elf Barkeep (Lawful Good) – Grav is a tall, muscular half-elf who enjoys long walks on the beaches at sunset with his wife and children, but otherwise just sits in his bar all day doing paperwork. He has short, blond hair and a black, pointed beard. He helps out orphans by giving them plenty of candy in exchange for hard work being done by them and if anyone tries to steal from them he will hold them accountable for their actions in court.
  9. Pullen – Male Halfling Barkeep (Lawful Good) – Pullen is a short, fat halfling who drinks nothing but milk that he keeps fresh and sweet with his magic milk churn. He is bald and wears a pair of large, green, wire-rimmed spectacles. He loves to make and drink his milk and gives it to any customers who can bring him the rarest and sweetest milk they can find.
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  11. Barra – Female Halfling Barkeep (Lawful neutral) – Barra is a short, plump and pretty halfling who cuts her hair very short and loves to wear bright clothes. She is often found dirty and grimy from working in the kitchens at her bar and freely carries a large cleaver with her at all times. She loves to eat salty foods and often finds herself eating much more than she needs to.
  12. Cumin – Male Dwarf Barkeep (Lawful Good) – Cumin is a tall, burly dwarf who has a very large beard, big nose and very tall ears that stick out from the sides of his head. He has very large arms and hands with thick, long fingers that are always cluttered with callouses and scars. His eyes are small and black and he rarely leaves his tavern, except to do paperwork.
  13. Burr – Male Dwarf Barkeep (Lawful Good) – Burr is a short and stocky middle-aged dwarf who constantly has an ugly sneer on his face. He has an extremely wide back and very muscular arms with long, thick fingers. His beard is long and black, with streaks of white running through the sides of his face and his head is bald on the top but long, black hair in the back.
  14. Juniper – Female Gnome Barkeep (Neutral) – Juniper is a small, pretty gnome with red hair, green eyes and extremely hairy arms and chest. She relentlessly flirts with male customers and isn’t afraid to launch a seductive attack on any man who isn’t immune to her wiles. She is often seen wearing little, if any clothing but she is very strong despite her small build.
  15. Tilde – Female Dwarf Barkeep (L eutral Good) – Tilde is a pretty pale dwarf with long blonde hair pulled back into dreadlocks. Outside of working at her bar she is often found walking the streets trying to find stray cats for her cat shelter she runs out of her basement in town. She loves cats and often lets them roam free in her bar, which has lead to many problems with customers who are allergic.
  16. Quip – Male Dwarven Barkeep (Lawful Good) – Quip is a short and lean dwarf with a long, white beard that he keeps perfectly combed at all times. He has small, blue eyes stamped in his long face and pointy ears that stick out from his hairless head. He wears the finest robes made of expensive fabric with gold buttons running down the front. He tries to talk in the most proper of manners possible but often makes mistakes in grammar when doing so.
  17. Wilem – Male Dwarf Barkeep (Lawful Neutral) – Wilem is a tall dwarf with a huge belly and large arms with bulging muscles. His arms are covered in tattoos of his many kills in battle and he has huge shoulders that he can never seem to tuck his head under to see around him because of their girth. His face is covered in very thick facial hair including a full beard, points on his chin and two large sideburns that he keeps braided with leather. He loves a good brawl and often gets into them against much younger opponents.
  18. Risley – Male Half-Orc Barkeep (Neutral Good) – Risley is a muscular half-orc with long, black hair that he keeps in a ponytail. He wears a red shirt that is often seen drenched with his sweat and stained with food. He is a skilled arm wrestler and often uses it to settle disputes between customers. He never resorts to violence and only acts in self defense.
  19. Collywobble – Male Half-Orc Barkeep (Lawful Good) – Collywobble is a tall and lean half-orc who wears a heavy beard that hangs from his face. He likes to keep his brown hair in dreadlocks and his large, muscular arms are adorned with tattoos of amazing athletes he has seen in action. He wears very thick chain armor and wields a heavy warhammer at all times to keep away troublemakers. He is often heard saying, “Troublemakers stay away! I know how to use this warhammer! I’m not afraid to use it!”
  20. Parsnip – Male Half-Orc Barkeep (Neutral Good) – Parsnip is an oddly-shaped half-orc with very large, pointed ears that stick out from the sides of his head. He has an extremely wide back, huge muscles and extremely long arms. He wields a large waraxe on his back at all times and is rarely seen without it, even when tending to his bar.
  21. Einhorn – Female Gnome Innkeeper (Lawful Neutral) – Einhorn is a very old, but very pretty gnome. She has long, white hair that she likes to wear in a braid down her back and she has a long, white beard that she keeps trimmed very well. She is almost always seen wearing very expensive gowns and shoes made from the finest leather money can buy. She likes to keep her inn very clean and often comes down forcefully on any guest who might leave something behind, no matter how small it might be.
  22. Mungo – Male Halfling Innkeeper ( Lawful Good) – Mungo is a short and plump halfling who gets very irate when someone causes any trouble in his bar, even if it’s just on accident or doesn’t mean harm. He stands just under four feet tall and has thick, dark hair with long, pointy ears he likes to hide under his hair. He wears daggers all over his body for protection and he isn’t afraid to throw them if he feels threatened by anyone.
  23. Hank – Male Dwarf Innkeeper (Lawful Good) – Hank is an extremely loud dwarf who never stops talking and often becomes too fixated on something that is supposed to sound interesting to him but has no interest in interest to anyone else. Sometimes he is known to talk to trees and rocks like they were people and it leads some people to believe that he isn’t all there upstairs. He wears plate armor at all times while working at his inn but he isn’t afraid of getting physical with anyone he sees as a threat, including drunk patrons or wild animals outside his inn.
  24. Pickles – Female Dwarf Innkeeper (Lawful Good) – Pickles is a pretty young dwarf who serves the best food, ale and beer at her tavern. All of her hard work is often evident all over her body. Her hands and arms look like they have been put in the fire and come out all red, often causing her great pain, but she never lets that show on her face. She is strong but sometimes she needs help moving heavy furniture or barrels out of her way, even though she is quite capable of doing it by herself. Most of the time, she’s seen with a smile on her face.
  25. Jubilee – Female Gnome Innkeeper (True Neutral) – Jubilee is small for a gnome and she carries that feeling over into her physical appearance. She has a lot of color in her hair and streaks of green running through it, along with large blue eyes. She works hard to make sure that her tavern is always spotless. She isn’t afraid to use magical means to get the job done, even if it might be rude or unacceptable. She is fierce in keeping her image of the tavern spotless, including the guests that visit.
  26. Brick – Male Dwarf Innkeeper (Lawful Neutral) – Brick is a strong and serious dwarf who believes that if you show weakness to anyone, they’ll use it against you. He is short and stocky with a thick beard and he wields a warhammer at all times. He isn’t afraid of showing physical threats towards his patrons when they don’t follow his rules or annoy him in any way. Brick doesn’t follow any particular laws and he isn’t afraid to side with whoever might help him in a fight.
  27. Binky – Female Gnome Innkeeper ( Lawful Good) – Binky is kind-hearted and loves to make sure everyone is happy around her inn. She loves to cook for people and she never gets tired of hearing good stories about recent experience or far off lands that people have visited. She is always willing to accept new people into her inn and never pushes them away. She is a skilled alchemist, herbalist and geomancer, which helps make an already great inn even better.
  28. Orion – Male Human Barkeep (Chaotic Good) – Orion is a huge man with very large muscles who enjoys wearing colorful armor on his chest and shoulder areas that shifts colors as he moves. He is good natured but can get a bit out of hand when it comes to drinking games and drinking contests. He gets very angry if he feels he is being sabotaged in any way and can be quite intimidating if he gets mad enough.
  29. Tom – Female Gnome Barkeep (Neutral) – Tom is the only person in town that has a house made of stone, rather than wood. This has been a point of contention for some people but Tom never seems to pay any attention to it. Her house is very large but quite plain. She doesn’t seem to care about the decor, appearance or furnishings that it contains. She has a wide array of family heirlooms that she keeps locked away in a glass display case and she only lets trusted, loved ones handle them. She is very friendly towards her patrons and often serves them food or drinks without taking payment.
  30. Thor – Male Dwarf Barkeep (Chaotic Good) – Thor is a huge, burly and stocky dwarf who works in his own bar/inn and takes great pride in helping his patrons have a good time, even if it’s by following the law. He wears a grim looking helmet with a huge spike on the front of it while he works and he usually has a tankard of ale in one hand and a mace, flail or morningstar in the other. He is quite intimidating to most people and will chase them out of his bar without any second thoughts if they don’t follow the law or appear out of place. He doesn’t always enforce it, however and he can be quite kind to his friends, especially the ones that flaunt the law the most.
  31. Altha – Female Human Bartender (Lawful Good) – Altha is an excellent bartender who is a very no-nonsense type of person. She is very kind and friendly to everyone that comes to her tavern but she is very strict about the rules and requires people to follow them. She is impartial and doesn’t reject anyone that comes to her bar. She always keeps a close eye on the rooms in the tavern and patrols them constantly to keep an eye out for cheaters and anyone causing trouble. She often is called upon to settle arguments and disputes between customers.
  32. Rhonin – Male Human Bartender (True Neutral) – Rhonin is well known for his ability to mix amazing beverages and serve them to people with a smile on his face. He is quiet and well-mannered and will serve anyone in his bar but only if they are willing to pay for their drinks and don’t cause trouble. He will not serve people if they can’t pay or if they cause any trouble. He doesn’t like cheaters or people that try to scam him. However, he will often take note of people who try to do this and if he ever catches them again, he won’t be so generous.
  33. Will – Male Human Innkeeper (Neutral) – Will is a tall man with a wild beard that usually covers his own mouth when it’s not shaved down a little bit. He wears large robes that are covered in pockets and has several trinkets and magical scrolls locked into the pockets for safekeeping. He will often tell stories of his own adventures to people that stay at his inn, which he spent most of his life travelling around. He’s seen many places and has many stories to tell, most of which are based on true events.
  34. Hobart – Male Dwarf Bartender (Lawful Good) – Hobart is a dwarf who has a large, bushy beard that covers most of his face when it’s grown out. Hobart is a very kind person who is famous for serving the best food in the lands. He loves helping his patrons and often gives them free food and drink when they have none or run out of funds to pay for it. He also takes care of children who cannot pay for their meals with food from his own home, which is full of great food due to his wife’s incredible cooking skills. Despite what many people think, Hobart is kind to everyone who comes into his inn, regardless of race or class. Some people say that Hobart has a heart of gold and he put others before himself all the time.
  35. Jaxter – Male Gnome Barkeeper (True Neutral) – Jaxter grew up in a large family where his parents were moderately successful merchants. After working along side his parents for nearly ten years, he decided it was time to go out on his own and make it big as a merchant on his own. After spending about two years doing this on his own, he learned the trade well enough where he decided to strike out on his own and set up his own inn near the local harbor. He works part time as an innkeeper and part time as a merchant, selling whatever he can get at his storefront or from traders that come through town often or sailing ships he hires to make trips to various ports. He has recently found success with this endeavor as many people have started to visit his bar as well as his storefront, allowing him to make enough money to support himself as well as grow in wealth and power.
  36. Baldwin – Male Dwarf Bartender (Neutral) – Baldwin is a dwarf who is famous for his incredible strength. He is slightly less intelligent than the average dwarf because of this, but he is definitely stronger than nearly any other dwarf. In fact, he’s stronger than almost any other creature as well. No one who frequents his bar dares to anger him and no one who doesn’t want to anger him dares to challenge him in a strength contest. Baldwin has a nasty temper and when he’s angry, he’s a danger to everyone around him. No one has ever seen him when he’s angry, but some people say that he’s prone to angry outbursts, stomping out of his bar in a fit of rage, since he is always alone running it.

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  1. Gilbert – Male Wizard Bartender (Chaotic Good) – Gilbert is a quirky wizard who has studied the magic arts hard his entire life. He’s usually high strung due to his lack of sleep which occurs due to his frequent use of extensive magical knowledge. He is a devoted patron to his town and looks out for them when he’s not working hard in his laboratory. When he does work hard at his laboratory, it is always for the purpose of helping his friends and the people he loves. The most frequent magical creation he makes is a free charm of some kind. He also has a knack for making potions that enhance abilities, whether they are physical or mental in nature. While he was in school studying magic, he also made quite a few secret potions for his personal use that he also sells from time to time, but he’s quick to tell anyone who asks that they’re not for sale.
  2. Thetan – Male Dragonborn Bartender (Chaotic Neutral) – Thetan is a male dragonborn who owns and operates an inn in the city of Red Larch. He is a well respected member of the community, particularly because of his kind personality and the charm he casts on almost everyone he meets. He is often seen as a great and powerful person because of his good looks and charming personality. His charm also makes him seem mysterious and unknown, which is a trait most people find attractive. The town folk love his inn and visit it often because he makes his own beer, wine, and mead himself. He brews it under the basement of the inn somewhere, but he won’t tell anyone what ingredients he uses or where the recipe comes from. People come from near and far to see him brew his special drink, but those who ask him about it or try to find out what he makes or where the recipe comes from aren’t allowed to visit his inn any more.
  3. Bendel – Male Dwarf Bartender (Chaotic Good) – Bendel is a dwarf who is a master smith that serves as the bartender of his own inn. He makes a living by selling items like weapons, jewelry, or special armor he creates from time to time to adventurers or other wealthy individuals. He is an honest business man and was able to gather a lot of money through his years of hard work in the early morning. Now, many adventurers look to him to buy gear or trade it in for different gear that could make them stronger against whatever they are working on near the local area. Bendel loves money and he loves to spend it on himself or anyone who looks like they need it more than him. He often throws money around in random places just to see who finds it first. Oddly enough, he never finds it himself when he does this as someone always seems to find it before he does.
  4. Bence – Male Gnome Bartender (Lawful Good) – Bence is a gnome who owns and operates an inn located by a major road that many people use to travel through town on their way elsewhere. Many people who visit the inn for a drink or a meal don’t notice that Bence hands out free ale to those who can’t pay for it with a free meal to those who can’t pay for it at all. He does this because he is a very kind and generous kind of person who doesn’t like to turn anyone away who might need something as simple as food or as complicated as help with an intense personal problem. He often goes above and beyond what people expect from him and doesn’t expect anything in return, not even money. Bence has known his share of tragedy where his wife and business partner died a couple years ago when the two of them were attacked by some ruffians in the dead of night during their acquaintance with some shady thieves they had recently made business dealings with. Since then, Bence has struggled a bit mentally because of her absence. He still loves her very much and keeps her memory alive in everything he does, including how he treats others.
  5. Charles – Male Human Bartender (Chaotic Neutral) – Charles is a male human who operates a bar near one of the most dangerous parts of town. He often puts himself in danger because of the location he runs his business out of, but he enjoys taking risks whenever he can. He has a knack for getting into trouble and causing trouble wherever he goes. He loves to play tricks on people at his bar and enjoys watching them get upset. When people get mad, he gets joy. He doesn’t like to make people happy and thinks that people who do are weak. He is a man of his word and always keeps his promises, even if it means hurting someone else in the process. He is a complete psychopath who would do anything to scare or hurt people. He has been in prison a couple times but got out by making a deal with the mayor to clean up the city by getting rid of bad people like himself for a certain amount of time. The mayor agreed to give him the full pardon he wanted if he eliminated the two gangs that were terrorizing the city. He even went as far as going undercover by pretending to be one of them by joining them. It worked and the two gangs were destroyed. He was granted the pardon and freedom for as long as he runs his bar by the city. He still has his problems and fights with people, but he doesn’t do it anywhere near as often as before now that the two gangs are gone from the city.
  6. Delin – Female Half-Elf Bartender (Neutral Good) – Delin is a recent immigrant to a nearby city. She recently settled into her new home after coming out of a quasi-racist homeland where half-elves weren’t welcomed in most settlements. She came here to make a fresh start and founded her alcohol-selling business in some place more accepting of all races. She loves to talk with strangers who come into her bar because she loves hearing stories of other people’s lives that aren’t hers. She has always been interested in meeting new people and hearing their perspectives on life. She makes a living by running a bar in the middle of town where many different kinds of people come to drink or eat food she cooks. It’s hard to find a bar where it seems like everyone gets along, but she feels like she’s always able to do this in her bar because she is so easygoing with everyone, even when she gets annoyed. That’s her personality in general though and she is never easily annoyed. She even sometimes helps pick fights with customers that she thinks need someone to fight with. She doesn’t get mad at them or beat them up unless they anger her first, but she often encourages them to fight one another so that they can solve all their problems peacefully by battling each other. The fighting is harmless and only involves each person’s fists. She gives them lessons on how to fight with their fists instead of using weapons or magic before letting them battle each other. Her lessons are always helpful and her customers love her for being so kind and friendly towards them no matter how important or poor they are. She tries to be friends with everyone who comes into her bar and even invites homeless people off the streets to come eat or drink for free (unless they are mean or try to steal from her). She is usually able to recruit strong fighters from the bar because of this too, but she doesn’t care if they also get drunk while they are at the bar; she would rather them be safe and drunk than sober and dead on a dangerous battlefield far away from her business where she can’t watch over them.
  7. Skylar – Female Elf Bartender (Chaotic Good) – Skylar is a kindhearted bartender who is eager to give drinks and food to the needy when they come into her bar. She has a great memory and is able to remember all the different patrons who come into her pub, especially the regulars. She doesn’t discriminate against any of her patrons, regardless of their size, race, gender, or creed. She also doesn’t care if any of them lose control while they are drinking and become loud or destructive, which is why she allows minors to drink in her bar (as long as they have their parents’ permission). She isn’t afraid of trying new things either, and will often try to bring in new customers by hosting special events in order to celebrate holidays, major sporting events, or significant anniversaries of famous people. She offers free drinks to anyone who comes into her bar that day or buys a drink for someone else who is also drinking at the bar (as long as the drink being bought isn’t alcoholic). She also allows her raccoon pets to wander around her bar freely, but the only way she will hire a bigger animal is if it is a wolf or wolf dog. She’s afraid that larger animals might hurt people who come into her bar, even if the danger is minimal. Her pub is a relatively new business in the city because she likes the idea of running a bar in a city where everyone can come together and get to know one another without prejudice. She’s also a bit of an exhibitionist, which is why she has no problem with fighting other women who challenge her when she’s in the right mood to do so. She doesn’t like resorting to violence even though she is skilled at fighting with her hands; she only fights when she has to. She just really doesn’t like it when other women make fun of her for being an exhibitionist who likes wearing tiny outfits that are so revealing they are inappropriate for their time period.
  8. Tina – Female Human Bartender (Lawful Neutral) – Tina is a serious woman with very little tolerance for drunken behavior in her bar. She doesn’t even serve beer or ale to her customers because she disapproves of how common drunk behavior is these days. She’s proud of being a modest hardworking woman and believes that men who act like that should be ashamed of themselves for acting so lowly. She also believes this because she was once married to a man who turned out to be an alcoholic. She knows firsthand how much damage drunk behavior can do to someone’s reputation and career, although she may not have ever told her customers this before. She isn’t a judgmental bartender, but she has never been very accepting of ordinary people. Her bar is decorated with fancy wood furniture and paintings on the wall that portrays images from the far past. She sometimes even performs magic tricks for customers who are interested in her unusual interests. Most of her customers are wealthy business people and nobles wealthy, but she has a special place in her heart for teenagers who come off as troubled because she also had a troubled past as a young girl. She believes that troubled kids should be given a chance to express themselves and explore their unique personalities so that they can become happier in life. Her bar was recently built in part from the money she made from gambling because she enjoys entertaining everyone with her magic tricks and gambling skills. She has since retired from her gambling career though because she doesn’t have time to manage multiple businesses while also running a bar. Her bar is only profitable because of sub-par beer and ale that she brews herself. She doesn’t like serving fancy cocktails or mixed drinks because she believes that liquor and beer should be drank in moderate quantities. She’s always suspicious of people who drink expensive liquor and mixed drinks, which is why she is always on the lookout for customers who appear to be show-offs to her. She’s always on the lookout for customers who appear to be fond of alcohol.
  9. Snuggle Bunny – Female Gnome Bartender (Good) – Snuggle Bunny is a kind-hearted gnome who works as a bartender in her tavern named “Snuggle Bunny’s Pub”. She’s not a very skilled fighter and isn’t strong, but she is always there to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs one. Her pub is a popular hangout spot for children because they can play games on the wall while they are drinking. There are also many teddy bear statues scattered around the bar that everyone can sit on. These statues are also stuffed with various kinds of party favors that most kids enjoy playing with during their visits to her bar. Her good nature has helped her become friends with the gargoyles that live in the city, too. They are known for being the most violent but kindhearted creatures in the city, which is why she has a special bond with them. Her friends are willing to help her when she’s in trouble from time to time. They have helped her escape from dangers before and have even saved her life when it mattered most. They also inform her about any illegal activity going on in the city so that she can warn her other customers about it. Even though she’s a small gnome, she isn’t afraid of much because her gargoyle friends always give her the courage to stand up to anyone who wrongs her. She highly respects them for this reason. She’s always thankful to have their help.
  10. Frankie – Male Half-Orc Bartender (Neutral) – Frankie is a friendly male half-orc who works as a bartender in his pub named “Frankie’s Pub”. His pub is a popular gathering spot for people who are interested in socializing with others who share their interests in various hobbies and activities. Many adventurers come by to share stories with each other about their past experiences in a dungeon or a forest, or whatever the case may be. They tell stories of how they slew a mighty dragon and how they’re on their way to work on a secret quest that’s been passed down in their family for generations. Some of the people who come by his pub are local city guardsmen who are on duty. They come by, drink, and tell stories of how they captured a dangerous thief who tried to rob a rich noble family. A lot of customers visit the bar to talk about their dreams and aspirations too.
  11. Tracey – Female Gnome Bartender (Lawful) – Tracey looks like a cute and innocent female gnome, but if you try to rob her pub then you’ll wish she looked like a bear or something. She’s very protective of the customers she serves and will not let any thief run wild in her pub. She carries a bow and arrows in a bag on her back to prevent anyone from waking the bear.
  12. Tilly – Female Dwarf Bartender (Lawful) – Tilly is a female dwarf who works as a bartender in her pub. She is a very respectable and organized person. She works several days out of the week, and she always makes sure that her bar is very spotless and very well organized. Tilly is always sitting behind the bar dressed in a crisp, white shirt and black pants. She is a leader in her community and is highly respected by others.

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  1. Ginny – Male Halfling Bartender (chaotic) – Ginny is a male halfling who works as a bartender at the “Golden Rocket Snatcher,” a reclusive tavern located in a crowded marketplace. Ginny doesn’t like to be disturbed when he is working, and expects the bar’s patrons to act in the same way. The only time that Ginny is friendly is when he receives good tippers. He gets upset when people run out of the tavern with half finished drinks.
  2. Redmond – Male Dwarf Bartender (chaotic) – Redmond is a male dwarf who works as a bartender in his bar named “The Rusty Sword”. He is a very straightforward person who doesn’t enjoy telling a story about himself in order to get people interested in learning about him. His purpose for owning the bar is to help people de-stress after a long day of work.
  3. Rosalyn – Female Halfling Bartender (Lawful) – Rosalyn is a seasoned bartender who has been serving drinks behind a bar for several years. She’s had her job since her late teens, and she doesn’t plan on leaving the profession anytime soon. Rosalyn can be difficult to talk to sometimes because she’s very busy, but if you can strike up a conversation with her then she will be happy to talk to you. Rosalyn makes sure that everyone who comes into her bar is treated fairly and equally. She is an honest person that has never been accused of taking advantage of anyone.
  4. Samantha – Female Human Bartender (Chaotic) – Samantha is a female human who has long, blonde hair, and is quite beautiful. She has been serving patrons in her tavern since she was eighteen. Samantha is a strong believer in equality, and like her husband, who is owned by the tavern, she is demanding the bar patrons who come into her bar to treat both her and the other bar employees equally. She doesn’t excuse any ill-mannered behavior, and she will throw anyone out of her tavern if they get too rowdy.
  5. Lulu – Female Halfling Bartender (Chaotic) – Lulu is a halfling who has been serving drinks behind a tavern counter for over thirty years. She is a very friendly person and likes to joke around with the customers. She serves a wide variety of the finest drinks, but the most popular drink that she serves is beer. She has had the same job since she was fresh out of weapons college. There are never any fights in her tavern because she has a way with words, and she can persuade people to walk away from potential bar fights if she has to.
  6. Donald – Male Human Bartender (Lawful) – Donald is a human who has been working as a bartender since he was eighteen. He has served customers in his father’s tavern since he was young, and he is still working at the same bar today. Donald can tell if someone is lying to him, and he never allows any shady business in his tavern. He is not afraid to throw serious drunks out of his tavern, and he does not allow anyone to ruin the good reputation of his family’s business.
  7. Harrison Hawken – Male Human Barkeep (Chaotic) – Hawken is a human who has been a bartender for several years. He never plans ahead, and he tends to speak his mind regardless of the circumstances. Hawken is the kind of guy who will tell people exactly what he thinks about them, and he won’t sugarcoat anything. He has been thrown out of his fair share of taverns for his brutal honesty, but he isn’t afraid to voice his opinions. Hawken is a heavy drinker, and he is always carrying a keg barrel with him wherever he goes.
  8. Jay – Male Human Bartender (Chaotic) – Jay has run a tavern since he was eighteen. He’s been serving drinks since he was in high school, and he’s been working in the industry ever since. Some time ago, he got into a huge bar fight, and as a result he has had to give up drinking alcohol. Jay still likes to serve people drinks though, and he encourages his customers to enjoy their time in his tavern.
  9. Michele – Female Human Bartender (Neutral) – Michele is a social person who loves to meet new people wherever she goes. She doesn’t mind if people drink in her tavern or not, but if they do want to drink then she makes sure that they are served what they want in a timely manner. Michele knows a lot of people in her city, but she just likes to curl up next to the fireplace in her tavern to read a book and relax.
  10. Jessica – Female Elf Bartender (Chaotic) – Jessica is a female elf who has been serving drinks behind the bar for three years. She likes to work at night because she doesn’t have much to do during the day and she has trouble sleeping. Jessica is not a big fan of Mondays, and she can often be heard grumbling about how she wishes that the weekdays would end sooner than they actually do. She loves her job, but sometimes she does get lonely on the job. However she does make up for this by sometimes bringing in some of her friends for a night of drinking.
  11. Kay – Female Halfling Bartender (Lawful) – Kay has been serving drinks for several years now, and she enjoys being able to serve people and earn a fair wage for her efforts. She also loves being able to drink at work without people getting mad at her for doing so. Kay doesn’t like it when people throw their beer bottles on the floor of her tavern, and if they do this then she will make them pick it up themselves. She likes to meet new people when she’s working and she will go out of her way to make them feel welcome in her bar.
  12. Chloe – Female Halfling Bartender (Good) – Chloe is well known for her long, curly hair and her laid back personality. That doesn’t mean she can’t get serious and do her job, however. She enjoys the bar business and being able to serve her customers. She is a bit impulsive, however, and sometimes she gets into trouble because of this and because she sometimes does things on a whim, without really thinking about how it will affect her in the long run.
  13. Melanie – Female Halfling Bartender (Lawful) – Melanie is a halfling woman with long, black hair and dark eyes. She has a pretty good singing voice and she is known around town for that. She also has some skill with dice games, so if your group would like to play against her then be prepared to lose most of the time. She gets a lot of business from adventurers, because she is a friend of the local thieves guild.
  14. Katia – Female Halfling Bartender (Neutral) – Katia is a pretty woman who likes to wear red lipstick. She is known as a free spirit and she tends to do things on a whim. She has a bit of a wild side and can get loudly drunk, and even obnoxious at times, but she is a fun person to be around. She is also very agile, and she can climb up tall objects with ease.
  15. Irene – Female Halfling Bartender (Good) – Irene is a friendly, energetic halfling woman with long, brown, curly hair. She always wears a green fez on her head and an orange, flower-patterned dress. She is a hard worker and likes to make sure that her customers are happy, and that they get served their drinks in a timely manner.
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  17. Ursula – Female Halfling Bartender (Evil) – Ursula is really mean and she likes to bully the customers who come into her bar. She has a mean streak when it comes to halflings, as well. If you’re not a halfling then you probably won’t have any issues, as long as you do what she says and pay for all of your drinks without complaining about it.
  18. Cara – Female Halfling Bartender (Neutral) – Cara is an adventurer who took a break from her adventuring and settled down in this town to work at the local tavern. She likes to sing at the bar sometimes during the evenings when there aren’t too many people around. She isn’t big on rock music or heavy metal, but if anyone requests it she will play it for them.
  19. Liz – Female Halfling Bartender (Good) – Liz is a fun-loving halfling woman who likes to wear yellow clothing and drink lots of beer. She is pretty good with dice games and she knows how to play cards well too. She is faithful to her husband and she makes sure to always come home to him every night after her shift is over.
  20. Valeria – Female Halfling Bartender (Evil) – Valeria is a tall woman with long, light brown hair that extends down her back. She is known for being a bit on the mean side, but most people shrug this off since they think she isn’t really a threat to them. Underneath her sweet, honey-coated exterior, though, Valeria is filled with malice. If you cross her then she will make you pay dearly for it.
  21. Erica – Female Halfling Bartender (Good) – Erica is a halfling woman with long blonde hair that reaches down just past her shoulders. She wears a modest blue dress at work and she smiles often, which helps to make everyone around feel a little bit better. She also has a rather high Charisma (CHA) attribute, which helps to make the bar even more profitable than it normally would be.
  22. Kitty – Female Halfling Bartender (Neutral) – Kitty is a halfling woman with short, orange hair. She has a tattoo on her back that looks a lot like a kitty cat and that is where she got her nickname from. She is a very friendly person who likes to meet new people and hang out with her friends. She is fond of snakes and enjoys watching them slither around the tavern whenever she has the chance to do so.
  23. Josie – Female Halfling Bartender (Evil) – Josie is a halfling woman with blonde hair that she wears in pigtails. She is a former member of the local thieves guild and she is also an excellent pickpocket. She also wears a red leather corset, which draws attention to her boobs. She is known for being rude to the customers who come into her bar.
  24. Belladonna – Female Halfling Bartender (Neutral) – Belladonna is a halfling woman with long red hair. She wears blue and purple clothing at work and she is known for hitting on the male patrons who come into her tavern. This tends to annoy the female patrons, since Belladonna tends to ignore them almost completely, but she is pretty good at making money so she hasn’t gotten fired from her job yet.
  25. Holly – Female Halfling Bartender (Neutral) – Holly is a halfling woman with long blonde hair usually worn in pigtails. She wears a green scarf over her head and green clothing too, and she is known for being kind and helpful to everyone who comes into her bar. She prefers to be by herself and not get involved with other people.
  26. Rina – Female Halfling Bartender (Evil) – Rina is an aggressive halfling woman with long brown hair. She is known for being a terrible liar and for the numerous scars on her face form the knife fights she has gotten into in the past. If anyone challenges her on something then expect her to challenge you right back in an effort to keep control over the situation.
  27. Nsundi – Male Gnome Bartender (Neutral) – Nsundi is a tall, skinny gnome man with orange skin, a black goatee, and long, black hair and fingernails. He likes wearing black clothing at work and he has many different body piercings, including one on each of his eyebrows. He does not miss any opportunity to brag about how many people he’s killed over the years, and most people avoid talking with him because of this.
  28. Ira – Male Gnome Bartender (Good) – Ira is a tall, friendly gnome man with an orange complexion and wild orange hair that covers his face. He wears dark colored robes at work that are embroidered with symbols of magic. He has a gentle, quiet demeanor and he likes to serve his customers quickly.
  29. Connor – Male Gnome Bartender (Neutral) – Connor is a short, fat gnome man with short blonde hair and small eyes. He wears average clothing at work and he has some skills for making beer and ale as well as some other drinks. He likes keeping his bar clean and he doesn’t tolerate any trash on the floor or on the tables.
  30. Piper – Female Gnome Bartender (Good) – Piper is a tall gnome woman with dark blue hair that is worn in a ponytail and that has a long braid attached to it. She wears green robes at work and her favorite pastimes are reading, studying magic, and passing notes with her fellow adventuring companions.
  31. Mireia – Female Gnome Bartender (Evil) – Mireia is an aggressive gnome woman with red hair and yellow skin. She wears tight black clothing at work that shows off her curves. She is a very greedy person who will steal from anyone she can get away with stealing from. She has a tall wooden staff that she uses to hit people with whenever they start annoying her.
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  33. Elmo – Male Half-Orc Bartender (Neutral) – Elmo is a huge half-orc man with dark green hair and dark green eyes. He is a former gladiator who was forced to fight in the city’s fighting pits. He is still a little wild at times, but he mainly keeps to himself while working at his job.

And there you have it, a bevy of charismatic bartenders ready to add a splash of color to your fantasy tavern scenes. We hope these names and backstories bring a new depth to your role-playing experiences, sparking memorable interactions that’ll be recounted for campaigns to come. Remember, your support through our Amazon links helps us continue crafting and sharing this kind of creative D&D content. Until our next adventure, happy gaming!

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