Fun Ways To Keep Yourself Entertained At Home

You may find yourself around the house and feeling quite bored lately. While it’s okay to have some downtime once in a while, you also don’t want to always be sitting around doing nothing.

Instead, you can find ways to keep yourself busy and have some fun while you’re at it. All you may need is some ideas to help get you started thinking about ways in which you can spend your time. Here you can learn some fun ways to keep yourself entertained in the comfort of your home.

Hop Online

One idea is to get on your devices and hop online. There are many different ways you can spend your time online. For example, you can teach yourself a new skill or choose to play a game such as chess. This will be a fun way to pass the time and it’s a game that will keep you challenged. This is something you can do at any time you want and there are seasonal games to choose from as well. There’s a lot that you can do if you just spend some time searching and figuring out what the most fun ideas are for you to engage with online. 

Play Video Games

You may also want to set up a room with a gaming system and play some video games. You can challenge yourself to different levels of play and see how far you can get in certain games. It will be fun and entertaining to try new and different games and work on improving your gaming skills. Remember to take breaks during your video game sessions so you can regroup and come back ready to take on new challenges. Believe it or not, there are some benefits to playing video games such as that it can help improve your decision-making skills.

Stream TV Shows & Movies

If you have some extra time on your hands then you may decide that you want to stream TV shows or movies. You can change into some comfortable clothing and make yourself a tasty snack and curl up on the couch to watch something enjoyable on TV. You can either choose to binge-watch your favorite episodes or movies or research what’s popular and try watching something new and different. Participating in this activity will take up most of your day so that you won’t get bored. You may even want to put your feet up and take a nap after you’re done watching your shows or movies. 

Play Board Games

Another fun way to keep yourself entertained at home is to get out the board games. This can be a great time if you are playing against family or friends. Otherwise, there are some board or card games that you can play by yourself if you’re alone. You can always go out and buy a new board game if you are sick of the ones you have sitting around the house. Board games are a great way to pass the time and will likely have you smiling and having a great time as soon as you get started playing.

Engage in Role Play Games

If you want to keep yourself entertained then consider engaging in role-play games. Invite some friends over who enjoy doing this as well and have some fun together. Doing so cultivates creativity and it’s a good way to stay social. There are many resources you can turn to online and ways to read up on this activity if you’re new to it. Many people find it quite enjoyable to do and you may end up liking role play games as well once you give it a shot.

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Read A Book

If you want to stay entertained at home then consider picking up a good book to read. Reading is good for you and can be a mindful activity to pick up whenever you’re feeling bored or want to be entertained. There are many books out there to choose from depending on your interests. Go online to check out some of the must-read novels and series that people are talking about to give you some ideas. You can head over to the library to pick out a new book or find one online that you can read or purchase. Reading stimulates your brain and can also be quite a relaxing activity to engage in when you are around the house. 

Do A Puzzle

If you’re by yourself at home and want to be entertained then consider doing a puzzle. Puzzles can be very challenging and require you to set aside some time to concentrate and put it together. You can start with some easy puzzles that don’t have many pieces and work your way to doing the harder and more difficult puzzles with more pieces. It’s fun to time yourself and see how fast you can put a puzzle together. It’s also rewarding to see the end result once you are finished doing your puzzle and it’s all put together. Doing puzzles can lower stress and help improve your problem-solving skills. 

Watch Funny Videos

There are a lot of different types of content online to choose from and ways to spend your time. However, one option you should consider is to watch funny videos on your phone or computer. There are many of them out there that will have you laughing and smiling in no time at all. Laughter is good for you and these videos will certainly be entertaining and engaging. It’s a good way to pass the time and you may find something out there that you connect with and that makes you feel happy.

Play Online Games Against Friends

If you’re sitting around the house by yourself then you may be looking to also socialize a bit. In this case, you can choose to play online games against friends. Call up a friend or two and get connected into the same video game session so you can hear each other and engage in the chat function. This will be a fun way to get connected to your friends without having to leave your house. 

Spend Time on Social Media

If you are hanging out at home then grab your phone and start playing around on social media. You can scroll through your newsfeed to see what other people are up to or create your own content to publish. For example, maybe you want to put some new posts up on platforms such as Snapchat or Tik Tok. This is a great way to use your creativity and see if anyone ends up liking what you post.  

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Learn A New Language

You may also want to consider learning a new language when you are at home and want to be entertained. There are many different ways you can do so such as downloading an app to help you or looking up a program online that will guide you. Pick a language or two that you want to learn more about and then challenge yourself to learn a few new phrases. 


There are many different ways in which you can keep yourself entertained at home. These are some of the top suggestions to consider as you seek to keep yourself busy when you are hanging out around the house. There are many ideas to choose from depending on what sparks your interest and what you feel like doing to pass the time. It won’t be long before you’re feeling less bored and can do something fun and engaging without having to leave home or spend any money.

Ajay Patel

LitRPG Author Ajay Patel

A lifelong fan of narrative (in games or books), Ajay Patel has always been an avid reader. Growing up, he was a big fan of the Harry Potter series and always looked forward to the next book release. He still enjoys the Legend of Zelda series to this day with his children. A native of Portland, Indiana but living somewhere out in the country (the wilds of Jay County, Indiana), Ajay is married and has four children. His family loves to travel and loves to read. Ajay brings to the team a sense of humor, a deep knowledge of books, and some great writing skills. Ajay is a big fan of tabletop RPG systems beyond D&D and has been known to host board game night on more than one occasion. He enjoys D&D board games, but he knows there's a lot of other great games on the market these days for strategic thinkers.

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