Top Entertainment Ideas For Christmas 2023

Top Entertainment Ideas For Christmas 2023

As 2023 ushers in, we find ourselves still adjusting to the “new normal” and redefining how we celebrate the holiday season. The once-crowded malls and bustling festivities are now replaced by intimate family gatherings and digital experiences. This doesn’t mean that the Christmas spirit is any less; if anything, it is about finding innovative and unique ways to make it even more special. Let’s explore some fresh and fun ways to entertain this festive season. (Or check out the 2023 hard to find toys!)

Augmented Reality (AR) Games

The rapid advancement in AR technology has brought gaming experiences that merge the digital and real worlds. These games encourage players to physically move around, combining the thrill of exploration and the pleasure of gaming. As players engage with their surroundings in a new light, it stimulates both their bodies and minds. From treasure hunts in your backyard to casting magical spells in your living room, AR games provide a novel experience that the whole family can participate in, ensuring that everyone remains active and engaged.

Virtual Reality (VR) Holiday Tours

While physical traveling might be limited, VR has opened up avenues for immersive experiences. Don your VR headsets and transport your family to a winter wonderland, Santa’s workshop, or even the North Pole! Besides holiday-themed tours, you can visit world-famous destinations and celebrate Christmas traditions from around the globe, all from the comfort of your living room. It’s an innovative way to “travel” and learn about different cultures and their unique festive traditions.

Modern Board Games

The board gaming industry has seen a massive evolution, with games now catering to various age groups, interests, and complexities. Games like “Wingspan”, which brings together bird-watching and strategic gameplay, or “Azul”, where players craft beautiful mosaics, offer a refreshing break from the traditional choices. Spending time over these games encourages bonding, strategic thinking, and tons of laughter, ensuring hours of family fun.

DIY Science Experiments

Why not mix a bit of education with entertainment? There are numerous DIY science kits available that can teach kids (and adults!) intriguing concepts while having fun. From building crystal snowflakes to creating holiday-themed slime, these activities are both engaging and educational. Plus, they offer a hands-on experience that can inspire curiosity and a love for learning.

Streaming Fest

With the surge of streaming platforms, there’s no shortage of holiday-themed series, movies, and specials. Create a list that mixes the new releases with classic holiday favorites, and have a movie marathon. Alternatively, consider diving into a new series as a family. This can serve as an ongoing activity, with everyone gathering every evening to watch a couple of episodes together.

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Cooking & Mixology Sessions

While baking remains a timeless activity, why not level up the experience? Explore global holiday recipes or enroll in an online cooking class. For adults, mixology sessions can be a hit. Learn to whip up festive cocktails or mocktails, experimenting with flavors and presentations. Not only does this provide a bonding activity, but it also ensures that your festive spread is global and gourmet.

Digital Crafting & 3D Printing

Technology has transformed the way we craft. With user-friendly digital design software and affordable 3D printers, families can create custom ornaments, decorations, and even toys. It’s a wonderful way to personalize your festivities and introduce children to the world of digital design and manufacturing.

Capture The Moment: Drone Photography

While family photos are always cherished, elevate your game with drone photography. Capture wide-angle shots of your home adorned in festive lights or film short videos of your family gatherings from an aerial view. It’s a unique way to document your holidays and provides a modern twist to your usual family photos.


By embracing technology, creativity, and a pinch of old-fashioned fun, Christmas 2023 can be both memorable and entertaining. It’s all about reimagining traditions and making the most of the resources at hand. Happy Holidays!

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