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Do you love crafting the perfect name for your D&D or RPG character? Whether it’s a feisty elf, a powerful wizard, or a noble knight, coming up with the right name can give your character the character they need to become a hero in your story. However, coming up with a name can be tricky – and that’s why fantasy name generators are so helpful.

Fantasy name generators are tools that automatically create names based on your parameters. You can choose from different categories of names, from historical to random to genre-specific. Not only are they great for finding the perfect name for your D&D or RPG character, but they can also help with writing inspiration for your other projects. Let’s take a look at how fantasy name generators work, and some of the best ones available online for free.

Types of Fantasy Name Generators

The first step to using a fantasy name generator is to understand the different types available. The most common types are random name generators, which create names from a list of letters and words, and name generators based on gender, genre, or period.

Random name generators are great for creating unusual and unique names. They use a random algorithm to combine different letter combinations and generate names that might work well for your character.

Name generators based on gender are helpful if you already have an idea of your character’s gender and want to generate a list of appropriate names. Likewise, name generators based on genre or period can help you generate names that fit a certain period or style.

Now that we know the basics of how fantasy name generators work, let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones available online for free.

Seventh Sanctum is a popular fantasy name generator website. It has a large list of randomly generated names, based on different word combinations, that you can browse and use for your character.

Behind the Name is another useful tool. It’s especially helpful if you already have a gender in mind for your character and you want a list of names that are appropriate.

Fantasy Name Generators is a great website to find genre-specific names. It allows you to generate names based on different genres, such as Norse, Celtic, and Chinese, as well as different historical periods like Victorian or Medieval.

Tips for Making the Most of Fantasy Name Generators

Generating the perfect name for your character is easier said than done – but there are some tips and tricks you can use to make the most of fantasy name generators.

  • Brainstorming Ideas: Before you start using a fantasy name generator, it helps to brainstorm ideas and set some parameters. Think about what kind of character you want to create, and what kind of name fits that character. Also, it’s worth researching the different genres and historical periods to give you some ideas.
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  • Consider Different Genres: Fantasy name generators are great for creating genre-specific names, so make sure to browse through the different categories available. You might be surprised at the different kinds of names you can come up with.
  • Research Historical Names: If you want to come up with names that are historically accurate, then it helps to research the names of people from different time periods. Look at books and archives, or even websites that list historical names.


Fantasy name generators can be a great resource for finding the perfect name for your D&D or RPG character. When used appropriately, they can generate a wide variety of names based on different genres, genders, and period. To get the best out of your fantasy name generator, consider brainstorming ideas and researching historical names for inspiration. With a bit of luck, you’ll soon have the perfect name for your character!

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