Top Forge of Empires Tips and Cheats in 2023

Welcome, Lords and Ladies, to the sprawling, complex, but oh-so-addictive world of Forge of Empires! Here, you’ll find rich storytelling, strategic gameplay, and a chance to challenge the mind in the ultimate test of civilization building. If you are wondering how to maximize your Forge Points and thrive in this late-stage empire, then you’ve come to the right place. In the following sections, we’ll take a deep dive into everything you need to know to succeed.

The journey of a thousand miles, or in this case, several thousand years, begins with the first step. As a fledgling ruler in a new city, it can be daunting to navigate the intricacies of rule. But fear not! For, as every good adventurer knows, the basics of gameplay like following the tutorial, working through quests, ensuring the production and happiness of your city, are crucial stepping stones. They lay the foundation of your future empire, all while teaching you the mechanics of the game.

To state it simply, no city, no empire. The structure and strength of your city determines everything from the wealth of your coffers to the might of your armies. Importance of production, maintaining a balance between residential and production buildings, and keeping the happiness of your citizens high, are all instrumental in ensuring you have a thriving epicenter to fuel your imperial dreams.

Research is where Forge Points flex their true power, marking the difference between a stagnating civilization and a vibrant one. Having ample Forge Points to invest in new technologies can unlock a plethora of opportunities and structures to bolster your city. These points are not simply a currency, but the very lifeblood of your empire’s advancement.

In Forge of Empires, the decisions you make, the alliances you forge, and the battles you wage will all have far-reaching impacts. Now, let’s journey onward to discuss maps, battles, interactions with players, managing goods, and a handy collection of tips and strategies to take your game to the next level. Remember folks, in Forge of Empires, the world is your oyster, awaiting the firm grip of your empire’s mighty hand!

Getting Started

Welcome to the world of Forge of Empires, where everything begins with a humble settlement. Whether you are a fresh face in the world of empire building or an experienced ruler, starting a new city is always a thrilling venture. Here, we’ll introduce you to the initial steps you should take to set your empire off to a flourishing start.

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Following the tutorial

No matter how skilled you are at games, always follow the tutorial. It’s specifically designed by game creators to walk you through the game mechanics as smoothly as possible. Embrace being a learner, and you’ll soon understand the intricacies of Forge of Empires.

Working through quests

Quests aren’t just tasks that need to be done, they’re the ladder you need to climb on your journey towards a powerful empire. Check your quest log often and completing these tasks will reward you with necessary resources and Forge Points.

Handling city production and happiness

Your city is your empire’s backbone. Ensuring steady production is the first step towards a prosperous city. Simultaneously, keep an eye on your citizens’ happiness. A happier populace increases production efficiency, making your city more effective.

The City

After understanding the basics of the game, it’s time to focus on the heart of your empire – The City. A well-planned city builds the foundation for a well-flourished empire. Here, we go deeper into what goes into making a bustling metropolis in Forge of Empires.

Importance of production

Production buildings are your city’s lifelines. They produce supplies, which are a key resource used in almost all aspects of the game. So don’t shy away from focusing your efforts on enhancing your city’s production capabilities.

Balancing residential and production buildings

Striking the right balance between residential and production buildings is crucial. Residential buildings increase your city’s population and coin production. On the other hand, production buildings generate supplies. Create a harmonious synergy between the two to ensure the smooth functioning of your city.

Maintaining happiness for efficient production

Happy people are productive people. A high happiness level in your city increases the productivity of your production and residential buildings. So keep your population content by building enough cultural buildings and decorations.

Building cultural buildings and decorations

Cultural buildings and decorations provide happiness to your city’s population. Building more of these not only adds aesthetic value to your city but also boosts your population’s happiness, leading to greater efficiency. So, place them strategically to get the maximum benefits.


Once you’ve set up a thriving city, it’s time to advance technologically. Research is the key to technological superiority. You may find yourself asking: What are Forge Points? How do I use them for research? What do I need to take care of when I’m investing in new technologies? Don’t worry, all these questions will be answered here.

Overview of Forge Points

Forge Points could very well be the fuel that powers the vehicle of your civilization’s advancement. These points are acquired over time and can be spent on a range of activities such as forging alliances, trading goods, conducting research, and leveling up Great Buildings. Their importance cannot be overstated.

Technologies and research tree

The research tree is essentially your roadmap to advancement. It indicates the sequence of technologies available to you and the connections between them. Studying this tree allows you to strategize and plan your progress. With each technology you unlock, you open doors to new possibilities.

Investing points for new technology

As you advance through the research tree, each new technology requires a certain amount of Forge Points to unlock. This investment pays off in a big way by granting you access to new structures, units, abilities, etc. Hence, wise and timely investment in research is crucial.

Building new structures

Every new technology you unlock brings along the possibility of adding new structures to your city. Whether it’s architectural marvels to boost your city’s aesthetics, production buildings to enhance your economy, or military units to bolster your might, never miss a chance to grow and diversify your city.

Map and Battles

Your city and technology set the base, but geography and your handling of conflicts largely determine the growth of your empire. Let’s delve into how you can navigate through the map, wage battles, and expand your empire boundaries.

Acquiring provinces

Your empire starts with a single city, but your ambitions should be greater. Acquire new provinces, either by trading or through military conquests, to access new resources, expand your empire, and increase your dominance.

Trading vs. conquering sectors

Trading and conquest are the two primary methods you have to acquire new sectors. While trading primarily involves diplomacy and strategic negotiation, conquering sectors is a more military approach. Both methods have their advantages and drawbacks, so choose wisely depending on your circumstances and playstyle.

Battle strategies (e.g., unit matchups, terrain advantages)

A battle won is an empire expanded! However, victory isn’t merely a matter of superior numbers. Key factors such as correct unit matchups and tactical use of terrain can often turn the tide of battles. Study your enemy well, and strike where they are weakest.

Infiltrating sectors

An often overlooked but highly effective tactic is infiltrating enemy sectors before a battle. It’s a way of weakening your foes before you even begin your assault. It not only gives you an advantage in the ensuing battle but can also help significantly reduce your losses.


Players make up the bustling world of Forge of Empires. Your relationship with other players, cooperative or competitive, shapes the course your empire takes. Learning to interact, trade, and compete with them can turn the tables in your favor.

Interaction with other players

Forge of Empires gives you the opportunity to reach out to other players. This interaction ranges from visits to assistance in each other’s cities. It forms essential ties between players, helping each other grow in this complex world.

Trading and support

Trading plays a vital role in your city’s development. Learn how to skillfully exchange goods with other players, generating surplus for yourself and them. Support each other to ensure mutual growth.

Polishing or motivating buildings

Did you know you can polish or motivate other players’ buildings? It serves dual benefits – blessing you with some extra coins and giving the building owners a production boost. It’s a win-win!

Great Buildings and leveling up

All hail the Great Buildings! They provide enormous advantages, but they require leveling up. Remember, the owner, along with the city visitors, can contribute to their progress with Forge Points. At each new level, generous rewards are doled out to top contributors.

Peaceful coexistence vs. fighting

Will you choose the path of peace, building alliances and mutual benefits? Or will you choose the path of war, launching attacks and attempting plunders? The choice shapes the narrative of your empire.


Goods are the lifeblood of your economy in Forge of Empires, used in everything from research and trade to negotiations and fighting. Let’s dive into how to get them in the game.

Planning for goods

Proper planning for goods allocation can save your city from stagnation. Don’t wait until you run out of goods – rather, make their adequate supply part of your game strategy.

Producing and trading goods

Focus on producing goods that your city can naturally extract due to its deposits. Once you produce a surplus, hit the market for a profitable trade. Remember, a smart trader knows when to sell high and buy low.

Exchanging with non-player dealers

Exploring trade with non-player dealers can also be a good strategy when you’re really short on a particular good. But be wary of the rates, they may not always be in your favor.

Robbing neighbors of goods

Lastly, ‘robbing’ your neighbors is an option to consider. Attack, win, and walk away with the spoils – including the productions of your defeated foes. However, remember that it might hurt your relationships with other players. Choose wisely!

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Tips & Cheats

Once you’ve grasped the rules and mechanics of Forge of Empires, it’s time to level up your game. Let’s venture into some insider tips and tricks that will give you an upper hand. Here are some of my top secret suggestions to help you become a force that every continent will reckon with.

Planning Ahead

The clairvoyance of an exemplary leader lies in foresight. Try to plan your production and research bit ahead of time. Visualize your future city, strategize the placement of your buildings and keep some room for improvisation.

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Maximizing Forge Points

Forge Points (FPs) are your Empire’s fuel, and making the most out of them is crucial. You gain a Forge Point every hour up to a maximum limit. Don’t let FPs stagnate; use them wisely on ongoing research, Great Buildings or swaps with other players.

Early Acquisition of Goods

Goods are another essential asset for city growth and progress. Produce them as early as possible, especially those for which you have a deposit.

Building Site Effectiveness

Your city, like a puzzle, will only shine when all its pieces are well-arranged. An efficient layout contributes significantly to your city’s productivity, so place your buildings wisely.

Expansion and Development

Land is the most basic capital of any empire, so put gaining expansions at the top of your priorities. Acquire them through technology, diamonds, coins or by conquering sectors on the map.

Daily Bonuses and Happiness Management

Don’t forget to collect your daily bonus from the town hall. Your people’s happiness is equally vital. Keep them delighted with cultural buildings and decorations, and they’ll sure up your production in return.

Battle Tactics

Last but not least, you cannot build an empire with a bookmark, you have to write it with a sword. Understand your enemies, know their strengths, weaknesses and adjust your battle lineup accordingly. Always infiltrate a sector before attacking and wisely use your units to fend off enemy attacks.

Remember folks, “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory, tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” Forge on!

How to Get Unlimited Forge Points

Ah, Forge Points, the lifeblood of your Empire’s growth and prosperity. Acquiring these precious points is key for research, trading, and upgrading Great Buildings. Now, let’s delve into the various manners in which you can amass more Forge Points, ensuring the steady progress of your Empire.

Through events

Special events often provide an excellent opportunity for you to earn Forge Points. These events can range from celebrating the New Year to Easter hunts, and they often offer attractive rewards for completion. Don’t skimp on participation!

Daily Challenges

Participating in the Daily Challenges not only brings variety to your gameplay but also offers a lucrative way of earning Forge Points. Complete the tasks provided, and you’ll find Forge Points among the spoils.

Guild Expedition

Prove your mettle in Guild Expeditions, adventures where you complete a series of encounters. These encounters can be battled out or negotiated peacefully, but the rewards for successful completion will often include Forge Points.

Guild Battlegrounds

These are group events where your Guild faces off against other Guilds on the Battlegrounds. Participating and winning in these Battlegrounds will provide you with precious Guild Power, which can be used to open Reward Chests replete with Forge Points and other goods.

Cultural Settlements

Cultural Settlements are mini-games within Forge of Empires where you manage cultures different from your city’s. Efficient management and successful completion of these settlements reward Forge Points.

Antiques Dealer

Need a spin of luck? Try the Antiques Dealer. Trade unwanted items here for a shot at winning Forge Points. Remember, the house always wins, but so can you.

Great Buildings

Great Buildings, the magnificent structures of your city, provide a host of advantages including the chance to earn Forge Points. Raise their level with your hard-earned Forge Points and reap a bounty, potentially including even more Forge Points. It’s a virtuous cycle!

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Conclusion: Forge of Empires Tips and Tricks

In the world of Forge of Empires, progress is measured in the rise of your city, the happiness of your citizens, the strength of your armies, and the expanse of your influence. You are not just a player, but a ruler, visionary, and architect. Your ingenuity and strategic decisions will fuel your city’s growth and, in turn, the growth of your empire.

Never lose sight of the importance of learning and exploration. Forge of Empires is a complex, multi-layered game that rewards those who take the time to understand its many aspects. Each new technique, strategy, or tidbit of game knowledge you acquire is an investment into the future of your empire. So venture forth, fellow rulers, and let the world of Forge of Empires unfold before you. The destiny of your city, your empire, rests in your hands!

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