30 DND Political Intrigue Hooks (5e and Pathfinder Compatible)

I’ve got a list of D&D political intrigue hooks you can use in your tabletop fantasy RPG campaign. These were generated with the help of GPT-3 AI from OpenAI. You can generate a bunch of RPG materials and access our growing library of content over at LitRPG Adventures.

DND Political Intrigue Hooks and Ideas

1) Marriage proposal – A nobleman offers a reward to the party to kidnap a specific nobleman’s bride-to-be and bring her to him. After doing so, the party must successfully escape pursuit. During this, they will also have to deal with the girl’s fiancee, who is an evil wizard.

2) Jealousy – The party is very successful in their careers and business. They are seen as a threat to a local noble, who wants them to stop succeeding at all costs. The nobleman will try to intimidate the party, sabotage their work and make them look bad in front of the public.

3) It’s personal – One of the party members is targeted by the local noble’s agents. The party must find out why they are being attacked and who is doing it.

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4) A political parlor game – The party is invited to a parlor game, hosted by an important nobleman. He has a devious plan to use the party’s talents. The party must discover his plan and thwart it.

5) A secret mission – The party is given a secret mission by the king to gather information on a major player in the local politics. The party must uncover the secrets of the nobleman while using his resources. This game will have a great impact on the kingdom.

6) A political prisoner – A prominent political prisoner is made to escape from his prison. The party must find him and bring him back to the prison before he reveals state secrets.

7) Political Re-education – The party has a friend who has been captured by the evil dictator’s secret police. The party must break into the prison and break out their friend before he is interrogated.

8) Righting a wrong – A wounded woman is found and brought to the party’s hideout. It turns out she is the daughter of a nobleman and she has been branded by the local ruler’s secret police. The party must find out how to save her without making things worse.

9) A contested throne – The king and queen have been killed. During the funeral, a rival nobleman tries to get rid of the crown prince. The party must escort the prince to a safe place before he is killed.

10) A nobleman kidnapped – The best and brightest of nobles are kidnapped by the evil forces and brainwashed to become evil cogs in their machine. The party must rescue them before they are brainwashed.

11) Personal gain – One of the party members is close to a nobleman. The nobleman asks the party to help him steal from the king. Of course, he doesn’t tell them the real reason he is doing this.

12) A political heir – The party needs to protect the young prince who is being targeted by assassins. The party must keep him out of harm’s way and uncover who is ordering the prince’s assassination.

13) A political purge – The evil king needs to get rid of a nobleman who is a threat to his power. The party is hired to help the nobleman escape and help him to start a resistance movement.

14) A fugitive – The party is on the run when they are captured in a neighboring country. They must escape prison, deal with their enemies and find a way to get back home.

15) Misunderstanding – The party’s employer has been captured by the secret police. The party must find a way to get him out of prison before he is interrogated or executed.

16) A political exile – A nobleman was forced to leave the country for reasons unknown. His daughter is trying to get him back with help from her friends. The party must go deep into enemy territory to find a way to get her father back and to deal with the danger that awaits them.

17) Revolt – The evil king has become too powerful. He has to be overthrown and a new government must be established. The party must help a resistance movement to overthrow the king while avoiding detection by the secret police.

18) The fall of a nobleman – A powerful nobleman is accused of treason by the king. The king’s champion must defeat the nobleman in a duel to the death. The party must save the nobleman from prison and help him stay out of the king’s hands.

19) Public executions – Political prisoners are about to be publicly executed. The party must help the prisoners to escape, otherwise the tension between the king and a nobleman will escalate.

20) A nobleman kidnapped – The party must gather information from the nobleman’s home to find out what happened to him.

21) A nobleman on the run – The party must protect a nobleman while he is being hunted by the secret police. They must keep him out of sight and find a way to help him get out of the country.

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22) The king’s enemy – The king has been killed by the evil king. A nobleman is trying to get support from the neighboring countries to invade and restore the rightful king to the throne. The party must find a way to help the nobleman gather support for his plan.

23) Kidnapping – The party must kidnap a nobleman’s wife before she is killed by the evil king’s agents. While doing so, they must avoid the hired bodyguards, who are also looking for the woman.

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24) A nobleman asks for help – The party is approached by a nobleman who is looking for a way to escape the country. The party must find a way to help him without being discovered.

25) A nobleman on the run – The party’s hometown is invaded by an evil army. The nobleman is using the party’s services to escape and start a resistance movement.

26) Political prisoners – Political prisoners are planning to escape from prison. The party is asked to help them stay out of the secret police’s hands while they escape.

27) A nobleman in prison – The party is hired by the nobleman’s family to break him out of prison. Before doing so, they must gather information about the prison and the guards.

28) A nobleman in hiding – The nobleman is in hiding. The party must find him and help him escape to a safe place before he is captured.

29) A nobleman in danger – The party is hired to help a nobleman break out of the city. He has been targeted by the secret police and must go into hiding.

30) A nobleman’s downfall – The party’s employer is a nobleman who is planning an assassination. The party must help him get into the nobleman’s home to assassinate him.

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