DnD Blood Hunter 5e Class Guide for 2023

Feeling a chill in your spine? Got a hankering for some edgy, gritty gaming? Well, you might want to lean into that darkness and step into the intense world of the DnD Blood Hunter 5e class. As the brainchild of Critical Role’s Matt Mercer, this character is no walk in the park – but if you crave a challenge, you’re in for a treat. The Blood Hunter artfully merges combat prowess with occult knowledge, allowing you to harness your own life force in a desperate bid to smite all that is wicked. It’s a high risk, high reward journey full of exhilaration, turmoil, and nail-biting suspense.

Not for the faint of heart, becoming a Blood Hunter means taking on some seriously sinister vibes. Harnessing the powers of hemocraft, these warriors voluntarily inflict harm upon themselves to fuel potent spells and evoke terrifying curses. Within these agents of darkness, however, beats the heart of a protector, consumed with the drive to battle the forces of evil and uphold virtue — all while grappling with their own shadows. The fascinating contrast creates a ripe setting for engrossing story arcs and dramatic DND character development.

Now, if you’re ready to wade into this menacing maelstrom, buckle up: our detailed guide has you covered. We’ve painstakingly gathered all the critical information you need to create a Blood Hunter character — from base stats to class features to blood curses and beyond. We’ve got strategies, tips, race recommendations and everything in between to help you forge a seamlessly dark and devastating champion. Read on, brave warrior, and discover the chilling allure of the DnD Blood Hunter 5e class.

Blood Hunter 5e Stats

First off, let’s consider your primary attacking asset: your shiny weaponry! Are you a fan of toe-to-toe melee combat with a hefty sword, or are arrows and finesse weapons more your style? If you’re eager to wade into the thick of combat with melee weaponry, then Strength (STR) should be your highest ability score. Those of you leaning toward the call of swift archery or delicate finesse weapons, on the other hand, should prioritize Dexterity (DEX). After all, every melee smash or arrow launched could mean the difference between felling an enemy or exposing yourself to a deadly counter-attack.

Next up, we have the critical cornerstone of hemocraft: Intelligence (INT). Securing a high INT score will allow you to weave potent blood curses and enhance your magical artillery. On the flip side, if you’re planning on being a living, breathing punching bag, soaking up the onslaught with tough resilience, put Constitution (CON) as your next go-to. This helps to bulk up your hit points — a crucial element, considering Blood Hunters frequently wound themselves to trigger their abilities.

Wisdom (WIS) isn’t to be snuffed at either. While it might not hit the headlines like STR or INT, having a solid WIS score will aid immensely with Perception and Survival checks. Remember, as a Blood Hunter, you’re likely to be tracking down your next quarry – and being able to spot that hidden trap or secret door could make or break your mission.

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Lastly, don’t feel too bad about dumping Charisma (CHA). Let’s face it, Blood Hunters are not known for their social prowess. Hemocraft secrets are closely guarded, and most folks find Blood Hunters a bit… unsettling. So, forget the persuasive small talk and focus on those self-inflicted wounds and hellish adversaries. Time to tap into that inner strength (or dexterity) and face the darkness head-on!

Class Features of Blood Hunter

With your stats arrayed just right, it’s time to dig into the darker side of your Blood Hunter’s repertoire – the potent class features that set you apart from any other warriors on the field. Let’s start with the Hunter’s Bane Ritual.

Right off the bat, as a newly anointed first-level Blood Hunter, you’ve undergone the Hunter’s Bane Ritual; a powerful rite that permanently intertwines your blood with shadows, heightening your senses towards all that slithers in the darkness. On a mechanical level, this means you have advantage on Survival (WIS) checks against your sworn foes. Remember, though, harnessing shadows comes with its perils – you’ll often need to resist the allure of the darkness you channel, keeping your indomitable self-courage in check.

Next, let’s delve into the core of the Blood Hunter’s power: the harrowing Hemocraft magic. Infused with the essence of your life force, Hemocraft magic lets you invoke arcane abilities of devastating impact. However, this power comes at a cost – your own vitality. Each powerful spell or curse you release is often tied to a self-inflicted wound, a balancing act of blood and power that defines the Blood Hunter’s path. This path, though laden with trials, truly showcases the quintessential essence of the Blood Hunter—an archetype of sacrifice, resilience, and dogged persistence.

As your brave Blood Hunter continues to grow and level up, they unlock even more potent features and capabilities. At a certain point, you’ll adopt a dedicated fighting style, choosing from archery, duelling, great weapon fighting, or two-weapon fighting. Additionally, you’ll join a particular Blood Hunter order, garnering specialized perks and unique abilities that deepen your bond with hemocraft magic.

Among the further abilities you’ll gain, the power of crimson rites stands out. This special form of Hemocraft lets you charge your weapon with elemental energy, adding extra elemental damage to each successful hit. On the flip side, every activation inflicts a bit of damage on you—a constant reminder of the blood price for such formidable power.

In the life of a Blood Hunter, darkness and sacrifice are constants. But fear not; each trial faced and every sacrifice made carves their name deeper into the annals of legend. And with our guide, you’re prepared to face the challenges head-on, and rise victorious!

Blood Hunter 5e Blood Curses

Turning to one of the Blood Hunter’s definitive features, let’s dive into a discussion about blood curses. These nuggets of magical mayhem are the proverbial ace up your sleeve. Just as a Wizard conjures spells or a Warlock invokes eldritch powers, a Blood Hunter’s strength stems directly from these blood curses.

Derived from your understanding and mastery of hemocraft, this string of special abilities forms a powerful and versatile combat toolset. Fancy binding an enemy in their tracks? Or blinding an opponent with a crimson curse? Then, you’re in luck! Yet, while your collection of blood curses amasses as you level up, do bear in mind that some remain exclusive to Blood Hunters of a certain order or level. So, a bit of strategic planning for your character’s development may be in order.

Now, get ready for a whirlwind tour of each blood curse at your disposal:

  1. Blood Curse of the Anxious: Gain an edge in Intimidation against a cursed creature. The amplified curse dishes out disadvantage on their next WIS saving throw.
  2. Blood Curse of Binding: Bind a Large or smaller creature within 30 feet, hampering its reactions and movement. The amplified version extends the effect to all sizes of creatures and prolongs the curse.
  3. Blood Curse of Bloated Agony: Cripple an enemy within 30 feet with debuffs to STR and DEX checks. Each subsequent attack they perform incurs necrotic damage. Amplify it to extend the curse’s duration and couple it with a saving throw.
  4. Blood Curse of Exposure: Weaken a damaged creature’s resistances, making them more susceptible to your attacks. The amplified variant can even strip away invulnerability.
  5. Blood Curse of the Eyeless: Reduce an enemy’s attack roll. The amplified curse applies to all of the creature’s attack rolls for the duration.

Each blood curse is malleable, allowing you to adjust their effects depending on whether you choose to amplify them or not. So, as you grow in power and the battlefield gets more intense, these blood curses will offer you the flexibility and strength to handle any situation head-on!

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Blood Hunter 5e Orders

Without the shadowy institutions known as the Blood Hunter orders, there would be no Blood Hunters at all. These shrouded organizations are the keepers of the techniques that mold regular warriors into the dangerous and dark defenders that give the class its name. Completing the rites to become a Blood Hunter isn’t enough – you must also win the approval of an order, with its specific disciplines and ideologies.

Each order, or subclass, tailors the basic Blood Hunter to a particular style of play and ideology. Each one offers unique features that can significantly influence how your Blood Hunter operates, providing both boons and interesting roleplaying hooks. The choice of your Blood Hunter’s order is consequential: it will determine specific class skills, the blood curses you can use, and unlock unique abilities as you progress in levels.

First up, we have the Order of the Ghostslayer – these dedicated warriors have taken an oath to uphold the sanctity of death and thwart those who would flout it. They’re proficient in the dealing of radiant damage and are highly effective against undead foes.

The Order of the Lycan is a frightful choice, reserved for those who dare to mix their blood with the cursed strain of lycanthropy. These Blood Hunters alter their bodies, gaining beast-like abilities that can drastically turn the tides of combat in their favor.

The intriguing Order of the Mutant takes a different approach entirely. They rely on alchemical concoctions and precision to help them in battles, brewing potent mutagens that twist and enhance their physical and mental attributes, yet not without cost.

Finally, the Order of the Profane Soul was initiated by Blood Hunters who dared to bind their souls to lesser demons to combat the grander evils that roam the land. This order borrows elements from the Warlock class.

Each of these orders yields exciting and diverse characters – the only limit is your imagination and how far you’re willing to go to combat evil!

Best Races for 5e Blood Hunter

Choosing the right race for your Blood Hunter character can make a world of difference, and can drastically influence your gameplay. The special racial traits offered by certain races can really enhance your Blood Hunter, gifting you with the right kind of attributes that sync beautifully with your class abilities.

For those of you who plan on focusing your character build around strength and constitution, a few tough-as-nails races deserve your attention. If smashing through your enemies and laughing at their puny attacks is your thing, consider choosing a Mountain Dwarf, Half-Orc or Goliath. Half-Orcs and Goliaths get a hefty +2 STR and an additional +1 to CON, making them sturdy warriors capable of shrugging off heavy blows. Similarly, Mountain Dwarves receive a generous +2 to both STR and CON, giving you the strength of an ox and durability of, well… a mountain.

On the other hand, if nimbleness and intellect are more appealing to you, there are some races that are particularly well-suited. Invest in some highbrow cunning and agility with the High Elf race, which offers a notable +2 boost to DEX along with a handy +1 to INT. If you’d like a middle ground, consider the Stout Halfling which gifts you a +2 to DEX and a +1 to CON, thus favoring a dextrous fighting style with a touch of hardiness. The Genasi species also offers a natural +2 increase to CON, with their subrace, Air Genasi, adding a valuable +1 to DEX.

Remember, DnD character creation is all about balance, and a good mix of varying abilities can often make for the most vibrant and exciting adventures. Now go forth, aspiring Blood Hunter, and let your races’ innate strengths guide you towards becoming a formidable force in your next campaign!

Conclusion: Blood Hunter 5e

Stepping into the boots of a DnD Blood Hunter is an experience like no other, blending an intricate, dark storyline with dynamic combat mechanics that keep you on your toes. This class is one for adventurers who crave a different flavour, a character who dances as close to the darkness as they do to the light. Playing as a Blood Hunter is as much about battling your inner demons as it is about mounting your external foes, making it a truly immersive role-playing experience.

Every DnD campaign gains depth with a Blood Hunter. They bring an interesting dynamic to the party, adding an element of unpredictability and tension to every interaction. They are the anti-heroes, the tortured souls who frequently serve as the object of suspicion or disdain. Yet, their unyielding dedication to stand as a bulwark against the forces of evil will undoubtedly earn the respect and admiration of their fellows. Engaging session narratives are bound to emerge from this powerful dichotomy, making your campaign even more engaging and memorable.

To truly embrace the path of the Blood Hunter, it’s crucial to remember that your power comes with sacrifice. Occasionally, that will entail physical pain, but it can also mean the uneasy coexistence of virtue and darkness within the same soul. Playing this character effectively will require thoughtful choices, strategic planning, and a keen understanding of your own limitations. The journey will be fraught with challenges and steeped in suspense – that’s the thrill of it.

Step into the world of Blood Hunters, and unleash a character that endlessly tiptoes on the precipice of darkness and light. Remember to immerse yourself in the lore, invest in your chosen stats with consideration, and carefully imbue your weapon with the deadly art of hemocraft. Embrace the path you’ve chosen—dark inklings, brutal sacrifices, and all—to make the most of your vibrant, thrilling, and innately edgy Blood Hunter journey. We wish you thrilling adventures and epic tales to tell!

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