9 Best D&D Accessories for a Dungeon Master

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Here’s my list of the top 9 best D&D accessories for a Dungeon Master. If you’re a DM – or looking to make a DM happy – this article is for you! I’ve compiled nine great gift ideas that make the perfect presents for your Dungeon Master. These are not toys or collectibles, but useful items that will be of immense value to the DM as he is creating adventures, maintaining the campaign world, and leading the players through the game.

Best D&D Accessories for a DM

Here’s a look at my top 9 picks for D&D accessories if you’re a Dungeon Master – new or old!

The DM Screen

This is a classic D&D accessory that every Dungeon Master needs to have at the table. The Dungeon Master’s Screen is a folding cardboard screen with DM information printed on one side and a player’s side on the other that usually includes art. There are basic DM screens and rather elaborate ones that are hand-crafted with love by a high-level D&D player.

An Initiative Tracker

Keeping track of initiative during combat is a very important task, especially when there are a lot of monsters and NPCs facing off against the adventuring party. When there are a large number of combatants on the battlefield, it can be difficult to keep track of where everyone is in the initiative order. To remedy this, many DMs use one method or another to keep track of initiative on a round by round basis.


Speaking of battles in D&D, every good DM will need multiple battlemaps. These are maps that represent the various environments that the PCs enter during the adventure. They are more than just maps; they are tactical aids that help to quickly and easily set up encounters. They’re typically created with one-inch squares, but hexagon battlemaps do exist somewhere in one timeline or another.

Campaign Notebook

Keeping notes on the campaign world is essential to keeping things straight. A notebook you can carry with you much of the time is the most convenient way to do it. You can jot down notes about your D&D campaign at the moment they occur to you on the go, and bring them in for game time.

A Handful of D&D Dice

This might seem redundant, but you can’t have too many D&D dice! Every good Dungeon Master needs to have at least 10,000 dice! Okay, that’s a bit much. Maybe 1,000 polyhedral dice? Ugh! Fine! We’ll make do with 500 dice! In all seriousness, having a good supply of D&D dice on hand is a necessity.

Mimic Dice Box
Mimic Dice Box

A Dice Box

Having a place to store all your dice is also important. Since you’ll probably have hundreds of dice, you’ll want to keep them in a place where they’ll be organized and easily accessible. A dice box is a great place to store your dice. You can even get fancy and buy a Mimic dice box or something similarly cool.

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Mapping Software / Tools

Plenty of great D&D mapping tools are available online, and some of them are even free! Whether it’s Dungeonscrawl or Dungeon Alchemist, having a good mapping tool is a good way to build out your world and/or particular dungeons or locations.

Good D&D Music

You don’t want to go overboard here, but good D&D music is an accessory that will help even the lowest level DM! Having a way to easily play various tracks is crucial. Not a lot of dedicated D&D accessories exist for this (that I know about!), but D&D music is still an accessory you can put together on your own with an MP3 player, your phone, or even an old boombox.

Dice Bag

If a dice box isn’t your thing – and you don’t have too many dice – a bag to keep them in is another essential D&D accessory for Dungeon Masters. The classic is the blue Crown Royal bag with a drawstring, but there’s special dice bags you can buy that are designed to hold specific quantities and types of dice.

More D&D Accessories

For More D&D accessories, be sure to check out Best RPG Books, another website I’ve put together to help Dungeon Masters. You can read about all sorts of D&D accessories, including the ones mentioned above and others. Stay tuned for more D&D articles about being a DM and player. Here at LitRPG Reads, I take pride in finding the best of the best for you!

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