Narrator Interview with Scott Bennett

We have another interview with an audiobook narrator. Scott Bennett does more than LitRPG, but we still wanted to pick his brain for our readers. ​Husband, father, middle school teacher, scooter enthusiast (Vespa), Air Force veteran, book nerd, and…Audible Approved Audiobook narrator, we’re thankful he took the time to interview with us. Can you tell us … Read more

Author Interview with Stuart Thaman

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Stuart Thaman graduated from Hillsdale College with degrees in politics and German, and has since sworn off life in the cold north. Now comfortably settled in Kentucky, he lives with his lovely wife, a rambunctious Boston terrier named Yoda, and four cats who probably hate him. When not writing, … Read more

How to read LitRPG like an ARPG designer

Today we have a special treat, a guest post by Edwin McRae. You can find out more about this new LitRPG author with a game development background on his author blog. As Edwin puts it, “I’ve been a screenwriter and story designer for over 12 years now. After four years of writing for television, I … Read more

Boost: Tower of Gates Book 5

Even the Dead Trees are Coming to Life! Eric and company search for Sarah on level 1-3 while also dealing with overwhelming hordes of undead. With tougher mobs comes better loot, but the group needs to be on their toes as they fight to survive. Every battle brings them closer to uncovering an unsettling truth … Read more