D&D Random Armor Generator Examples

D&D random armor generator

I’ve got some exciting D&D random armor generator examples to show you. The content below was created with the LitRPG Adventures Workshop, an RPG content generator powered by GPT-3 API. You might also be interested in our D&D random encounter tables collection. After the samples below, keep reading to learn more about LitRPG Adventures Workshop and … Read more

D&D Vampire Backstory Generator and Examples

D&D Vampire Backstory

Looking for a neat D&D vampire backstory? I’ve got you covered! There’s a few great examples below. At the bottom of the page, I have some more information on LitRPG Adventures Workshop which I used to create all the vampire backstories on this page. Keep reading to the very end to learn more about this … Read more

Pathfinder Background Generator Examples

pathfinder background generator

We have some Pathfinder background generator examples to share with you. Created with the LitRPG Adventures Workshop, these character backstories are suitable for Pathfinder or other tabletop role-playing games. If you’re a game master or player, check out the character backstory examples below then go to LitRPG Adventures Workshop to create your own. Members also … Read more