Dungeons and Dragons Novels: Where to Start

Worst DND Modules

This article will help you determine where to start reading when it comes to the many different Dungeons & Dragons books available. I started reading D&D novels (official and not) back in the 1980s. The Guardians of the Flame series by Joel Rosenberg was one of my favorites even though it didn’t specifically deal with … Read more

GPT-3 and Dungeons and Dragons

Using GPT-3 AI language model for creating fantasy RPG content for tabletop games like D&D. GPT-3 is a machine-learning algorithm that produces text. Unlike many of its predecessors, GPT-3 has managed to create all-new text that is virtually indistinguishable from that which is written by a human author. Though still in relatively early stages (GPT-3 … Read more

GPT-3 AI for Dungeons and Dragons? Yes!

How I received access to the GPT-3 API from OpenAI and continued my work on a set of RPG content generators. A couple years ago, Janelle Shane wrote about using an RNN (recurrent neural net) to create D&D character backstories. She used a dataset supplied by her readers. I stumbled across her blog post while … Read more