D&D Memes

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Looking for the best DnD memes of all time? We’ve got you covered!

To launch this new D&D memes guide page with some fanfare, we’re adding a LitRPG Reads Quest! If you want to win a free ebook of your choice, leave a comment below with what you think might be the very first D&D meme on the internet. This quest is not for the weak at heart, but the rewards are great. We’ll give away and ebook or two and forever memorialize you on this handy guide to D&D memes.

LitRPG Reads DND Memes Quest!

First off, no cheating, please! A Web Archive snapshot or something would be useful. We’re looking for reputable sources for the very first D&D meme on the internet or even funny stories on how you personally invented D&D memes or know the person who did. Bonus xp for creativity and if you make the editorial team laugh or crack a smile. Keep reading for more details on this special quest and our guide to the best D&D memes around!

Sound fun? Are you intrigued? We hope so. You can begin this quest right away, or sit back and dive in on some classic Dungeons & Dragons memes we’ve mined especially for you. To undertake the quest, leave a comment below or reach out to us on social media.

Guide to DND Memes

Now, onto the memes. It wasn’t easy to gather them. The dwarven guards in the meme mimes don’t mess around! We barely made it out alive with this meager collection of memes, but we’re growing our treasure horde all the time.

You can help by joining the LitRPG Forum Facebook group and sharing new good D&D memes or leave a comment below. You can also find us on the LitRPG Forum Discord if you’re daring enough.

DND Memes: Dungeon Masters

The first D&D meme post we made on this site was, of course, an homage to Dungeon Masters everywhere. Or, Gamemaster if you prefer. Whether you’re a GM or DM or a player making one smile more, check out the D&D Memes: Dungeon Master Edition post. We think you’ll like it.

We’ve got over a dozen great D&D memes featuring dungeon masters. Consider it a mini-quest to go check it out. Small smile.

DND Memes: Rogue Edition

Next up, we hunted down the best D&D memes with rogues we could find. Again, not an easy task! Some of the best rogue memes are invisible. We put together a decent list you can check out at our D&D Memes: Rogue Edition post. We don’t quite have a dozen yet, but we’ve got some good ones.

Speaking of rogues, we can’t forget to mention the Legend of Gord the Rogue. Remember him? If you poke around the archives here at LitRPG Reads, you’ll find a lot of other great content for old school tabletop gamers. Be careful, it’s easy to lose an hour or more perusing all the literary loot here at the site. You have been warned!

History of DND Memes

Coming soon!

Here’s some other great collections we plan to feature:

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  • dnd reddit
  • dnd greentext
  • dnd stories
  • D&D Memes with Barbarians

If you have other suggestions, let us know! Leave a comment below, or message us on Facebook. We listen to all our fans and readers. Our goal, like any good DM, is to make sure you have a good time and create memories that will last a lifetime!

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