Shepherd Moon: Omegaverse 1

By GR Cooper Duncan Sheriden enters, at the bidding of several friends, into the virtual universe; the Omegaverse. As he explores the alien races, star systems and planets, he discovers a rich, vast, limitless expanse of possibilities. From gritty fights for control of colonies with hostile alien and human forces, to interstellar trade, to thrilling … Read more

RPG Legends: Fallout

Some of the greatest CRPGs were built from the bones of table top games. One series, though, managed to blaze its own trail. Sure, Fallout has its roots on the table and borrows liberally from earlier games, but it’s become something of its own. This game series is nothing short of a phenomenon, a series … Read more

RPG Legends: Spelljammer

At some point during its development, Dungeons and Dragons just got weird. It took a gamble on embracing every aspect of its cosmology and pushing out settings that seem incredibly odd to today’s players. Fortunately, some of these settings ended up being spectacular. While they weren’t anything like the D&D players know and love today, … Read more

Ashes of Creation MMORPG

Massively Multiplayer Games Role Playing Games are in a strange space at the moment. While there are a handful of very successful free to play titles, the traditional games are all but dead. With a few notable exceptions like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV, most recent subscription-based games have crashed and burned.

Why? Some would say it is because these games continue to try to follow the leader, never really innovating or differentiating themselves from the pack. One game that seeks to buck that trend, though, is Ashes of Creation. The game has a solid team behind it and looks to change the way that players interact with MMORPGs.

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Who is Doctor Who?

Doctor Who is one of the longest-lasting science fiction shows in history. Despite a lengthy hiatus, it has managed to engage viewers across the decades. It has a relatively simple concept, yet has accredited a huge universe around what had originally been an educational show for children that wasn’t meant to last more than a few seasons.

Doctor Who has a massive following in both its native Britain and around the world, with dedicated Whovians spreading their love of the show even when it has been off the air. Currently well past its 50th anniversary, Doctor Who is preparing to transition to a fourteenth official doctor. Much of what made the show so impressive, though, surrounded the first eleven doctors.

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