Birth of a LitRPG Chatbot

Are chatbots useful for LitRPG authors? I say yes! I played with creating a LitRPG chatbot last year, but I never followed through with the project, primarily set-up for the LitRPG Reads Facebook page. Recently, I’ve picked up a new way to build and deploy them with the Snatchbot service. There’s a free version available … Read more

Author Interview with Derek Alan Siddoway

Derek Alan Siddoway was born and raised in the American West in the foothills of the Uinta Mountains. An Undaunted Author, Derek spends his free time reading, obsessively filling notebooks, adventuring outdoors and celebrating small victories. He’s also a sucker for Star Wars and football, namely the University of Utah and Minnesota Vikings. Derek is … Read more

Author Interview with Lucas Flint

Lucas Flint is the pen name of Timothy L. Cerepaka, who writes superhero fiction under it. The Lucas Flint pen name is also published under the Secret Identity Books imprint of Annulus Publishing, an imprint devoted to publishing superhero fiction. Timothy L. Cerepaka was born in Austin, Texas, although he was raised in the small … Read more