12 Co-Op Multiplayer Roguelikes You Can Play Now

Roguelikes, with their challenging gameplay, procedurally generated worlds, and high-stakes permadeath mechanics, have long been a beloved genre for those seeking a demanding and engaging gaming experience. From their roots in the 1980s with games like “Rogue,” these titles have continued to evolve, giving rise to a new generation of thrilling games, including multiplayer roguelikes.

Multiplayer roguelikes have added a fresh layer of excitement to the Roguelike genre, bringing players together to face the genre’s signature challenges in a collaborative or competitive setting. Whether teaming up with friends to conquer intricate dungeons or facing off against rivals in procedurally generated arenas, multiplayer Roguelikes offer a unique blend of unpredictability and teamwork that’s sure to captivate fans of all ages.

In recent years, the rise of Roguelikes with multiplayer features has exploded, leading to a vibrant and diverse array of offerings. From fast-paced action games to strategic turn-based titles, there’s something for every type of gamer. The blend of classic Roguelike elements with cooperative and competitive multiplayer features creates a dynamic gaming landscape that continues to grow and innovate.

For newcomers to the genre or seasoned veterans seeking a new challenge, the world of multiplayer Roguelikes offers an ever-expanding universe of adventures to explore. With various settings, themes, and gameplay mechanics, these games cater to a broad audience, ensuring that there’s a perfect match for every player.

In this article, we’ll dive into 12 super fun multiplayer Roguelikes that you can play right now. Whether you’re looking to embark on epic quests with friends or take on the world in thrilling PvP battles, this curated list promises hours of excitement and enjoyment. Get ready to discover your next favorite game and immerse yourself in the endlessly engaging world of multiplayer Roguelikes.

12: The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is a remake of the original title that gained significant popularity among gamers. With the addition of new content, including characters, items, and challenges, it also introduces multiplayer co-op mode, adding a fresh dimension to this challenging and compelling Roguelike experience.

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Players in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth can engage in the game’s twisted world, battling grotesque creatures and uncovering secrets in randomly generated dungeons. The multiplayer feature allows a second player to join in as a floating baby familiar, which takes one of the main character’s hearts. This unique approach to cooperative gameplay retains the game’s core Roguelike elements while enhancing the experience with teamwork and shared risk. The rich blend of exploration, combat, and discovery, paired with intricate mechanics and dark thematic content, makes it a standout title in the multiplayer Roguelike landscape.

Whether you’re a fan of the original or new to the world of Isaac, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth offers a thrilling multiplayer experience that adds new layers of complexity and enjoyment to the already deep gameplay. Dive into this dark and engaging world with a friend and face its challenges together. It’s a journey that promises excitement, surprises, and perhaps a touch of shared insanity.

11: Ship Of Fools

Set sail in the unpredictable world of Ship Of Fools, a multiplayer Roguelike that combines nautical exploration with intense combat and strategic teamwork. Players find themselves aboard a procedurally generated ship filled with treasures, traps, and treacherous foes. The goal is to navigate through turbulent waters, manage the crew, and uncover hidden riches while battling pirates, monsters, and the elements.

Collaboration is at the heart of Ship Of Fools, as players must work together to steer the ship, repair damage, and engage in naval combat. Whether you’re managing cannons, patching up leaks, or guiding the vessel through stormy seas, each player’s role is vital to the team’s success. The game’s intricate mechanics and reliance on cooperation make it a unique and immersive experience, where communication and coordination can be the difference between triumphant victory and watery defeat.

Ship Of Fools is a must-play for those seeking a cooperative Roguelike with a nautical twist. Its combination of challenging gameplay, procedural generation, and teamwork offers a refreshing and exciting adventure on the high seas. Gather your crew and embark on a journey filled with mystery, danger, and endless replayability. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a landlubber looking for a new challenge, Ship Of Fools promises a thrilling voyage like no other.

10: Heroes Of Hammerwatch

Heroes Of Hammerwatch invites players into a rich pixelated world filled with danger, dungeons, and endless adventure. This action-packed Roguelike lets players team up to explore the mystical city of Hammerwatch and its surrounding environments. With seven character classes to choose from, each with unique abilities, there’s a wealth of gameplay variety to be discovered.

Multiplayer in Heroes Of Hammerwatch adds a dynamic layer to the gameplay, allowing friends to join forces and tackle the game’s intricate levels together. Coordination, strategy, and individual skill are key as players encounter traps, puzzles, monsters, and bosses that require a cooperative effort to conquer. The game supports online co-op for up to four players, making it an exciting option for friends to team up and take on the challenges of the ever-changing dungeons.

Offering a delightful blend of retro aesthetics and modern multiplayer functionality, Heroes Of Hammerwatch is a captivating experience for fans of the Roguelike genre. With procedurally generated levels, a wide array of upgrades, and endless replayability, it’s a game that keeps players coming back for more. Whether played solo or with friends, Heroes Of Hammerwatch delivers a thrilling and satisfying adventure that stands out in the multiplayer Roguelike scene.

9: Fury Unleashed

Fury Unleashed takes the Roguelike genre to new heights with its fast-paced Contra-like action. Set within the pages of a living comic book, players blast their way through vibrant and explosive levels, facing an onslaught of enemies and bosses. The game’s unique art style and intense action set it apart, offering a thrilling experience that can be shared with friends through cooperative multiplayer.

The co-op mode in Fury Unleashed allows two players to team up locally or online, doubling the firepower and chaos. With procedurally generated levels, customizable characters, and a vast arsenal of weapons, the game delivers endless replayability. The blend of platforming, shooting, and Roguelike elements creates a high-energy gaming experience that’s perfect for those looking to challenge themselves and their friends.

Whether you’re a fan of classic run-and-gun games or new to the genre, Fury Unleashed offers a fresh and exciting take on Roguelike gameplay. Its action-packed levels, cooperative play, and eye-catching visuals make it a standout title that’s sure to entertain and challenge players of all skill levels.

8: Streets Of Rogue

Streets Of Rogue is an innovative and chaotic Roguelike that takes place in a sprawling city where anarchy reigns. Unlike traditional dungeon crawlers, Streets Of Rogue offers players the freedom to approach challenges in a multitude of ways. Whether it’s hacking, fighting, stealth, or diplomacy, the game encourages creativity and strategic thinking.

Multiplayer shines in Streets Of Rogue, with support for up to four players in local or online co-op. Players can form alliances, take on missions, and engage in wild, unscripted interactions with the city’s inhabitants. The variety of characters, each with unique abilities and playstyles, adds depth and variety to the multiplayer experience, ensuring that no two games are the same.

Streets Of Rogue is a delightful and chaotic multiplayer Roguelike that pushes the boundaries of the genre. With its open-ended gameplay, diverse characters, and immersive city environment, it offers an unforgettable gaming experience. Whether you’re plotting a heist with friends or causing mayhem in the city streets, Streets Of Rogue provides endless opportunities for fun and creativity.

7: Children of Morta

Children of Morta is a beautiful and emotionally-driven action RPG with Roguelike elements that take place in a mystical world threatened by dark forces. Players control members of the Bergson family, each with unique abilities and playstyles, as they fight to restore balance to their homeland.

The game offers a cooperative mode, allowing two players to join forces and experience the rich narrative together. As they explore procedurally generated dungeons, battle formidable foes, and uncover the world’s secrets, the shared experience brings the story to life in an engaging way. Children of Morta’s art style, storytelling, and mechanics blend seamlessly to create a multiplayer Roguelike experience that stands out for its depth and charm.

For players seeking an adventure filled with heart, excitement, and cooperation, Children of Morta is a must-play. Its blend of family-driven narrative, intricate gameplay, and beautiful visuals make it a memorable and enriching experience that resonates long after the game is over.

6: Gunfire Reborn

Gunfire Reborn is an exhilarating first-person shooter that skillfully blends Roguelike elements with intense action gameplay. Players take on the roles of ancient heroes, each with unique abilities, as they navigate procedurally generated levels teeming with challenges, loot, and enemies.

One of the standout features of Gunfire Reborn is its cooperative multiplayer mode, which supports up to four players. Teamwork, communication, and quick reflexes are key as players battle through waves of foes, complete quests, and gather powerful weapons and upgrades. The game’s fast-paced action, combined with intricate Roguelike mechanics, makes for an exciting and addictive multiplayer experience.

Whether playing solo or teaming up with friends, Gunfire Reborn offers endless excitement and replayability. Its blend of FPS mechanics, Roguelike complexity, and engaging multiplayer gameplay make it a standout title for action fans seeking a new and thrilling challenge. Dive into Gunfire Reborn’s vibrant world and discover the addictive gameplay that has captivated players around the globe.

5: Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 builds upon the success of its predecessor, taking players on a thrilling underground adventure filled with secrets, treasures, and perilous traps. As a Roguelike platformer, it delivers a rich and challenging experience that encourages exploration, creativity, and a healthy dose of caution.

The game shines with its multiplayer features, offering both cooperative and competitive modes. Players can team up to explore the game’s intricate levels, facing challenges and uncovering secrets together, or go head-to-head in intense PvP battles. With procedurally generated worlds and a wide array of items and characters to choose from, Spelunky 2 offers endless replayability and excitement for multiplayer enthusiasts.

Spelunky 2’s blend of platforming challenges, Roguelike complexity, and engaging multiplayer options make it a standout title in the genre. Whether exploring its treacherous caverns with friends or competing for bragging rights, Spelunky 2 promises an adventure filled with fun, surprises, and endless exploration.

4: Enter The Gungeon

Enter The Gungeon is a fast-paced, bullet-hell Roguelike that takes players on a wild ride through a dungeon filled with relentless enemies, powerful bosses, and a vast array of bizarre and potent weapons. The game’s blend of shooting, dodging, and strategic thinking make it a unique and thrilling experience.

Multiplayer in Enter The Gungeon allows two players to team up in a cooperative mode, doubling the firepower and adding an extra layer of strategy. Players must work together to survive the onslaught of bullets, choosing the right weapons, and coordinating their attacks. The game’s procedural generation ensures that every run is different, providing endless opportunities for teamwork and replayability.

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Enter The Gungeon’s frantic action, creative design, and engaging multiplayer gameplay make it a must-play for fans of action-packed Roguelikes. Whether diving into the dungeon solo or teaming up with a friend, Enter The Gungeon delivers an exhilarating experience that keeps players coming back for more. Its blend of humor, challenge, and creativity make it a standout title that continues to captivate players around the world.

3: Don’t Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together expands on the critically acclaimed survival game Don’t Starve by introducing multiplayer functionality, allowing friends to experience the harsh and mysterious world together. Players must gather resources, craft tools, build shelters, and work together to survive in a land filled with bizarre creatures and unforgiving weather.

The cooperative multiplayer aspect of Don’t Starve Together adds depth to the already challenging gameplay, as players must coordinate their efforts to thrive. The game’s dark and whimsical art style, combined with its intricate mechanics, create a unique survival experience that emphasizes teamwork, creativity, and strategic thinking. Whether fending off monsters, battling the elements, or exploring uncharted territory, the shared adventure ensures endless excitement and replayability.

Don’t Starve Together offers a one-of-a-kind multiplayer experience for fans of survival and Roguelike games. Its blend of cooperation, exploration, and challenge make it a standout title that promises countless hours of engaging gameplay. Dive into the mysterious world with friends and discover the joys and perils of collaborative survival.

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2: Risk Of Rain 2

Risk Of Rain 2 takes the Roguelike genre into the third dimension with its action-packed gameplay and stunning visuals. Players are thrust into a hostile alien world where they must battle enemies, gather items, and uncover secrets to survive. Each playthrough is unique thanks to the game’s procedural generation, ensuring endless replayability and challenge.

The game’s multiplayer feature allows up to four players to join forces, adding a new layer of excitement and complexity to the gameplay. Teamwork, coordination, and strategic planning are essential as players face escalating difficulty levels, powerful foes, and intricate environments. The dynamic multiplayer interactions, combined with the game’s extensive character customization and progression, make Risk Of Rain 2 a highly engaging experience for both new and veteran players.

Risk Of Rain 2 stands out as a visually striking and mechanically rich multiplayer Roguelike that offers a thrilling and immersive experience. Its blend of fast-paced action, cooperation, and endless replayability make it a must-play for fans of the genre. Whether braving the alien world solo or teaming up with friends, Risk Of Rain 2 delivers a captivating adventure that keeps players coming back for more.

1: Unknown … TBD?

The perfect multiplayer Roguelike would be a harmonious blend of the genre’s defining characteristics, wrapped in a seamless and engaging multiplayer experience. Here’s an exploration of what such a game might look like:

  1. Innovative Procedural Generation: This ideal Roguelike would feature a cutting-edge procedural generation system, ensuring that every playthrough is a fresh and unique experience. Dungeons, enemies, items, and events would constantly change, offering endless replayability and keeping players on their toes.
  2. Diverse and Strategic Gameplay: Offering a wide array of character classes, abilities, and playstyles, the game would cater to both casual gamers and hardcore strategists. Players could customize their characters, form teams with complementary abilities, and tackle challenges through thoughtful planning and coordination.
  3. Rich Cooperative Experience: The multiplayer aspect would be finely tuned, enabling smooth cooperation and interaction between players. Shared goals, competitive mini-games, and collaborative puzzles could provide a deep and satisfying multiplayer experience.
  4. Engaging Story and World Building: A captivating narrative, rich lore, and immersive world design would provide context and motivation for the player’s actions. Discovering the world’s secrets and unraveling its mysteries could be as rewarding as the gameplay itself.
  5. Accessible Yet Challenging: Balancing accessibility for newcomers with complexity and challenge for veterans would be key. Tutorials, scalable difficulty levels, and adaptive AI could ensure that players of all skill levels find the game rewarding and enjoyable.
  6. Stunning Visuals and Sound: To complement its intricate gameplay and storytelling, this ideal Roguelike would feature eye-catching visuals and a compelling soundtrack. Artistic design and atmospheric audio could contribute to an immersive gaming experience.
  7. Community Engagement: Finally, community-driven content, regular updates, and open communication between developers and players could keep the game alive and evolving. Modding support, community events, and player feedback could shape the game’s future and maintain long-term interest.
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While the perfect multiplayer Roguelike may remain an elusive ideal, the continued innovation and growth within the genre hold promise for exciting developments in the future. Gamers can look forward to new experiences, creative designs, and unique gameplay mechanics that push the boundaries of the Roguelike genre. Whether or not this perfect game ever materializes, the journey towards it will undoubtedly lead to many memorable and enjoyable gaming experiences.

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