What About LitRPG Movies for Gamers?

Someone on social media the other day was asking about good “LitRPG movies.” While Ready Player One won’t be released until March 2018, I’ve put together a collection of some classic movies for gamers. Okay, not all of them are movies, but they’re worth a watch in my opinion. If you love gaming, there’s sure to be something on this list you’ll enjoy. 


This is a great show. It features a couple role-players, a DM, and a guest each episode. My favorite episode is either the one with Aubrey Plaza or the one where the kobold housekeeper keeps taking all the party’s gold. Good stuff. It’s basically animated role-playing sessions.

As Fondue and friends partake in their village’s annual Festival of Restoration, they are interrupted by a panicked barbarian woman in need of help. Fondue and team decide to embark on a quest to save the world from evils of the Heralds of the Manticore.

Check it out. Very funny.

The Knights of Badassdom

This movie is rated R, but it’s a humorous look at the world of LARP – live action role-playing. Starring Peter Dinklage, Steve Zahn and Summer Glau, this movie will have you laughing if you’re into role-playing games. You’ll enjoy even if you’ve never been to a LARP gathering before.

The Gamers: Dorkness Rising

While the production values of this movie are low, that’s part of the charm. It’s a somewhat accurate look at the life of some gamers and a non-gamer who joins them. They should have concentrated more on the game stuff. My favorite scene is when they come back and the guy is still guarding their treasure from other characters. “It’s us, man…” Funny stuff. They’ve made two (or three?) sequels, the second one being about (and not-about) collectible card games like MtG.


What’s Your Favorite Gamer Movie?

My list isn’t complete with only three things to watch, but I’d like to hear from you. As a gamer (or lover of LitRPG), what are some of your favorite movies or shows? Leave a comment and let me know!

Paul Bellow

LitRPG Author Paul Bellow

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