Female Dragonlance Characters You Will Love

Memorable Dragonlance Characters

Want to know more about the female Dragonlance characters? We’ve got you covered. The classic series is a favorite here at LitRPG Reads, and we’re going to break down the best women in the D&D novel series. Memorable Female Dragonlance Characters Here’s our list of the most memorable – and well loved by us – … Read more

Memorable Dragonlance Characters

Memorable Dragonlance Characters

Learn more about the major Dragonlance characters… Dragonlance is one of the most beloved settings of Dungeons and Dragons. While it might have faded away as new versions of the game were launched, there’s still a strong fan base for the setting. One of the reasons that Dragonlance remains so beloved is the characters – … Read more

RPG Legends: Dragonlance

Memorable Dragonlance Characters

The early era of Dungeons and Dragons didn’t quite have the unified backstory of today’s games. While the mechanics were all in place, there wasn’t a true world in which players could play. As such, the designers made a series of background settings that would allow players to populate their own worlds. The most popular … Read more

D&D 6th Edition: Release Date Soon?

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Will there be a release date for D&D sixth edition and other details about what this new edition of Dungeons & Dragons might mean for players? Not likely. Here’s why… According to an article on the TheGamer.com, Mile Mearls, Co-Lead Designer for 5th Edition D&D, there likely won’t be a sixth edition of Dungeons & … Read more

Dungeons and Dragons Novels: Where to Start

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This article will help you determine where to start reading when it comes to the many different Dungeons & Dragons books available. I started reading D&D novels (official and not) back in the 1980s. The Guardians of the Flame series by Joel Rosenberg was one of my favorites even though it didn’t specifically deal with … Read more