Nintendo Switch RPG Games List 2018

Nintendo’s got a bit of a weird reputation in the world of RPGs. If you got into gaming in recent generations, you probably don’t think much of the company’s output. While they might have had a few good JRPGs that American gamers had to import here or there, it’s mostly been a company that’s skated … Read more

Ten XBox One RPG Games Out Now in 2018

It’s hard to say that the XBox has always been a great place for RPG fans. The original system had a few stellar exclusives like Knights of the Old Republic, of course, and Mass Effect originated on the 360. Outside of a few BioWare releases and a handful of interesting JRPGs, though, the system seemed … Read more

RPG Legends: Fallout

Some of the greatest CRPGs were built from the bones of table top games. One series, though, managed to blaze its own trail. Sure, Fallout has its roots on the table and borrows liberally from earlier games, but it’s become something of its own. This game series is nothing short of a phenomenon, a series … Read more