Pathfinder Background Generator Examples

pathfinder background generator

We have some Pathfinder background generator examples to share with you. Created with the LitRPG Adventures Workshop, these character backstories are suitable for Pathfinder or other tabletop role-playing games. If you’re a game master or player, check out the character backstory examples below then go to LitRPG Adventures Workshop to create your own. Members also … Read more

Gnome Wizard Backstory Generator with GPT-3

Gnome Wizard Backstory Examples

On the hunt for gnome wizard backstory ideas? I’ve got you covered. Below are some examples created with LitRPG Adventures Workshop. After you read the sample backstories, you can head over to the Workshop and create your own backstory for gnome wizards and more. You’ll also get access to thousands of already generated characters, monsters, … Read more

Fantasy Spell Generator Examples with GPT-3

If you’re looking for a good fantasy spell generator, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve built one using the GPT-3 API. While it’s currently working, I’m always working on improving the set of generation tools for tabletop gamers. Currently, you can use 14 content generators at the LitRPG Adventures Workshop. Check it out today … Read more