D&D Ranger Backstory Ideas

Need a ranger backstory? Here are some D&D Character Backstory Ideas for rangers! Also suitable for Pathfinder and other tabletop RPG systems. Several examples available, including a way for you to create your own with AI at LitRPG Adventures Workshop. D&D Ranger Backstory Ideas I have examples of a few standard barbarian races and some … Read more

D&D Paladin Backstory Examples: GPT-3

Want a few quick examples of paladin character backstories? I’ve got some great ones that will work for D&D, Pathfinder, or other tabletop RPG systems. These were created with LitRPG Adventures Workshop, a tool you can use yourself today! Paladin Character Backstories Three examples of a paladin backstory plus some information on how to easily … Read more

D&D Rogue Backstory Examples: GPT-3

A collection of example character backstories for a variety of rogues generated by GPT-3 at LitRPG Adventures Workshop and edited by me, Paul Bellow. Enjoy! Rogue Character Backstory Ideas Here’s a few quick examples of some rogue character backstories for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or other RPG tabletop systems. Male Halfling Rogue Backstory Female Ogre … Read more

D&D 6th Edition: Release Date Soon?

RPG Inn / Tavern Generator

Will there be a release date for D&D sixth edition and other details about what this new edition of Dungeons & Dragons might mean for players? Not likely. Here’s why… According to an article on the TheGamer.com, Mile Mearls, Co-Lead Designer for 5th Edition D&D, there likely won’t be a sixth edition of Dungeons & … Read more

Seven Unique D&D 5e Homebrew Rules

D&D 5th edition

Here’s seven somewhat unique homebrew rules for your next Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition game. One of the cool things about Dungeons & Dragons is that the rules are easy to modify and change, which means you can create your own rules for cool new features. Some people even make full games. As a LitRPG … Read more