Leonin in DnD 5e? Oh yeah…


Tabaxi are fine and all, but Leonin in Theros are something pretty epic. If you’re looking for Leonin DnD 5e information, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to look at the history of this new Dungeons & Dragons race as well as give you some ideas for names, backstories, and more. Catfolk have … Read more

Homebrew D&D Adventures: Hawkstone Village

D&D Adventures: Hawkstone

This is a collection of related NPCs and random encounters around Hawkstone Village – or whatever you want to name your town. Feel free to use this for your tabletop campaign. If you like this content, be sure to check out LitRPG Adventures Workshop. You can create your own RPG content using GPT-3 from OpenAI … Read more

D&D Pirate Backstory Ideas

DnD Purate Backstory Ideas

Ahoy! If you’re looking for D&D pirate backstory ideas, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve got several examples below created with LitRPG Adventures Workshop, a set of 14 RPG generators I built using the GPT-3 API from OpenAI. For great swashbuckler backstories, keep reading. I’ll have a little more information about the tool I … Read more

Dungeons & Dragons Community Episode Controversy?

Dungeons and Dragons Community Full Episode

If you’re wondering “Which community episode is Dungeons and Dragons?” or you’re curious about why Netflix pulled this episode, keep reading. We also have good news – the episode is still available via Amazon Prime Video. If you’ve not seen this episode of Community, it’s one of the better ones in season two, one of … Read more