D&D Editions: Original Dungeons & Dragons (1974-1977)

This is the first in a series of seven articles about all the Dungeons & Dragons editions over the years. If you’ve ever wondered about the history of D&D, keep reading! Dungeons and Dragons is a rare game that’s been going for over four decades. Though it has grown and changed over that time, it’s … Read more

RPG Legends: R. A. Salvatore

The legends of the RPG world aren’t just those who worked on the games themselves. In many cases, they are the individuals who fleshed out those worlds and made them come alive. R.A. Salvatore is certainly one of the best-known names in fantasy, especially among those who play role-playing games. The author has managed to … Read more

RPG Legends: Spelljammer

At some point during its development, Dungeons and Dragons just got weird. It took a gamble on embracing every aspect of its cosmology and pushing out settings that seem incredibly odd to today’s players. Fortunately, some of these settings ended up being spectacular. While they weren’t anything like the D&D players know and love today, … Read more