Dungeons and Dragons Novels: Where to Start

Worst DND Modules

This article will help you determine where to start reading when it comes to the many different Dungeons & Dragons books available. I started reading D&D novels (official and not) back in the 1980s. The Guardians of the Flame series by Joel Rosenberg was one of my favorites even though it didn’t specifically deal with … Read more

Most Powerful Forgotten Realms Characters?

I take a look at some of the most powerful characters in the Forgotten Realms universe. Do you agree with my list? When considering the most powerful Forgotten Realms characters the first one that comes to mind is Myrkul. This arch-lich was the Lord of Bones and along with Bhaal was one of the most … Read more

Boost: Tower of Gates Book 5

Even the Dead Trees are Coming to Life! Eric and company search for Sarah on level 1-3 while also dealing with overwhelming hordes of undead. With tougher mobs comes better loot, but the group needs to be on their toes as they fight to survive. Every battle brings them closer to uncovering an unsettling truth … Read more

Best D&D Books with Wizards

Here’s our look at some of the best D&D books with mages, wizards, sorcerers, and more.  Wizards are perhaps the most iconic of the character classes of Dungeons and Dragons. For good or ill, they’re what most non-players think of when they describe role-playing games. While wizards are certainly quite powerful, they don’t always get … Read more