Lion’s Quest LitRPG Series Now in Kindle Unlimited
Blog / April 4, 2017

If you haven’t heard yet, Michael-Scott Earle has put his popular Lion’s Quest LitRPG saga back into Kindle Unlimited. This makes it a great time to go check out the first two books in the series. Book three – Trinity – is dropping soon and will also be in KU according to a post by him on Facebook. This is great news for any readers with KU who haven’t checked out one of the hottest LitRPG series around. Here’s the blurb for Undefeated, book one of the Lion’s Quest LitRPG saga… Leo “The Lion” Lennox is the 10 year world champion of Astafar Unlimited, the best virtual reality game of all time. However, Leo has become bored with his success, and wonders where his next challenge will lie. Then he meets the mysterious Zarra, and she tempts the champ to try her cutting edge game. Leo soon discovers a virtual world that is beyond fantastic. Can he resist the lure of this amazing game and the beautiful woman that has asked him to quest on her behalf? You can check out book one here. Please like and share this post so that LitRPG fans far and wide can hear about this…

A Look at LitRPG Facebook Pages
Blog / April 2, 2017

Wow. The LitRPG genre is blowing up in 2017! This is great for readers because there’s more books. And because of the competition, quality will continue to increase. I’ve heard a few people talking lately about the best way to stay on top of all the new books being released. While I recommend you join the LitRPG Reads Newsletter for a once-a-week look at everything that’s coming out, you can also subscribe to individual authors’ newsletters to keep in touch. Another way is to check out all the various Facebook pages about LitRPG. Here’s a rundown of the main ones you should like if you have a chance and love LitRPG.   And here’s a list of the links to get to the pages on Facebook! 😉 LitRPG Reads LitRPG Podcast Lit-RPG LitRPG Fans LitRPG Daily LitRPG Book Review LitRPG Rebels LitRPG Reviews LitRPG Emporium If you know of any LitRPG Facebook pages we’ve left out, tell us. Please note this doesn’t include Facebook pages for individual LitRPG authors or the various Facebook groups that are available. We’ll save all that information for another post. Until next time, level up with one more LitRPG Read!    

Smart Novel Writing Software on the Horizon?
Blog / March 9, 2017

I’ve been in my writing cave hammering out words like a dwarven smith preparing for a huge battle to save the entire kingdom, and I had a thought today. I switched from the Conan the Barbarian soundtrack to the Willow soundtrack for writing book two. One of the things I liked about the Total Annihilation RTS game was the soundtrack. It was keyed to the action in the game. Nothing happening? Mellow music. Pitched battle that could swing the balance of the game? Major music! Anyway, what if there was a writing program that automatically created orchestral music (a score) for your novel WHILE YOU WROTE IT. Artificial intelligence is already creating music at these early stages, but maybe five or ten years from now Word or Scrivener will have the ability to read words as you write them and create an ongoing musical background as you write. Would the emotional lift from the music relay into the words written? Not sure, but it would be cool! Thoughts? #LitRPG #Software #RTS

LitRPG and the Lessons of Zelda
Blog / March 2, 2017

I was reading an article at Wired this evening (With Breath of the Wild, Zelda Finally Loses Its Way. And I Love It), and a certain paragraph reminded me of the current state of the LitRPG genre. This isn’t a mind-blowing observation or anything that will change overnight in LitRPG, but it’s something that will happen in the future.

Michael-Scott Earle Talks LitRPG and Video Games
Blog / February 28, 2017

Guest post by Michael-Scott Earle! Joust was probably the first video game I really played. Sure, I’d been to the arcade, but the old Atari game (with the single stick and single button controller) was the first game I really sat down and played for hours on end. It was my friend’s system, and I think it was the only game he had for it. So we would play it for endless days while we talked about finding other friends to run a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness role playing game (Go Palladium!)

Lone Wolf and Fighting Fantasy Books: LitRPG?
Blog / February 22, 2017

I would say these are probably some of the very first LitRPG books – even though they didn’t have the moniker that a group of Russian writers came up with back in 2010. Anyway, here’s a look at some books that gave me hours of role-playing excitement when I didn’t have any friends around to play D&D with. Do you remember these books?

On Formatting Goblin: Tower of Gates Book One
Blog / February 22, 2017

A few behind-the-scenes screenshots for you of formatting tests for the novel. Leave a comment if you have any thoughts. First up is a look at chapter headings. I’ve also decided to keep “game screens” as simple as possible. Here’s a partial look at the damage table for Tower of Gates. Formatting a LitRPG has been a bit more involved than other genres I’ve written in, but I hope the attention to detail will pay off in the end. Again, feel free to leave a comment below. I love feedback.