D&D Editions: Original Dungeons & Dragons (1974-1977)

This is the first in a series of seven articles about all the Dungeons & Dragons editions over the years. If you’ve ever wondered about the history of D&D, keep reading! Dungeons and Dragons is a rare game that’s been going for over four decades. Though it has grown and changed over that time, it’s … Read more

History of the Talisman board game

There are certain board games that transcend the boundaries of Monopoly and Life. These games present an adventure, one that takes skill and cunning to get through. These are the games that are the cousins to the tabletop RPG, and they’re more than worth playing.

If you’re into board games, you already know that Talisman is one of the biggest names in this sub-genre of games. The Talisman board game stands out above most of its peers. As interesting as the game is, though, there’s something even more interest – its history.

If you want a real adventure, you’ll need to look at how this game came to be.

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