Six Worst D&D Modules of All Time?

Worst DND Modules

Dungeons and Dragons is a game of the imagination. While some of the best campaigns that have ever been invented have been based on the ideas of individual GMs, a great deal of the experience related to playing the game is connected to playing published adventures. These modules serve many fantastic purposes. They teach players … Read more

RPG Legends: Conan the Barbarian

There are a few characters that take such deep root in the public consciousness that they become part of the background fictional landscape. These characters are so important than those who have never read or saw their adventurers feel familiar with them as a concept. One of these characters is Robert E. Howard’s Conan, a character who has become the byword for barbarian hero throughout the English-speaking world.

Conan started as a character in pulp magazines, but he has become much more. He’s appeared in novels, comic books, and newspaper strips. There have been successful Conan films, video games, and board games. Conan is part of popular culture – and understanding his origins can help fans of fantasy understand how he transitioned from pulp hero into the icon that he is today.

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RPG Legends: Dragonlance

Memorable Dragonlance Characters

The early era of Dungeons and Dragons didn’t quite have the unified backstory of today’s games. While the mechanics were all in place, there wasn’t a true world in which players could play. As such, the designers made a series of background settings that would allow players to populate their own worlds. The most popular … Read more

Epic List of D&D Video Games

Love D&D Video Games? So do we. Enjoy this deep dive into beloved Dungeons & Dragons adventures on the computer. Video games owe a huge debt to Dungeons and Dragons.It’s not just that many of the basic game mechanics have been lifted from D&D, either. It’s the fact that Dungeons and Dragons primed a generation … Read more

Timeline of D&D Editions (History)

D&D Editions History Timeline

When did Dungeon and Dragons come out? Is Pathfinder Dungeons and Dragons? Find out in our massive post on all the D&D editions over the years… D&D Before the Beginning As hard as it is to believe, there really was a time before Dungeons and Dragons. In the dark days before the mid-1970s, there existed … Read more