First Legend of Zelda LEGO Model: The Great Deku Tree

The world of Hyrule is coming to life in a whole new way as LEGO teams up with Nintendo to bring fans the first official Legend of Zelda LEGO set. This exciting collaboration has resulted in the creation of the Great Deku Tree 2-in-1 model, a remarkable 2,500 brick set that perfectly captures the magic and adventure of the beloved RPG series. Set to release in September 2024, this set is sure to be a must-have for both LEGO enthusiasts and Zelda fans alike.

The Great Deku Tree is a character that has appeared in various forms throughout the Legend of Zelda series, serving as a guardian and guide to the hero, Link. Now, fans have the opportunity to build their own version of this iconic character with two distinct designs to choose from, reflecting its evolution over the years… and it’s sure to become a rare Lego collectible some day!

What makes this set even more special is the attention to detail and functionality that LEGO has incorporated. Whether you prefer the classic green-leaved version from Ocarina of Time or the cherry-blossom variant from Breath of the Wild, this set offers an immersive building experience and delightful features that bring the Great Deku Tree to life.

With a price tag of $299.99, the Great Deku Tree LEGO set is aimed at adult fans who cherish the nostalgia of Zelda games and appreciate the intricate designs of advanced LEGO sets. Let’s dive deeper into what makes this set a standout addition to any collection.

Overview of the Great Deku Tree LEGO Model

The Great Deku Tree 2-in-1 LEGO model is a true masterpiece, featuring 2,500 bricks and two distinct designs to choose from. Each version of the tree reflects its unique appearance in different Zelda games, giving builders the chance to recreate either the classic look from Ocarina of Time or the beautiful cherry-blossom tree from Breath of the Wild.

  • Two Builds in One Set: While you can only display one version at a time, the set includes all the pieces needed to build both designs. This versatility allows fans to switch between the two iconic looks, showcasing the Great Deku Tree in its various forms throughout the franchise.
  • Size and Scale: Standing over 30 cm tall, the Great Deku Tree model is an impressive centerpiece. The detailed brickwork captures the essence of this legendary character, making it a perfect display piece for any Zelda or LEGO enthusiast.
  • Attention to Detail: LEGO has gone above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of the Great Deku Tree is faithfully recreated. From the texture of the bark to the intricate leaf designs, this model is a testament to LEGO’s commitment to quality and authenticity.
Legend of Zelda LEGO Model The Great Deku Tree
Legend of Zelda LEGO Model The Great Deku Tree

Features and Functions

One of the most exciting aspects of the Great Deku Tree LEGO set is its interactive features. Each version of the tree comes with unique functions that add an extra layer of fun and engagement to the building experience.

  • Ocarina of Time Variant:
    • Openable Mouth: This version features an openable mouth that reveals a hidden Skulltula enemy inside. This nod to the classic game is sure to delight fans who remember their encounters with these fearsome spiders.
    • Classic Green Leaves: The Ocarina of Time variant showcases the Great Deku Tree in its iconic green-leaved form, complete with a wise and serene expression that captures the character’s essence.
  • Breath of the Wild Variant:
    • Controllable Face: The Breath of the Wild version includes a controllable face, operated by a lever on the back of the model. This feature allows builders to bring the tree to life, mimicking its animated expressions from the game.
    • Cherry-Blossom Design: This version is adorned with beautiful cherry blossoms, reflecting the serene and mystical atmosphere of Breath of the Wild. The delicate pink flowers add a touch of elegance to the model, making it a standout piece.

Additional Builds and Minifigures

The Great Deku Tree LEGO set goes beyond just the main model, offering additional builds and minifigures that enhance the overall display and play experience.

  • Miniature Builds:
    • Master Sword Pedestal: Included in the set is a miniature build of the Master Sword Pedestal, a pivotal element in the Zelda series. This piece can be displayed alongside either version of the Great Deku Tree, adding to the scene’s authenticity.
    • Link’s House: Another delightful addition is a miniature build of Link’s House. This cozy little build serves as a charming companion piece, further immersing fans in the world of Hyrule.
  • Zelda Minifigures:
    • The set includes four Zelda-themed minifigures, featuring beloved characters from the series. These minifigures are perfect for creating dynamic scenes and adding a touch of storytelling to the display.
    • Various brick-built characters and creatures are also included, allowing fans to populate the scene with familiar faces and foes from the games.
LEgo The Great Deku Tree
Lego The Great Deku Tree

Target Audience and Pricing

With a price tag of $299.99, the Great Deku Tree LEGO set is positioned as a premium product aimed at adult fans and collectors. The set’s complexity, attention to detail, and nostalgic appeal make it a perfect fit for those who have grown up with the Legend of Zelda series and now have the disposable income to invest in high-quality collectibles.

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  • 18+ Label: The set comes with an 18+ label, indicating that it is designed for mature builders who appreciate intricate designs and challenging builds. This label also suggests that LEGO is targeting longtime fans of the franchise who are looking for a sophisticated and rewarding building experience.
  • Nostalgia Factor: The Great Deku Tree is an iconic character that holds a special place in the hearts of Zelda fans. By offering two versions of the tree, LEGO taps into the nostalgia of different generations of gamers, making this set a cherished addition to any collection.

Future of LEGO Zelda Models

The release of the Great Deku Tree set marks an exciting milestone for both LEGO and Zelda fans, but it’s likely just the beginning. Given the success of other Nintendo-themed LEGO sets, it’s reasonable to expect more Zelda models in the future.

  • Potential Sets: There are countless iconic locations and characters from the Zelda series that would make fantastic LEGO sets. Imagine building Hyrule Castle, the Temple of Time, or even a LEGO version of Link’s various incarnations throughout the games.
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  • Comparison with Other Nintendo Sets: The popularity of LEGO Mario and Animal Crossing sets demonstrates the demand for Nintendo-themed LEGO products. The Great Deku Tree set aligns with this trend, offering a more intricate and adult-oriented option for fans of the Zelda series.

More Legend of Zelda Lego?

The Great Deku Tree 2-in-1 LEGO set is a remarkable tribute to one of the most beloved characters in the Legend of Zelda series. With its detailed design, interactive features, and nostalgic appeal, this set is sure to be a hit among fans and collectors alike. As we eagerly await its release in September 2024, we can look forward to the possibility of even more Zelda-themed LEGO sets in the future. Whether you’re a seasoned builder or a lifelong Zelda fan, the Great Deku Tree LEGO model is a must-have addition to your collection.

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