Smart Novel Writing Software on the Horizon?

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I’ve been in my writing cave hammering out words like a dwarven smith preparing for a huge battle to save the entire kingdom, and I had a thought today. I switched from the Conan the Barbarian soundtrack to the Willow soundtrack for writing book two.

One of the things I liked about the Total Annihilation RTS game was the soundtrack. It was keyed to the action in the game. Nothing happening? Mellow music. Pitched battle that could swing the balance of the game? Major music!

Anyway, what if there was a writing program that automatically created orchestral music (a score) for your novel WHILE YOU WROTE IT. Artificial intelligence is already creating music at these early stages, but maybe five or ten years from now Word or Scrivener will have the ability to read words as you write them and create an ongoing musical background as you write.

Would the emotional lift from the music relay into the words written? Not sure, but it would be cool!

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