Marvel Heroes Omega MMORPG

Marvel Heroes Omega MMORPG Marvel has never had a fantastic amount of luck with its video game properties. Most of what it put out prior to 2010 was largely in the realm of rushed tie-in products, with one or two games that really rose to the level of adequate. Things did, however, start to change once Marvel got serious about its movie properties and how they appealed to gamers.

While many of these games were still hit or miss, it started to become apparent that the company really cared about its games. There are now a string of small titles that tend to fly under the radar but that have strong player bases. One of the most successful of these titles has been Marvel Heroes.

Marvel Heroes began life as a free to play brawler on the PC. The game was very similar to bigger hits like Diablo, with the added bonus of being able to play Marvel characters. While the earlier iterations were a bit rough, the game improved by leaps and bounds. Now a bonafide success, the game has released on the Playstation 4 and XBox One under the new moniker Marvel Heroes Omega.

One of the few fully-realized MMORPGs on the consoles, it now has a chance to really explode in popularity.

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RPG Legends: Warcraft

RPG universes are a dime a dozen. There’s more of them out there than anyone would care to count and most are easily forgettable.

Not Warcraft, though.

Since the release of the first game in 1994, Warcraft has been an absolute phenomenon. Now encompassing a handful of video games, over a dozen novels, and even a feature film, it’s a juggernaut in its own right.

It didn’t start out like that, though. It all started with a single game.

Warcraft takes place on the world of Azeroth, a planet home to a handful of races and kingdoms. The main games have concerned Azeroth’s wars against invaders from other worlds, including the warlike orcs and the Demonic Burning Legion.

For nearly twenty-five years, Warcraft has captured the imagination of players around the world. It is one of the few games that has as loyal an audience outside of its country of origin as within. New material is still constantly released and consumed by millions.

This setting is one of the true legends of the role playing world, ranking up there with the settings of Dungeons and Dragons or Vampire: The Masquerade. Taking a moment to look more deeply into the phenomenon will help you to understand why.

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RPG Legends: Conan the Barbarian

There are a few characters that take such deep root in the public consciousness that they become part of the background fictional landscape. These characters are so important than those who have never read or saw their adventurers feel familiar with them as a concept. One of these characters is Robert E. Howard’s Conan, a character who has become the byword for barbarian hero throughout the English-speaking world.

Conan started as a character in pulp magazines, but he has become much more. He’s appeared in novels, comic books, and newspaper strips. There have been successful Conan films, video games, and board games. Conan is part of popular culture – and understanding his origins can help fans of fantasy understand how he transitioned from pulp hero into the icon that he is today.

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8 Great Tabletop Superhero RPG

Looking for Superhero RPG (pen and paper)? We have you covered…

It’s not much of a stretch to say that superheroes are in the midst of a golden age. While comic sales might not be at their all-time highest point, superheroes dominate the movie and television industries. It’s no wonder, then, that people are always on the lookout for ways to feel more like heroes themselves with superhero tabletop games.

One of the most popular ways to have a super-heroic experience has long been in the form of tabletop games. These games allow players to create their own heroes and live out the adventures they have always wanted to experience. Below are just a few of the most influential games in the pen and paper Superhero RPG world. 

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