Lion’s Quest: Trinity
Fantasy , Featured , LitRPG Books / May 15, 2017

A LitRPG Saga by Michael-Scott Earle (LitRPG Author) With the first relic in his possession, Leo Lennox sets sail across the ocean toward the distant city of Tylue in the kingdom of Sanduport. But when pirates attack the ship carrying Leo, Allurie, and Cornalic to Tylue, the champ finds himself thrust into the middle of a political struggle to determine Sanduport’s next ruler. The stakes have never been higher for Leo, and failure to win could mean the death of his new friends.

The First Player
Fantasy , LitRPG Books / May 10, 2017

AlterGame Book #1 by Andrew Novak (LitRPG Author) THIS IS ALTERRA, where you can be the master of your own castle… or a field hand on a farm. And this is Jack, who wants to make his way to a different continent, hidden in the virtual mist. And this is an ancient quest line, buried under new versions of the game. Jack’s goal: create his own guild. Buy a ship. And set off on the Great Journey. The journey of his life. The dangerous Gravediggers are not the only ones opposing him. Necromancers from sinister Nightmare, elite alpha-citizens, and relic hunters are only a small fraction of the enemies that the First Player will have to face. In the perilous Wasteland, the drifter Jack finds an abandoned truck, where an old-world game console is hidden. This moment marks the beginning of Jack’s path to the lost continent, hidden in the virtual depths of the colossal Alterra. He still isn’t aware of the enemies standing in his way. Not only are the guild of Gravediggers and the sinister necromancers of Nightmare against him, but also the secret masters of the game world themselves. The discoveries of ancient quest lines, long buried under…

Stuck in an RPG
Fantasy , LitRPG Books / May 10, 2017

Sucked into an RPG Book 2 by Dee J. Stone (LitRPG Author) Jamie and Evie are still stuck in an RPG called Duriell. After being unsuccessful in getting out of the human world of Pardem, they’re off on their next adventure—Andrina, home of the elves. There are lots of new places to explore, monsters to kill, and items to loot. With each quest they complete, they hope they’re one step closer to finding their way home. Things start to look up when they meet an NPC who might have the answers they’re searching for. But is this the information they need or are they being sent on a wild goose chase? And when one of their lives is in danger, they wonder if there is any hope of ever getting back to Earth.

Lord Of The Game
Fantasy , LitRPG Books / May 8, 2017

Gabria Online Book Two by Neil Bimbeau (LitRPG Author) When Daniel activated a hidden terminal an activated a secret update inside Gabria Online, the world’s first Virtual Reality MMORPG, he had no idea how much his life would change forever! In the game’s world, Daniel was a weak support character – but now his Mesmer skills allow him to take control of other players, and the abilities in his new ‘Master’ skill tree allow him to access his enemies’ darkest erotic desires! The first person to discover his new power is the gorgeous elf girl in his party he’s been pining for – and his first night with her is more intense than anything he’s ever felt in the ‘real’ world! But when he gets back to one of the game’s major towns, Daniel discovers Gabria is on the edge of disaster. High-level players are forcing ‘lowbies’ into their personal armies, and a more powerful Mesmer has turned the countryside into a cult of followers who revere their leader like a God. In order to save the world he loves, Daniel needs to find the next developer’s room and complete the game’s Master Quest…if only he knew where it was…

The Skull Throne
Fantasy , Featured , LitRPG Books / May 8, 2017

Kingdom of Heaven Book 1 by J.A. Cipriano (LitRPG Author) The skull throne sits empty and the Kingdom of Heaven is in turmoil. Enter “iron” Jack Russo. able to drop newbs with a single headshot and the king of online games. At least he used to be before his sister got pregnant, and he had to get a job to help take care of them. But when a particle accelerator explodes, causing Jack to get stuck in his favorite game “Kingdom of Heaven” he’ll have to conqueror Heaven and seat himself on the skull throne. If not, he’ll be trapped in the game forever.