Of Myths and Legends

A LitRPG Novel – Emerilia Book 9 by Michael Chatfield (LitRPG Author) The Emperor has spoken and the portals are opening. The Event is larger than anyone anticipated with Emerilia’s people needing to band together to survive. The creatures of nightmares and children’s stories might roam Emerilia, but this isn’t their land it isn’t their … Read more

Stone Raiders’ Return: Emerilia 6

By Michael Chatfield  (LitRPG Author) As the Stone Raiders have grown in power they have started to attract the eyes of established powers. Gudalo has become a vipers nest of schemers as the Gudalo Kingdom’s situation turns dire. They might have fled the Selhi Capitol, but as Selhi is learning, one doesn’t simply get away … Read more

This is Our Land

Emerilia Book 5 by Michael Chatfield (LitRPG Author) The Aleph were nearly wiped out for tampering with technology borne from Jukal Portals. The Demon’s of Devil Crater were almost turned to a footnote in history for rebelling against the Dark God. The Beast Kin were seen as a threat with their natural high affinities. Now all … Read more

New Horizons

Emerilia Book 4 by Michael Chatfield  (LitRPG Author) Alliances and enemies are made, but the Stone Raiders keep their promise. They swore to themselves they would bring the Aleph back to Emerilia. Secrets, powerful creatures and a hidden civilization wait for the Stone Raiders in the abandoned Aleph facilities and cities. Will they be able … Read more

Benvari Mountains

By Michael Chatfield (Author)  Emerilia Book 2! As the fight for Boran-al’s Citadel draws to a close Dave’s learned one important lesson. To protect what he cares for, he’s going to have to become stronger. He can’t just sit back in Cliff-Hill and take things easy. Emerilia is filled with danger as well as possibilities. … Read more