Author Interview With Nathaniel Webb

Nathaniel Webb, aka Nat20, is an author, musician, and game designer from Portland, Maine. His writing includes the novels Expedition: Summerlands with Level Up publishing and The Days of Guns and Roses, various short stories and novellas, and adventures and supplements for the tabletop RPGs Shadow of the Demon Lord and Godless. As a lead … Read more

Hate: Tower of Gates Book 2

A LitRPG Novel by Paul Bellow The Quest Continues! Inside the Tower of Gates…  Eric and Sarah continue their “easy” quest by collecting items to craft Dawn Acid while also searching for a way out of the Tower of Gates. Along the way, they meet a bigger cast of interesting characters. Will they clear level one-one? More … Read more

Best D&D 5e Modules & Adventures

best homebrew rules 5e

Dungeons and Dragons is the number one name in tabletop role-playing. Sure, there have been contenders over the years but no game has ever really been able to dethrone the king. One of the big reasons for this is that Dungeons and Dragons have always found ways to cater to multiple audiences. The sheer number … Read more

The Best D&D Modules of All Time

DND Editions

Ready for our pick of the ten Best D&D Adventure Modules of All Time? We’ve made our list and checked it twice. Do you agree with our choices? We recently took a quick look at some of the worst D&D modules ever produced. The feedback was divisive to say the least. Some called us idiots while … Read more