Free Fantasy MMORPG Games 2017

One of the major things that has stopped past players from embracing MMOs has been monthly fees. There’s something that just feels wrong about paying sixty dollars for a game and then having to pay a fee every month to keep playing. Fortunately, that model isn’t all that common in the MMO space any longer.

Today, subscriptions have largely been done away with in favor of microtransactions. Some of the best fantasy MMOs of 2017 no longer require a player to pay every month. Some of these games are totally free to play, while others require an initial purpose. No matter the case, though, players never have to pay a dime once they’ve installed the game.

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New RPG Games Due in June 2017

Do you love the RPG genre as much as we do? We hardly think that’s possible, but we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Here’s our quick roundup of some of the new RPG games due in June 2017.

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The History of Pathfinder RPG

Pathfinder is unique among role playing games not because of its systems, but because of its history. This isn’t a game that started with a developer’s dream or a unique idea – this is a game that started, in many ways, because of the end of a business deal.

To understand Pathfinder, you have to understand the split in the RPG community that occurred around 2009 – and how that split continued to define the genre. This is a game that helped change the course of roleplaying history and, in its own unique way, even helped to develop the LitRPG genre.

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Best Anime RPG Forum Online?

Anime role playing boards are so old that they’re almost a throwback at this point. As long as there has been an internet to speak of, these boards have existed.

Now, the problem isn’t finding one of these boards. It’s finding a board that’s still alive and that is worth your time. Instead of digging through all the detritus out there, you can start with the cream of the crop.

Each of these boards has something to offer players. Each one has a unique flavor, and each can provide a unique home for certain gamers. Below are three of the best boards for anime RPG players.

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