Author Interview with C.M. Carney

After spending nearly two decades working as a creative executive for an animation and SFX studio, C.M. Carney decided to pursue his lifelong dream of writing and publishing novels and short stories. He writes sci-fi, fantasy and LitRPG that run the gamut from epic to humorous. His first novel Barrow King: Book One of The … Read more

Roguelike: Read a Free LitRPG Book

By Paul Bellow Desperately Seeking the Amulet of Yendro Alex enters a strange roguelike embedded inside the Tower of Gates virtual reality MMORPG. If he makes it out by avoiding Yet Another Stupid Death, he’ll gain an epic magic item and rejoin his companions. Was taking the chance and going into the roguelike his biggest … Read more

Competitive Advantage: Nora Hazard Book 2

By Blaise Corvin Nobody likes an escort mission. Nobody. Unfortunately for Nora, she’ll be stuck travelling with Jessica, an American gamer, and Christopher, a Filipino man with a mysterious past. Somehow, the former Jackals gang leader must keep the two Terrans alive while heading south for Enheduanna’s new, insane mission. Nora will have no time … Read more