Realm of the Nine Circles: The Grind

A LitRPG Novel by P. Joseph Cherubino (LitRPG Author) Realm of the Nine Circles, Book 2 Welcome to Plexcorp, the largest tech company in the world and creator of the world’s most popular MMORPG, Realm of the Nine Circles. Through our pioneering research in artificial intelligence and self-organizing game worlds, we’re rapidly developing the technology … Read more

Hatchling: Wyvernette Book 1

LitRPG Book by Kaye Fairburn (LitRPG Author) As a Non-Psionic Contributor (NPC), Margot Hyland is fated to die on a weekly basis to greenskin raids on her hometown. Her life revolves around shoemaking, dying, respawning, and more shoemaking. When Margot discovers a secret hidden in her family’s basement, she realizes she has a chance to … Read more

Fragged: LitRPG Short Story

A LitRPG Short Story Series by Zachariah Dracoulis (LitRPG Author) Zoey has just been screwed over by someone in her clan, a screwing over that resulted with her getting hit with a permadeath and having to restart from scratch in the dystopian game world of Thren, a land of dinosaurs, rabid humans, and more than … Read more