Top Five RTS Games of All Time

warcraft 3

Real Time Strategy is one of the best game genres of all time. If you love planning out every small detail while invading an enemy’s base, it’s the best genre for you. That doesn’t, however, make every game equal. There are a few games that are simply better than everything else. Below are five games … Read more

The History of Pathfinder RPG

Pathfinder is unique among role playing games not because of its systems, but because of its history. This isn’t a game that started with a developer’s dream or a unique idea – this is a game that started, in many ways, because of the end of a business deal.

To understand Pathfinder, you have to understand the split in the RPG community that occurred around 2009 – and how that split continued to define the genre. This is a game that helped change the course of roleplaying history and, in its own unique way, even helped to develop the LitRPG genre.

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What Makes for a Good RPG?

A good role playing game is founded upon some very important categories. It is a building process that involves a lot of thoughts and “what if” scenarios. The creative minds behind the development of the best RPG games were born with an embedded skill that cannot be replicated or transformed in duplicate fashion. Maybe it’s not all that complicated, but there are many years of trial and error that go into the development of these kind of games. So, what makes for a good RPG game? Below we’ll focus on some of the top selling points and list the negatives that make up the mishaps as well.

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New and Upcoming RPG Games of 2017

Check out our list of some new RPG Games in 2017… This year has gifted us to a fantastic video game release calendar thus far. Whether it be the huge multi-platform releases like Resident Evil 7: Biohazard or the gaming sensations that greet the movies like Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Mega Battle; 2017 has proven … Read more