Shepherd Moon: Omegaverse 1

By GR Cooper Duncan Sheriden enters, at the bidding of several friends, into the virtual universe; the Omegaverse. As he explores the alien races, star systems and planets, he discovers a rich, vast, limitless expanse of possibilities. From gritty fights for control of colonies with hostile alien and human forces, to interstellar trade, to thrilling … Read more

Devon’s Demons

A Permadeath LitRPG LitFPS Novel by Matthew Sylvester (LitRPG Author) Devon’s Demons have escaped from France into Spain. Expecting to go home, they are instead thrust into a new war against a new enemy, the North African Coalition. Forced into the Spanish Foreign Legion, Devon and her people find themselves up against an elite unit … Read more

Virtual War: Alpha Centauri

 (A LitRPG Novel) by Steven J Shelley (LitRPG Author) Humans have been at war with the Irians for twelve years. With heavy casualties and depleted resources on both sides, opposing military leaders come up with a novel solution. It is agreed that the newly-discovered Alpha Centauri system will be fought virtually, inside a dynamic role-playing game. … Read more