Zombie litRPG Trilogy by Matthew Siege (LitRPG Author) Headshot has just gone live, and the whole world’s playing the new Artificial … Read more

Devon’s Demons

A Permadeath LitRPG LitFPS Novel by Matthew Sylvester (LitRPG Author) Devon’s Demons have escaped from France into Spain. Expecting to go … Read more


By Mark Fabi  (Author) More classic LitRPG from 1997.  As the new millennium approaches, cults, sects, and crackpot prophets flood the … Read more

Rune Universe

By Hugo Huesca  (Author) Begin Deep Dive Immersion? {Yes} Welcome to Rune Universe. Connecting to the game servers… Faceless Corporations. Neon … Read more

Omnitopia Dawn

By Diane Duane  (Author)

A near-future techno-thriller from New York Times bestselling author Diane Duane.

It’s the first quarter of the twenty-first century, and “massively multiplayer” on-line games have been around for a couple of decades.

In an increasingly wired and computer-friendly world they’ve become a form of entertainment so popular they’re giving television and films a run for the money.

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Desperate Times

By Matthew Sylvester (Author) It’s 2100, Britain faces its greatest challenge as the remains of the European Combined Armed Forces dig … Read more